Jim Daniels’ 2017 Affiliate Marketing Master Swipe File Review – Don’t Waste Your Time!

Name: Jim Daniels' 2017 Affiliate Marketing Master Swipe File

Website: https://jvzoo.com

Price: $12.95 + $37 OTO

Owner: Jim Daniels

Overall Rank

Program Overview

This is an instruction package on how to promote affiliate products. Jim provides a list of 100 'best choice' products that he has personally made money from. You get a PDF list and also a text list of 54 product example email swipes he has used.

example text list of products

This is the first red flag. You need JV Zoo approval to go ahead and promote each product. How long would that take? Not to mention the fact if you wanted to try it out before recommending it to your customers. You don't have to but it would take some time waiting for approval. On the other hand you just paid for a list of products to review. This is what I'll do with the list I paid for.

Bonus Materials

pic of traffic source DVD

Included in the price is also 6 X Fast Action Videos. Each package is broken into separate categories that end up totalling 32 video presentations. These are really low quality and most of them are under 2 minutes in length.

Over half of them are just one power point slide with Jim talking in the background, it looks like this one:

conclusion explanation

It's just terrible and there are lots of these short MP4 clips with just this screenshot of a power point presentation. He suggests when you make your own videos to do the same. Really? Who wants to pay for and watch this kind of crap?

Video #1 How To Become a Super Affiliate

  • contains an intro, build a list, find affiliate products, review videos, bonuses and conclusion. The whole conclusion MP4 clip is just that screenshot I posted above. In short bursts of low quality video Jim just gives you a short talk on how you should include a bonus and where to find products on Clickbank. There is no value here at all. It's just an insult to your intelligence if you are an experienced marketer.

Video #2 Free Traffic Sources

  • sound cloud, ebooks, help a reporter, yahoo answers and traffic for us free ads. Are all covered here. These are his favourite go to sites to get FREE traffic. The last 2 videos do not show him on the sites or anything visual. It is just talking for 5 minutes. Nothing here that shows you how to get free traffic. Another tremendous waste of time that for me is turning into a whole day.​

Video #3 Paid Traffic

  • Jim's favourite paid traffic sources are called; Bidvertiser, AdEngage Traffic, buy sell ads, dedicated emails, izeatraffic, mobilebuzzcity, sitescout, trafficforme and trilliantraffic​. No idea what all these sites charge. I stick with the big boys and use Bing and Google Ads.
video screenshot of homepage

Video #4 - All About SlideShare

  • just a 1 minute long presentation on what is slideshare. A website you can go to and find video presentations to share with your readers.

Video #5 - Traffic Exchange

  • how to join free websites like Traffic Swarm. This might be worth your while to check out. I have no idea how they generate free traffic for your site. I would be researching products within products for a long time. This is another diversion technique from affiliate marketers. Tell you to go somewhere after you have arrived on a video lesson.
homepage screenshot of bees and honey pot

Video #6 - Youtube Traffic

  • he covers how to do keyword research with a tool called ubersuggest and then picks some youtube videos to promote using your own links. There is no instruction only a suggestion to create your own videos using a tool called Camtasia. These keywords the tool provides, does not show competition or relevance. They are only suggestions for your video. There is no step by step and again the clip lasts only 2 minutes. You can not learn Youtube in that time.

How Does It Work?

My Final Take

I was very disappointed in my purchase and if you know anything about affiliate products, keyword research and email marketing, you will learn ZERO here.

The video clips are very low quality and there is no step by step instruction on how to do anything. It is a video series of suggestions on where to find products, traffic paid and free, keyword research and video promotion through Youtube.

While $12.95 is not a lot of money to spend, you will never build a business with this product. It is just a checklist of what Jim has done to make money as an affiliate. What about building your own website, how to monetize and get direct traffic or organic? What about help and support? Jim does provide his email address.

I learned how to build monetize and drive traffic to the website you are on. I leaned on a platform called Wealthy Affiliate. I consider it the #1 place to go to get all the training you don't get from Jim Daniels' product. You can start your very own website for ZERO DOLLARS and be up and running in minutes. Give Wealthy Affiliate a try I think you will enjoy the community and the experience. This is a much better way to spend your time and money.

If you have any further questions, comments or feedback just drop them in the box below. Thanks for stopping by and reading my review of Jim Daniels' Affiliate Marketing Master Swipe File.

Don't Buy It - Save Your Money!​

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  1. Phil

    Hi there,
    Thanks for reviewing this product and it seems its another one of those businesses that we should look out for.
    You seem to know all the failings of this site and you also havent given it too many positive marks in your final analysis.
    Thanks again for giving us the heads-up on another scam
    Cheers and well done
    Phil Browne

    • Peter

      Phil, it’s NOT a scam!
      It just provides poor value for experienced affiliate marketers. You do get something for your money unlike a scam which rips you off. This does not.

  2. Brian

    Hey there Peter –

    I really like this post! I have been interested in affiliate marketing for some time now, but have been concerned about how to get started. You have some excellent points on what to avoid, and what to consider. I will definitely check out Wealthy Affiliate. It seems like a very supportive company.

    Thanks Again – Brian

  3. rob

    Hi Peter, thanks for the great review I found it extremely interesting and helpful. You seem to know what you’re talking about. I’m really interested in exploring affiliate marketing myself and this helps to get the ins and outs of everything. It can be very difficult to understand everything especially when your a beginner like me. Thanks again. Cheers Jo

  4. michael

    Hey Peter thanks for the heads up.

    This seems like another one of those items that are a total waste of your time and money.

    Anything that already gives you a preset of things that are probably good to sell like that + you need approval to use them is not a good sign.

    I for one want to promote what I want how I want.

    • Peter

      Hi Michael, just to be clear, it’s a PDF list of 100 best selling affiliate products that Jim has used to make money. You have to apply to JV Zoo to become an affiliate and make money from them. Each product requires separate registration. If you want to buy them outright you can do that too. Hope hat helps.

  5. Victor

    Thank you for sharing this. People that are new to affiliate marketing have a chance of entering the trap of actually believing these scandalous people who have inferior products and knowledge on the subject they’re interacting with people on.

    It’s a good thing that you’re pointing this out, and expose this fraud. I will definitely recommend this to my friends, so they don’t fall for this kind of joke. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Jackie


    You’d think, wouldn’t you, if you go to all the trouble of producing a ‘training product’ you’d want it to be the best of the best.

    This sounds as if it was a rather rushed course with little thought going into the end product.

    Even at $12.95 it doesn’t sound as if it is worth the time and effort.

    I’ll stick with Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thanks for the information


  7. Penelope

    I’d never heard of the Master Swipe program, thanks for the thorough review. I guess people offering inferior products like this have to charge a “small” amount because people will probably be on the fence about buying them in the first place. or, it’s easy to compare that fee to a monthly fee to a service like your #1 recommendation. And to a total newbie and outsider, it might be possible for these programs to look similar. Thanks for providing a clear contrast.

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