Does Survey Junkie Really Work?

I know a lot of people who enter the world of online money making opportunities who are driven by two big trains of thought. They think it's easy and that it happens fast. They are constantly being seduced by websites promising riches beyond their wildest dreams. This is how we all end up at survey sites in our quest for that easy pot of online gold. It just doesn't happen like that. Survey sites are a painfully slow if at all way to get paid working from home or online. Most of their promises are hollow and false.

Program Overview

You get paid to take surveys. Actually you earn points. 25 points when you sign up and another 50 points for completing your profile. After I completed my profile the platform informed me there were no surveys available for me at this time. I suspect it's because I'm retired and they don't have much on hand for me to go through. I think this is already a big drawback so soon after sign up to be rejected.

Can I Make Money with Survey Junkie?

NO not direct cash. You earn points that can be redeemed for e-gift cards.  So they call themselves a cash and reward site when actually they are a rewards site. This is an important distinction if you're trying to get paid for your time online. What's that worth to you?

How Much?

Approximately a dollar ($1) for each survey you complete. That is if you qualify for a survey. I told you earlier as of my initial registration, I did not qualify for anything yet. More of my precious time wasted. They do tell you straight up that you will NOT get rich taking and completing surveys, which is a very refreshing disclosure to hear.


  •  FREE to join
  • registration is simple and fast
  • earn points just for completing your profile
  • lots of surveys on offer
  • affiliate program you can also join


  • slow to accumulate reward points
  • disqualify from a lot of surveys
  • it could take days before you are offered a survey to complete
  • lots of spam email sent by outside companies to your inbox
  • they link your info to other survey sites

There have been numerous other complaints filed against this company like late payment of rewards, sudden for no reason account closure and outright payment denial. Most survey sites are poor value for the time spent on them. When you are looking to make money online you don't want to waste your time. Everything you do should give you a return on investment which includes your time.

The best way to spend that time and that will give you that return on investment is found over at Wealthy Affiliate. Read my review here.

My Final Opinion of Survey Junkie

You are not going to realize your dream of quitting your day job or staying home with the kids full time by filling out surveys. This is not a good way to replace your full time job.  I know this is not something you wanted to hear but you have to really lower your expectations when you sign up. Survey Junkie is not a scam, it is a legit program that you can earn rewards and turn that into income. I would again just caution you that all these sites over promise and under deliver including Survey Junkie.

Recently they have done a masterful job of actioning customer complaints. They have become acutely aware of the need to protect your privacy from 3rd party sites who spam your inbox incessantly.

It does then beg the question​, 'Why be here if you're NOT going to make any money'? My answer is, there is a better way!

The Better Way

I currently use a NO bullshit platform called Wealthy Affiliate that will give you the ability to build your own website like the one you are on now. You can start any business you want, but pick the one that gets you excited and are passionate about. Pick any niche you want to work on. Just pay zero to start and slowly watch your business and income explode upwards. This is the most inexpensive way to get started building a legitimate business online and to replace your full time income that I've found. More on opening your account follows below:

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 Hi there, my name is Peter, it's so great to meet you. I started this website back in 2015 to help educate and inform people on the many ways to make money online. There are so many scams out there that need to be revealed. I also explore ways on how we can turn our time into dollars working from home.

I hope you find some of the tips and suggestions that I've experienced helpful on your own online journey.


  1. Chris

    Hi Peter

    I agree with you, it’s pretty hard to make even a marginal income taking online surveys. Unless maybe, if you sign up for hundreds of websites and spend 15 hours a day taking surveys. Man that sounds like fun.

    I’ve taken a couple online surveys and it got to the point where I was pumped when I didn’t qualify for one so I didn’t have to sit there and take one. It’s been a lot harder to qualify for surveys recently anyway. I think a lot of the survey companies are moving towards political correctness.

    I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate as well and I can echo everything you said. You should post a link to the WA website either in your response to my comment or at the end of your post. Good luck and keep your head down!

    • I’m Canadian so my head is up and my stick is on the ice at all times. It’s frustrating and slow taking and waiting for surveys. Point is, it will never replace your full time income and this is what most people are looking for. Thanks for dropping by Chris:)

  2. I have never thought of online surveys, as far as making money online but I’m glad that I’ve read your post. It sounds like it would be a slow and painful process. Great information!!

  3. Hi Peter,

    I agree with you 100%, I had signed up to a number of these survey sites and I was never eligible to take one. I had 1000’s of spam email’s hit my inbox within days of signing up.

    I’m sure there are much better ways to make money from the internet these days. Wealthy Affiliate sounds very interesting, do you use their service yourself?


  4. Hi Peter!

    I agree, I got so annoyed when out of no where I have started receiving a TON of phone calls, texts and emails once I signed up on a survey site. To be honest I feel very violated as I got a cell phone in the first place when my home phone was being spammed all the time. Talk about never having an enjoyable evening at home anymore. Any who- I wish I would have seen this before I wasted my time on survey sites but this site really showed me that It was a smart decision to unsubscribe from them all and turn in a new direction. Wealthy Affiliate is where I will focus now.

  5. Hi Peter, great information about survey sites and Survey Junkie. Also the difference between cash and reward, and reward. I totally agree with you. Most survey sites are a waste of time not worth the electricity and internet connection.

    Your Wealthy Affiliate is really promising. But, I would like to know what is the difference between WA and other affiliate program out there?

    I will come back for more information.

  6. Simon

    Hi Peter,

    We gave up on surveys a long time ago, too many times you would spend 10-15mins filling in questions only not to qualify. And it is next to impossible to earn anything decent.

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