Can You Make Money With Landing Page Monkey?

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​Name: Landing Page MonkeyWebsite: $49 for 1 year. $69 lifetime accessOwner: Stephen LucOverall Rank: Product Overview Unlike most landing page/content builders out in the market, this is not a plug in you buy. This is a web based program you access from your dashboard from anywhere in the world allowing you to create pages … [Read more…]

Profit Builder 2 Review – Can You Increase Conversion Rates With Landing Pages?

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Name: ProfitBuilder 2.0Website: https://profitbuilder.comPrice: $67 + other options both monthly and OTOsOwner: Sean DonahoeOverall Rank: Program Overview A little over a year ago Sean Donahoe released the original ProfitBuilder. With this new release there are some new additions and tweaks based on user feedback and their recommendations. This is still at it’s core a WP … [Read more…]