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Chatmatic is a new software product developed by Travis Stephenson. It claims to be revolutionary to the field of social media marketing. At the time of writing this product is selling for $997 US. For a Canadian like me that's a whopping $1,335.98 after the conversion. It's not a cheap program and I couldn't afford to buy it myself so let's see what you get for your money based on research and my personal opinion  to date.

Program Overview

Chatmatic can be best described as an mail autoresponder but for Facebook Messenger exclusively. It uses your website fan page (you need to create one of your own if you don't have one) to comment back on posts.

You make up your post and place it on your fan page. When one of your fans comments on that post, The Chatmatic software will then read and take those comments and in turn send that fan a private message via Facebook Messenger app.

An artificial intelligence bot will then create a message telling you (the fan) that you are now free to link to your website, your sales page or opt-in to your store if you have one.

It will further ask if you do and if you answer yes, it will again automatically generate an 'Authorization to use your Facebook' account to sign up. If you say yes it captures your email and it's game on.

The message is not publicly displayed as the bot sends you the message to your private inbox so you see it immediately.

It's actually a brilliant strategy on Chatmatic's part and an easy way to capture your email and build a list.

The reason it has come up with this type of format is because of all the Facebook users surveyed over 80% said that they would gladly accept the invitation and to use their Facebook account as a sign in. That is a very high percentage and this is the golden goose for Chatmatic.

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Chatmatic claims that this ill be the new way to capture emails as most users would just hand over entry into their existing accounts.

Think of how many times you have accepted an invitation to sign up for a website and they have asked permission to use your Facebook or Google+ accounts to sign in. I have signed up to a ton this way, so maybe they're on to something here.

How Will I Make Money With CM?

Chatmatic is your new auto responder in this scenario. In every online business they all stress the importance of having an auto responder to capture and build your email list. Facebook Messenger they say is one of the fastest growing social media apps out there and Chatmatic is going to capitalize on this burgeoning market.

According to their own research, Chatmatic has come to the conclusion that most people will click on an ad sent to them vis private Facebook message than they are to click on any other Facebook ad. I know for myself that I rarely ever click on a Facebook ad. I have never been sent one via private message. I do belong to a lot of fan pages so maybe there is a lot of room here for Chatmatic to do well helping you build a customer base.

Chatmatic claims to be able to double the open rates for your email list. Traditionally it gets a 40% response rate, meaning that this software will double that to 80%. That means a double in potential customers for your business.

Whether all those customers convert into buyers and you make money is pure speculation at this point. All its done to this point is doubled your chances of doing so. It's like buying an extra ticket for the same lottery, now you have two chances of winning instead of just one.

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Chatmatic surveyed 1000 people and 80% of them said they were more likely to buy something if they talked to someone. I wonder if they asked the same people if they would buy from an artificial intelligence bot that they were having a convo with. Maybe the percentages would be lower. It is a great way on the part of Chatmatic to engage with customers. Yes, talk to them. They just have a bot doing it and nobody is the wiser for it.

Pros and Cons


  • ability to sell to more people
  • grow your fan page and create awareness for your brand
  • compatible on any device
  • runs on auto pilot and gives you the ability to scale your business
  • built in and acts as an autoresponder
  • lifetime support and upgrades


The barrier for me is the high price of entry. At $997 it's a very expensive product. It will have to come down if it wants to scale it's own business, because the only people this will benefit are those with an extremely high fan base and the financial means.. Who knows as time goes on the price may come down with new editions launched. For newbies just starting out in an online business will not be able to do anything until they have fans visiting a page, if they even have one.

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 Money Making Tip!

You don't need to bug your family and friends and worry about who is going to buy your products and services. Forget about words like MLM, Pyramids and 'Get Rich Quick' schemes. Let's just stop all the confusion and admit that none of that works and nearly all of what you hear and read online is bullshit. You need more than single use tools like Chatmatic to make money online.

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My Final Take

I have not bought the product and don't intend to because my fans do not warrant me spending $997. I have nobody that's commenting on my fan page posts anyway, at least not enough of them. If you do, then this may work for you. 

Have you tried out or bought Chatmatic? If you have I would love to hear about your experience. If you have any further questions, comments or feedback just drop them in the box below. Thanks for stopping by and reading my article on Chatmatic.

Verdict: Expensive, Be Cautious

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  1. Kathy

    Hi Peter,
    I have not tried Chatmatic, and I most likely won’t be trying after reading your review. It seems as though it is a bit expensive for my wallet. However, most marketing experts will say having an autoresponder is an essential tool if you want to build a successful online business. Can you recommend one that gets the job done, but isn’t so costly? Are there free ones available, and if so, are they effective?
    Thanks for your help!

  2. Kay

    I have never tried Chatmatic and it seems a bit expensive. Do they offer a money back guarantee? Is it guaranteed that email list will be doubled or close to it? The price is expensive and as you mentioned, it is probably for those with a large fan base…and for those who already have a large email list to begin with, but then why would they need Chatmatic…I would considre Chatmatic, but only if the price was not so grand. Perhaps, if they charge based on results. For example, facebood ads are paid based on each page likes. Thanks for the information.

    • Peter

      Thanks Kay, 30 day money back and yes it’s expensive as all get up. I have no idea why the entry level price is that high. It’s the cost of an artificial intelligence bot that they use to do all the chatting for you. That’s the high price we pay for robots nowadays.

  3. Rina

    Hi Peter, well that is a very interesting product and as you say they maybe onto something alright. But alas I am the same as you as far as the cost goes. Even if it reduced by 50% it would still be a struggle. However, there are other far cheaper ways to earn online. Thanks for a great review though 🙂

    • Peter

      Thanks Rina, I think the price point is really going to be a problem for them going forward. I can’t say for sure because these types of numbers are always inflated by the promoters and affiliates who flog these products daily.

  4. Carl

    Great website. Very well laid out and clean. Your articles are interesting and engaging to the reader. It is easy to understand and has enough motivation in it to “push” people to want to click the banners. Over all I found it to be an interesting and well put together website. Well done! 🙂
    Just my opinion.

  5. Keith

    This is a very powerful tool for business. It makes sense that emails can be captured this way creating for your business a massive database of potential customers.

    It seems however that they are targeting the larger corporations.

    $997 quite a sum for this product.

    I take it that its a one time price?

  6. Great review and saves me time looking into it, I am always skeptical of software that costs a load of money. With being so busy sometimes you don’t get the time to take full advantage. Like your comparison to WA also.

  7. Anthony Little

    Hi Peter

    This is the first time I’ve heard of Chatmatic, it seems to be very expensive for someone on a budget. I don’t understand why anyone would pay for $997 for a system that they could get the same results cheaper. Autoresponders such Aweber, Mail Chimp, Get Response for the cost of about $19 a month.

    I like that you have addressed the Pros and Cons of the product, before anyone pulls out their wallet. I truly believe no matter what autoresponder you use, if you don’t have have what people want, then you don’t get the results. Thanks for a great review

    • Peter

      In fairness to them it’s an autoresponder that responds to Facebook messenger comments. It is triggered when someone comments and not signs up to an email list like a normal autoresponder. This product was designed to avoid email capture. Instead it aims to capture your FB friends list and scale that for your business.

  8. Nate

    I have not used Chatmatic personally so I really appreciate your in depth and personal review of this product. I use crowdfire for my twitter account, it does make sense to have something similar for my facebook account. If only it wasn’t on the expensive side, I can see an app like this really making money because I would use it.

  9. Hi Peter,I like the way you compare the two and I think Chamatic is a bit more expensive .I didn’t use it but your review about the product is nice and to the point.
    You of course need a autoresponder but at the price of $997 may not be a wise step in my opinion. Thanks

  10. Great review. Thanks for sharing your opinion about Chatmatic. I like that you compared with WA as its the program that I’m using too. All the best and appreciate what you do.

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