What is Zero Hour Work Days?- Can You Make Money Online With Brendan Mace?

screenshot of 5 DVD package

Name: Zero Hour Work Days

Website: https://zerohourworkdays.com

Price: $8.97 + upsells + downsells

Owners: Brendan Mace

Program Overview

This is a product and a system released by money making internet guru Brendan Mace. He makes the claim of being able to live the laptop lifestyle by working only 15-20 minutes a day. Let's think about this for a moment. Do you know anybody in any business offline or online who has achieved massive success only working for minutes a day?

It's a nice story and I would call Brendan a 'dream weaver'.
He goes on further to make the claim that you can earn exactly $9,259.74 per month just by putting in less than 30 minutes a day with Zero Hour Work Days. Let's see what he provides for our money.

What's It Cost?

The initial entry point comes in cheap at only $8.67. The selling doesn't stop there and he would never get to 10K a month selling products that cheap. More on that later. Here is what he provides at start up. It is a series of 8 DVDs consisting of the following:

  1. How To Make $9,259.74 Per Month - a look inside how Brendan make money and how you can duplicate the process.
  2. Where To Find The Right Resources - where to find the proper tools that will drive customers to your sales page and opt-ins.
  3. Tricky Ways To Get Free Traffic - you will be shown some insider tricks on how to gain free traffic.
  4. Best Traffic Sources an How To Get Them Free - another video presentation on getting free traffic.
  5. Secret to A 210% ROI - tips on how to profit from your business and earn a 210% return doing so.
  6. Simple Money Pages - how to create pages that attract money.
  7. Affiliate Promos That Print Money - how to join programs and earn money like the pros do.
  8. Where The Real Money Is - how to earn the most from the vast array of sources on the internet.
  9. payment to Brendan Mace

Who Is It For?

Brendan preys on the senses of those who are totally vulnerable and hate their 9-5 job. He asks you during the video sales pitch, “Are you ready to start living the dream lifestyle?” Hmm, ya who isn't, right? I mean everyone has a dream.

profile youtube screenshot

He claims the system he uses is so simple high school dropouts and the computer illiterate can succeed just by following what he has done. Man, it just sounds so easy and too good to be true. I fit all that criteria myself. Well, I've since upgraded and taken a few business, english and computer courses since dropping out.

He says the system he uses to make money is designed for anyone and all who give it a go will find success, no matter who you are or where you are in life. If you are looking for extra cash or to replace your dead end 9-5 job this will work for you.


  • low entry price point is attractive
  • training DVDs have good pertinent info for newbies
  • money back guarantee of 30 days


  • too many outrageous claims
  • too many upsells
  • no support
  • private coaching costs are astronomical
  • get rich quick scheme
  • you have to purchase the upsells to gain the better training tips
screenshot of Zero Hour Work Days upsells

 Money Making Tip!

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What I Didn't Like

The constant chatter about getting rich quick and the endless talk of only taking 15-20 minutes out of your day to make just less than 10K a month. It's absolutely ridiculous. I work at my online business anywhere from 60-70 hours a week. It's hard work and success does not come easy. Starting a business is hard work and takes a lot of time. Brendan is just selling you on a dream and an unrealistic expectation of a lifestyle in too short a time.

You can get to the point in life where you can work and live anywhere you want to. It's just not that easy and takes a hell of a lot more time than he claims it does.

He also uses a lot of sensational language you have to guard yourself and pocketbook against. "Whenever you get low on funds, just open your laptop and the dollar bills will start flooding in". Don't fall for this pitch.

All of this reminded me of another upsell rich program I just recently bought and reviewed. Unreal promises and tons of upsells. It's called Castaway Commissions.

Read my complete review of Castaway Commissions here!

What's The True Cost With Upsells?

You have to get used to the idea of having to listening to upsells. It is what affiliate marketers do. They wouldn't be doing their jobs or customers a service if they didn't try to sell you more. I have no problem with it, you as a consumer have to decide if it provides you with enough value to warrant another purchase. Brendan has 3 upsells and 3 downsells for you should you decline his first offer. They are:

Upsell #1 - $37 + $17 Downsell - How to copy and paste emails into an autoresponder.

Upsell #2 - $67 + $37 Downsell - How to design a lead capture page and a sales page. This is known as the double opt-in.

Upsell #3 - $897 + ​$197 Downsell - Private coaching from Brendan.

Total Cost = $259.97 

Why would you pay the upsell price? You simply click NO on the offer and then yes on the downsell offer if it interests you. That is the cheapest deal for the program. Let's deduct the private coaching because you feel you can do this on your own after watching the DVDs. How much is it?

Total Cost Without A Coach = $62.97

That's actually not a bad price for this type of walk through training. It's cheap enough for most people to afford if that's all that was needed. What else would I need?

You Need Traffic

Only real customers buy products and not internet search engines. Where are your customers going to come from? Brendan buys all his traffic from two sources. Facebook Ads and Solo Ads.

He uses about 10-20 different solo ad sellers and buys clicks from them. He doesn't divulge that amount but most of the industry uses between $100-$200 a month on this traffic tactic. You have to budget for that after you purchase this program. This will end up being your biggest cost and what will eventually start to eat away at your cash flow if you aren't converting those clicks into customers.​

Even if you think you have an extensive enough list, it won't convert as well as buying clicks from those with an extensive network of past paying customers. It is how​ a lot of these companies work.

My Final Take

​Even purchasing the downsell editions and I think in a lot of cases you need it. There is not a lot of value in the $8.97 product alone. I think you need more. I won't try and scare you away from this program as I do think it can provide some real value.

I also believe that you really need to understand how affiliate marketing, email marketing and network marketing really work before you can appreciate what Brendan is trying to teach you here.

If you have never placed a Facebook Ad or created a sales page, landing page or email opt-in page, then you are going to be completely lost. This single product alone will never allow you to live a dream laptop lifestyle as advertised. Even Brendan admits you still need to buy that traffic to help get you there.

If you took the time earlier to read through how I got started online, then you know I think that Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 place to go. You can start your very own website for ZERO DOLLARS and be up and running in minutes. It's that easy and no recruiting and spending enormous wads of cash on products and people you don't understand or know. Give Wealthy Affiliate a try I think you will enjoy the community and the experience. Now, that is something I can recommend to anyone!

Have you purchased Zero Hour Work Days? I would love to hear about your experience or any experience with Brendan Mace. If you have any questions, comments or feedback for me just drop them in the box below. Thanks for stopping by and reading my review of Zero Hour Work Days.

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  1. To me, zero hour work days seems like a trap made for people who are looking to get rich quickly online without having to work much, when you know there are too many upsells while opting for a product, you should understand that it is not a program that you should buy. I completely agree with you that understanding online business is the only way to earn some real money online. Nice Post!

  2. Maxwell

    There are an outrageous number of money making programs out there, and very few of them are legitimate. So many of them, like Zero Hour Work Days only serve the purpose of upselling you to their other products without providing you much value. And if you already understand what the funnel is or what affiliate marketing is, you’re pretty much out of luck for learning anything.

    It seems like there are more of these programs coming up than there are people reviewing them and explaining what a rip off they are. Thank goodness most of them come with some sort of money back guarantee, or I wouldn’t have been willing to get burned so many times.

    Nothing really compares to Wealthy Affiliate so far. It’s a solid program with everything you’re going to find in other programs, it has great UI, and it completely holds your hand along the way. I couldn’t agree more with your assessment.

  3. Mike Mahaffey

    First of all I like your review because you didn’t waste my time bashing the guy or the program. You just put it out there for me to make my own opinions.

    I have absolutely run across complete scams on the internet. But most offers that people call scams aren’t that to me. What many of them are is someone out to make a buck with the knowledge he has. And there’s a lot of people that don’t really have too much real knowledge?

    And I have definitely bought stuff that was of no use to me at the time, because it was too far over my head to be of any use. One thing I know for sure, if someone tells me he can show me how to get something for nothing, I leave running!

    I’ve been around the web for a few years and have wasted thousands of dollars “learning”. No doubt WA is the place to do the deal. The money I spend at WA saves me from giving much more money away for nothing useful.

    • Peter

      Thanks for the kind words Mike and for sharing your experience. Sorry for your losses to date. I hope you make it all back with Wealthy Affiliate.

  4. Thanks for the honest review, some people give services an automatic A+ just so they can add and affiliate link and make their commission, but not you. I like the honesty and now if I were to ever check out this product I would know not to get it. Very appreciated, keep it up.

    • Hi Peter, you just have to do your own research and decide if this is for you. You have to do his for tem all before you spend money. Thanks for dropping by and commenting:)

  5. Liz

    The get rich quick schemes never work. Trust me, I have done my share! The best way to make money is to focus for long term instead of saying ‘I want my money now!’

    • Thanks Anubhav. I wouldn’t call it a scam because scams are illegal. He does give you something for the money just not much. Thanks for stopping by:)

  6. James Harvey

    You just saved my wallet. I thinking of giving this program a shot. I’m so glad I came across this review. I can’t believe they have no support system. This is defiantly a get rich quick scheme like you said. Good looking out I really appreciate this one. That wealthy affiliate program you mentioned is looking quite promising, though.

  7. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for sharing such information. I am starting to get quite sick from such websites, which offer only gathered information and delude all by promising a quick buck.

  8. This “zero hour work days” doesn’t sound legit… Anyone who claims to earn lots of money without putting in much effort is really exaggerating and I find it hard to trust these kind of people.
    After reading your post I can see I was right. I wouldn’t consider purchasing it and you pointed it out wonderfully “It’s absolutely ridiculous”.
    Thanks for this!

  9. John

    This looks like a typical product from the Warrior Forum or something and I really can’t stand them. Does anyone know if any of them are actually worth buying?

  10. Anis Chity

    Really sick and tired of these super hyped up programs, nowadays I don’t and NEVER trust any product where the owner is introducing you their program in a mansion or in a beach.
    Those crooks are selling you on a dream they are like selling you success.
    I hope one day these scams all disappear from earth
    People are wasting so much time and money on programs like these.
    Just the name Zero hour work is a red big flag!
    I hope people will stay away from this crap because the internet is becoming a really dangerous place to look for jobs.
    Thanks for writing this helpful review I am sure will help many innocent people from wasting their hard earned cash!

  11. Minhaj

    Hi Peter

    I follow Brendan on youtube, he provides a lot of value in his videos but just like this product, they come with outrageous claims.
    Now, there is definitely money to be made with the way he does it (email marketing) but claims like working less than 30 minutes a day are absolute rubbish.
    This is why there is so much distrust in the internet marketing community. I would rather people tell me the truth and now what to expect rather than be lied to and finding out that it’s not as easy as claimed and then giving up.
    Thanks for the review

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