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The best way I have found to get started building a business online and earning that consistent monthly income is through Wealthy Affiliate.

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Sick and tired of trying to find a way to build a business online? Have you been searching and googling the internet for ways to make money from home? Does a REAL opportunity exist online to do this?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you really want to concentrate on what's presented here so you can go out immediately and get started online within minutes of reading this page.

You are no different than anybody else out there searching for opportunities. You want to be successful but you have become a victim of paralysis by analysis. You don't know what blog to read or who to read. You have no idea where to start. You question the difference between a blog and a website. You just don't know because you're floating out in the ocean with no lifejacket on. Confusion sets in and you eventually give up.

This is The Best Way I Have Found to Get Started Online

It It is absolutely mind numbing to me at all the programs and services that pop up when you go to google and type in 'how to make money online'. There are so many programs out there after your money, but most of them are just SCAMS.

I don't know about you but I always like to try something out before I buy it. A test drive if you will. You want to see the look on the salesperson's face when I ask to go out for a run before I spend $150 on their running shoes. Why not? It's a big investment and what if they don't feel right when I'm running in them?

How will I know if they're the right ones? Fact is, you don't unless you run in running shoes. Walking around the store does nothing for you or your shoes. If the store doesn't let me take them for a spin I leave. This will pretty much eliminate any big chain franchise because they will look at you like you've got 2 heads. So, I like to try before I buy. When you visit and hang out on my site, you will see that I only like to recommend a product or service that has a free to join option. That way you can test drive before you buy. You wouldn't buy a car without taking it for a test drive, would you?

Why Have You Not Had Success?

If you knew how to do it you would have done it already. Sound familiar? What is the one thing that has prevented you from achieving any form of business success online or finding a way to make money from home? Is it because:

  • you are petrified of failure
  • you give up and quit too easily
  • you are not comfortable with new challenges

Ask yourself this important question,
What has quitting contributed to my life in any meaningful way?

I ask you this because it's important to attempt to find out why you haven't made it in the online world of business so far. There has to be a reason. Please tell me what you think it is and some of the reasons you can identify. I need to hear from you in the comments section below.

It is easier to help people become successful if you know why they've failed in the past.

I don't know, but maybe it's because you have been scammed out of your hard earned money so many times you are just sick of reading about other people doing it. Maybe you just don't believe any of this is possible. If you have fallen victim to scams, well that just plain SUCKS. It's happened to me and I know the feeling all too well. Nobody likes that 'ripped off' feeling.

I would like to get you started on the right path today, a path that will show you all of the legitimate programs out there to help you build a successful business online and ethical ways you can make money from home. All legit and no BS!

The difference between someone achieving online success and those that don't can be boiled down to 3 main things:

You Need 3 Things to Build A Business Online

If you've had the chance to visit my profile page or my 'About Me' page you can see that I've struggled and have also been scammed out of my money numerous times. I have been trying to build a business online since 2012. I spent over $1000 just for a custom website at one point. What I mainly lacked was people to talk to and help me on a regular basis. What I've really found is that people are really the straw that stirs the drink here. Since 2012 I've learned a lot about what it takes to make it online and achieve success. It's all about the people, people are the ones who create success, but we are all so different aren't we?

The main thing I've learned and what drives me forward to keep reaching for success is that these people who make money online from the comfort of home, all share some of the same traits and formulas.

 #1 They Have Help

It's nice to have help when you need it. When you spend money and then get stuck on some aspect of online business it's really nice to know someone is there to help you. There is nothing worse when you're spinning your tires than being alone.

Where do you go for help? Do you have access to people who know what they're doing?

#2 They Have Their Own Website

If you want to be in business online then you have to have your own website.

Plain and simple, no website equals failure. Your online career will be short without a website. Like VERY SHORT!

If this is something that worries you or gets you tied up in knots, it shouldn't. Building a website has never been easier than it is now. In fact, if you click right here you can see how this can be done in just a few minutes. You will be up and running with a professional looking website minutes from now. The best part about it, it's FREE. Remember what I said earlier about taking things out for a test drive? That applies to creating your own website here. How cool is that?

#3 Repetition

Repetition is the mother of all skills. You learn new things and then you keep practicing. It's the only way to get better. Wouldn't you agree? When I learn a new skill I have to keep practicing it so I get better. If you don't, you lose it. Think of when you try and learn a new language. This is exactly that, you are learning a new language and it comes with all of the challenges you would expect. You need support and guidance while you work your way through this new language. It helps you:

  • through training modules
  • get motivated and inspired to continue
  • get better so it becomes natural to you

The more you learn of this new language the better and better you will get as long as you practice the skills. Think of a sports skill you have tried to learn. If you want to improve your golf swing you have to go to the driving range and practice. The more you repeat the skill the better you become at it. It's no different building a business online.

Get Started for $0

It is incredible what you are going to get when you sign-up. Did I mention it's FREE to test drive. You absolutely need help and you get it here. You also need a website and get the training necessary to succeed. Here is what $0 will buy you when you sign-up.

Help and Support

  • Help from me personally (username : PWolf)
  • membership in a community of like-minded users
  • access to a 'Live Chat' platform
  • online discussions on relevant business topics
  • blue cell phone tablet and computer

Free Websites

  • 2 free functional wordpress websites
  • ready to convert into your money making opportunity
  • free hosting ( a $20 per month value)

​Unlimited Training

  • webinars
  • training classes
  • virtual classrooms
  • course instruction
  • live replays of training you might have missed

So, just to recap. You get ALL this for ZERO DOLLARS! It sounds crazy I know. That is exactly the offer provided here. It is freakin crazy and somewhat hard to believe. You will never ever find in all your online searching an offer like this. You will not find better and more thorough training on how to build a business online and ways to make money from home like this anywhere else. You just won't. I know, I've tried and you're here now because you haven't either. If you could've done it on your own you would've done it already!

I currently use a NO bullshit platform called Wealthy Affiliate that will give you the ability to build your own website like the one you are on now. It is completely transparent and free of all harassing upsells. You will receive one offer to upgrade to a premium package as a way to save and gain more access to the platform. You can start any business you want but you should choose something that excites you. Something that will make you leap out of bed in the morning. You pay nothing to get started and then slowly watch your business and income explode upward. This is the most inexpensive way to get started building a legitimate business online that I've found. More on opening your account can be found below.

What are you waiting for?​


 Hi there, my name is Peter, it's so great to meet you. I started this website back in 2015 to help educate and inform people on the many ways to make money online. There are so many scams out there that need to be revealed. I also explore ways on how we can turn our time into dollars working from home.

I hope you find some of the tips and suggestions that I've experienced helpful on your own online journey.

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  1. Like your site immensely, plenty of well informed content and interesting. Especially so, mentioning the scam artists that are on the internet. Unbelievable how they get away with it…I`ve nearly been caught myself.
    WA is excellent and particularly with all the support you can receive.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words. There are so many scams out there you really have to do your research before you spend money on any online program. Thanks for stopping by Angieina:)

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