Can You Make Money With Landing Page Monkey?

Name: Landing Page Monkey


Price: $49 for 1 year. $69 lifetime access

Owner: Stephen Luc

Overall Rank:

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Product Overview

Unlike most landing page/content builders out in the market, this is not a plug in you buy. This is a web based program you access from your dashboard from anywhere in the world allowing you to create pages for your website. Ideally made to be used with your current autoresponder easily and effectively.

You have the ability to build opt-in pages, affiliate pages and sales pages that are attractive and customized for your use.   

How Does It Work?


  •  uses a web based platform to host your pages
  • no limits to the number of pages you can create
  • add backgrounds to existing videos from multiple sources
  • no installation of a plug in
  • super fast execution and implementation


  • claims of unproven conversion rates (they all do this)
  • the lifetime price is the best deal
  • only 100 royalty free images provided
  • developer license costs $497
  • need a license to sell pages for clients

Who is This For?

This is for individuals who really want to incorporate video background landing pages into their website. This should lead to better user engagement and a better experience leading to more sales from anyone visiting your site.

If you are looking for a friendly fast page building platform then this is it. Your pages will look great on any device and work inside any browser. 

What Else Will This Do For Me?

If you just want to build one page and have it hosted on a dedicated server, then the software will allow for it at no extra charge. Just build one page and a cloaked url will be provided for you to share on the web. That is what landing pages do.

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It is also fully compatible with all autoresponders. All you need to do is pick a layout, change fonts, change colours and add in your animation.

You can easily set up your Youtube starting points and set auto play, mute buttons and a host of other features.

My Final Take

If you know what you're doing you don't really need a landing page builder. Even experienced marketers like to take shortcuts when building out sales pages. With more experence you can build your own pages just using Word Press and incorporate your own videos.The real advantage for me with this one, is the fact that it's web based. This is the future of online business in my opinion. Everything on the cloud and all pages containing video content. This is what keeps visitors engaged on your website and will eventually lead to sales.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced landing page builder that includes video sales pages then this is a good one. It will save you time and a lot of work creating pages on your own.

If however, you are looking for something more and a place to learn how to build a business using landing pages, you can read about my #1 recommendation here.

Have you ever used Landing Page Monkey? I would love to hear about your experience or any experience with a landing page builder. If you have any questions, comments or feedback for me just drop them in the box below. Thanks for stopping by and reading my review of  Landing Page Monkey.

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  1. Caleb

    This is a very interesting concept. I’ve looked down many different avenues on ways to create nice looking sales and landing pages for myself on my websites. For the most part, I just use my own video content and create my sales pages through WordPress. Creating a video landing page may be something to look at in the future, though. Thanks for the info.

  2. Julie

    Hi Peter –
    I was really impressed with the layout of your website. I thought your review of Landing Page Monkey was well thought out and very informative. I find myself in the same position as you – I have been searching what seems like forever for a legitimate online business opportunity and I think I finally found it here at WA. I’m working hard to make this work. I think the premise of your website is a great idea – I do a lot of research and I’m always looking for reviews on products before I decide to invest in them, so you’re offering a valuable service.
    I know I need to review the recommended “rules” for offering feedback again, as I don’t really have a good understanding of what’s acceptable and what’s not. So I’m going to make a comment that may be unacceptable and if I offend you, please take it in the manner in which it’s meant – which is to help improve your site and should be considered constructive criticism.
    This is a mistake that so many people make, so don’t feel alone. The only thing I saw on your website that I would correct is contained within the reply you gave to a comment someone made. You said “Your welcome” – when it should’ve have been “You’re welcome”. Like I said, I’ve seen this type of error made countless number of times. It was probably just an oversight – but I just thought I’d mention it. I tend to be a perfectionist at times, and spelling and grammatical errors that have been published online are a pet peeve.
    Again, hope you’re not offended. Good luck with your site and I hope you experience great success!
    Julie Harris

    • Peter

      Spelling and grammar Nazis don’t bother me at all. I’m just a normal guy and if you come to my site for perfection instead of content then you will be sorely disappointed.

  3. stacey

    i learned a lot from this post i wasn’t quite sure what a landing page was let alone a landing page builder is that you in the youtube video it is very professional and well spoken and quick and to the point do you have any landing page builder websites that you rank higher then 3 stars

    • Peter

      Hi Stacey, most landing page tools you come across are plug ins. You buy the plug in and then install it on your website. The problem with that is if there is a problem you lose everything. That’s why I like Landing Page Monkey and the fact it’s web based.

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