Tai Lopez is a Scam Artist – True or False

True or False

It is pretty much true. The reviews of what this guy is selling are pretty blistering. I have never bought into his program, only mesmerized by the videos he shoots.

If you have never seen the videos on youtube then I suggest you go watch them because he really knows how to sell and promote. What you get is little in support and most of your money lost.

His first deception is that he has rented out a mansion to shoot his video. It's huge and absolutely empty as he does a walkthrough of the place. I called bullshit from the moment it started rolling.

He then shows off his sports car sitting in a garage, the consensus is that it's also a rental. The other thing that's hard not to notice is there is a bookshelf in the garage.

Who does that? Installs a bookshelf in his garage. It has obviously been staged that way to make him look of above average intelligence. He also goes on to say he has read them all and got smart by reading over thousands upon thousands of self help books.

It is a very slick promotion put on to separate you from your money. He calls it his '67 Steps'.

You have to hand it to the guy, he shoots youtube videos promising you riches beyond belief if you follow his system. What he does is gain youtube followers and views to earn a commission from his channel.

This is not illegeal just deceptive along with the rented mansion and sportscar.​

Most subscribers to his money making system have expressed utter contempt for what they paid for like this one:

"YES. Absolute scam. I bought the “Accelerator” program, and it turned out to be absolute ass. It’s crap. Just rehashed old crap from Tai’s live calls that you get on YouTube. His live videos are also bullshit, I’ve seen the same ones reply many times. The paid content is shittier than the free content. It’s all just bad reviews of books, and then affiliate marketing he does with other companies in which they share no useful information."

The Big Lie

There are a ton of free videos on the internet that talk about legitimate ways to make money online. Tai Lopez makes a lot of false promises and false guarantees that he never lives up to.

He boasts of claims of a database that former users label as "crap". It contains nothing useful. You can always buy a book that I'll recommend later and can help you just as much and that you can keep for life as a reference manual. You can start building your own book collection like Tai did. Users have also commented that what he provides is not even worth $10.

And this from another disgruntled customer:

"The money program is a bullshit program. Almost ZERO money advice. It’s crap. Junk. Poop. Serious ass. Don’t waste your time. He just rehashes maybe 3 or 4 ideas together… And then the rest is affiliate marketing. It’s all crap."

Once inside you are immediately being fitted for the upsell. His bigger package will set you back over $5000.00. I know of a program that you can subscribe to for over 10 years for that price, no a one time fee. He likes to pith if you sign up for the bigger package he'll meet with you someday. I haven't talked to anyone who has met him this way.


Money back guarantee

Tai makes a claim of a 60 day money back guarantee if you're not happy. There are numerous reports of this being false and a hard time getting support over the phone. These are classic signs of a scam in progress. A lot of people feel cheated and that their money has been stolen from them. Especially after waiting in some cases over 7 days without a call back.

So, he makes promises that he doesn't keep. Another false claim he makes is all the insider information he has access to that you don't. He has none in his program, just book sources which again you can mine the web for free. He loves to make claims that his program is solid and professional. There is no proof of tha from people that have paid he money for it. They claim it's mostly crap. I haven't found one happy customer yet.

The internet is full of free advice

A lot of the promises he makes in his videos you can find and implement for free on your own. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars and climb into bed with a con artist like Tai Lopez. There really is no need and nobody can cut out the learning curve that is so necessary when you try and build a legitimate business. It's hard work and there is no shortcut.

There is only one program that I continue to recommend to people who want to start an online business and eventually earn money. There are no easy shortcuts to success. That's why if you learn the business the right way you will never be mesmerized by all the false hope that people like Tai Lopez promises. It' not real it's just pure crap. If you have any doubts just think about an offline business and how much work goes into that. It's the same with online. No bullshit just hard work and getting results that last and a business you can be proud of.

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  1. Thanks for the review!

    I’ve been really interested to read an honest review about this program. He seems somewhat legit, but not enough for me pay for the programs.

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