What is Stack That Money?

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Name: Stack That Money

Website: https://stmforum.com/v2/

Price: $99 per month

Owner: Lorenzo Green

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Program Overview

This is an online forum populated by resident experts in the affiliate marketing world. They love to use social media for making money promoting products and services. Their favourites are:

  • mobile ads
  • native ads
  • facebook
  • google adwords
  • display media (youtube)
  • adult ads
  • PPV (pay per view)
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How Does It Work?

This is an online forum with a community providing information and advice to make you a successful marketer. Expert advice that includes things like:

  • campaign guides that have been successful on facebook
  • exclusive guides containing tips and tricks from marketing experts
  • where to get discounts and tools
  • ask experts on how to get help getting traffic
  • where to find global meet ups and events

The more you get involved with affiliate marketing the more you realize just how important getting visitors into your store to buy something is. How to convert the 'looky looks' into paying customers is a real challenge. Who says all the people you meet here are experts. I don't know of anybody who's been to a global meet up, but paying for it seems excessive.

They do have some online expert moderators that boast of making six figure incomes by following these marketing tactics.

Who Is This For?

Anyone looking for information on how to accelerate their marketing campaigns and turn them into 'stacks of money'. It's a great tagline but again my experience has been the extra costs associated with this. I like pay per click advertising but it can be very costly for newbies and will crush your spirit if you don't make any sales.

What Does a Membership Cost?

You're paying $99 a month to be a part of an online community that will show you case studies and present content all in a positive and sharing environment. If you say this is too expensive, they counter with 'your just not at the proper level to appreciate what we do here'.

This is a small taste of topics under discussion. The 1,631 members online stat is impressive but I have a hard time believing that many are logged in at the same time.

Yearly Membership = $1188.00​

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You can't please everyone

What Will You Find?

Content - provided by resident 'super affiliates'. Always updated case studies on what works and guides to show you how, no matter what your level of learning.

Community - industry leaders, tax experts and consultants. ​Affiliate marketers who provide more than just a forum to share ideas but consider it a hub for internet learning.

Global Meet-ups - free to attend, you pay for your own flights and accommodation. Your face to face chance to meet up with and network with local affiliate marketing experts.

My Final Take

What if you could find a much cheaper option to get the training you need to build a successful online business? One that doesn't cost you $1189.

You can get a FREE 7 day trial and your first month for just $19. If you enjoy it and want to have more you can pay a yearly up front fee of just $359. That is almost 1/3 the price of Stack That Money.

You will also have access to a community of thousands of successful marketers, receive training on building websites and how to make money from them.

Read my review on what I consider the 'Best Deal' on the internet today!

If you have any further questions, comments or feedback just drop them in the box below. Thanks for stopping by and reading my review of Stack That Money.

Verdict: Expensive​

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  1. James Harvey

    I was sent information about this product in an email. It seemed a bit off to me. So I hopped on the internet and starting looking for reviews on it. I’m so glad I found this. You saved me from making a bad business decision. I have unsubscribed from the guy that sent me that email.I will be sure to bookmark and share your site. Thanks again.

  2. jeffrey16201


    Thanks Mr Wolf,

    Great review on stack that money, I agree with you why would anyone wish to invest so much money in that program when they can get so much more for less money at Wealthy Affiliate.

    You must really be careful with many programs online, so many are scams or not worth the cost to invest in them.

  3. NathanG

    I agree with your review of this so called “Stack Your Money” It doesn’t sound like much of a membership without live help or personal assistance. The video made me think it is something thrown together by a group of kids who wish to remain anonymous. Your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate is a much better alternative!

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