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If you're anything like Peter you have been searching to start your own business online forever. This has been a dream of mine for a couple of decades now. We need to keep this real for a moment. It's bloody well hard and seems impossible at times. You've probably tried mystery shopping, reading tiresome emails and filling out dumb surveys to try and replace your job income.

I have hated being involved with all this small time stuff and frustrated with all the hype and broken promises from all these online marketing​ gurus. "

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Stop Wasting Time On The Wrong Stuff

captioned pic 'I'm addicted to wasting time'

I know about this because I have wasted years working on opportunities that I thought would help me make legitimate money both online and even in the offline world. Here are a few of the things I've tried:

  • Survey Sites - I can't tell you or maybe you've tried, to make money filling out surveys. It can be so tedious and then all of a sudden they disqualify you from taking anymore due to some bogus technical screw up. It's such a load of BS. This has to be the worst return on investment you can ever sign up for.
  • MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) - I lost over $5000 trying to sell water filters. You have to build a pipeline for your upline so you can build your own downline. I hated having to harass family and friends to buy the product and more importantly sell them on the business. The MLM company couldn't care less if I sold a water filter. The idea was to always sell the idea of a water filter business to someone. This left a really bad taste in my mouth. 
  • Reading Emails - How long do you think it would take you to replace any meaningful paycheque reading emails for a penny a pop? Years, that's how long. Another proven time waster and a sure way to get a sore ass because you will be sitting a long time.
  •  Trying out Products for Cash - If you love divulging your credit information ahead of time and receiving buckets of spam email then this is the kind of stuff you'll love. The main problem is getting paid the good money requires you to spend money. If you forget to cancel you will spend more than you earn.
  • PTC (Pay to Click Sites) - Visiting sites and clicking on banners and links will make money. The drip drip slow drip kind. Less than  penny per click in most instances. You will starve waiting to get paid out by these companies.

  • Will any of these methods work for you? I guess they can, if you want to spend the better part of your life at your computer. When you do the math you will soon realize you would be better off working at a minimum wage job instead of wasting your precious time on these websites. You will never replace and make a full time income from the above mentioned ways.

    This is why I was ecstatic to find My Top FREE Work From Home Opportunity!

    "Now I See How the Real Money is Made! "

    light bulb above man's head

    It finally dawned on me one day when I checked my email announcing another survey had arrived, that there had to be more people doing this than me. No kidding, like I was the only one who had this good idea of making money taking surveys. Then I asked myself, who is really making money here? The answer was obviously the people behind creating the website. If I was making pennies, you know they had to be making more.

    The fact is, if you want to make money online you have to have your own website. The road to success and making REAL money online starts right there (my aha moment). The majority of people spend a lot of time searching Google and Wikipedia for information. They are looking to buy products and researching services to help them solve everyday problems. Create your own website and help people find what they're looking for and help them improve their life. A HA! Amazon, as big a company as they are will pay you to find customers for them. Every time they buy something from you, they will pay you a commission. This is a lot more lucrative than reading emails for pennies I can tell you that.

    This is when I realized I had to change my whole approach and my way of thinking. I didn't need to start the next Google or Facebook but I could start my own website. A website where I review all of the money making opportunities out there good and bad and give my honest opinion of them. I already had a lot of experience trying out different methods so this would be my way of communicating that to other like-minded would be entrepreneurs. What came next was my FREE Work From Home Opportunity.

    Use These Four Simple Steps To Earn REAL Money For FREE!

    The steps are simple and anyone can implement them. If I can do this so can you. I don't wear tights and a sport a big 'S' on the front of my shirt. Just follow these steps and you will be on the road to creating your own income all online. This is not surveys or a scammy pyramid scheme. You also don't need any amazing technical skills to be successful at this. Everything I am going to reveal to you can be duplicated so here we go.


    Step 1. Choose what your website is going to be about. What excites you? What would cause you to jump out of bed in the morning because you loved to talk about a certain topic or subject. It could be  any hobby you have or an activity you like to engage in. What about your work life? Is there anything you've done that you want to pass on to others and you think will help them. Don't worry if you can't think of anything right away. Wealthy Affiliate will help you with that.


    Step 2. Build your FREE Website. Yes you can do this. Don't be afraid and just open your mind up to all the possibilities ahead of you once you create your own website. All you have to do is click on a few buttons and in minutes it's ready for you. Watch this video from Wealthy Affiliate to see how easy it is to get set up in seconds.


    Step 3. You need customers to visit you for FREE. People are online by the millions every day. They are constantly searching for stuff. How do you get them to visit your site? The fact that you ended up on my site should motivate you enough into thinking this does work. It's as easy as writing an email. Once you learn what people are searching for you can direct them to your website for FREE. This goes on 24/7 because your site never sleeps and neither does Google. It's a beautiful thing. It's easier than you think and Wealthy Affiliate will show you this too.


    Step 4. Make money by promoting and recommending. The other amazing thing about starting your own business online is the fact that you don't have to have your own product to sell. NO need to invent the wheel all over again. You can simply promote and recommend products and services that you use or have used in the past. Even though monster sized companies like Ebay and Amazon sell millions of products a year, they still want you to help them sell more. Every time someone clicks on a product you are recommending and then buys it, you earn money. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you more about which companies work best, but that's basically it.

    Following these 4 steps are basically all you have to do to get started making real money online. I am nobody special, just a normal hard working guy looking for a better life through working for myself instead of slaving away at a dead end job. I called them simple steps and they are but let me give you a bit more insight into what else Wealthy Affiliate can do to help skyrocket your business.

    ​Watch this video and see how easy it is to build your first website. Kyle (co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate).

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    The tech support platform is instant and answers all requests. They are always there if you need help or have any issues with your site.

    Wealthy Affiliate does so much more than what I'm listing here. But as you can see by just what I have listed that this is a great place to learn how to build your very own money making website. I am not going to paint you a bright warm fuzzy picture here about how you will get rich. NO, this is hard work and takes a lot of time. It takes time to build a successful online business. It won't happen over night.

    You landed here and thank you for visiting. Now you can go out and with the help of the Wealthy Affiliate community, build a business that will generate real income with the help of all that online training.

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