Fusion Cash Review – This is a Waste of Time!

Name: Fusion Cash

Website: http://www.fusioncash.net/

Price: Free to Join - Comes with minimum payout threshold of $25

Overall Rank

What's Here

This is your stereotypical survey site, get paid to take surveys, click on ads, watch videos and test out products.

Program Overview

The problem with the majority of these FREE survey sites that I have signed up for are:

a) you are never properly compensated for your time

b) ​sometimes they don't pay you out at all

They end up being just a tremendous waste of your time. Time that would be much better spent building a legitimate online business. I'm even going to go so far as saying, you're better off going back to work or staying at your job. The problem is people try and take the easy way out and they think that survey sites might be the answer to easy money. It's not.

Before You Take The Plunge

I'm sure you landed on this page because you're curious if this is the real deal and you were searching for reviews of Fusion Cash. That's because a lot of these work from home sites over promise and under deliver. They all unfortunately have the same symptomatic complaints from users.

  • you finish a survey and are immediately disqualified
  • they do not pay you out when you ask
  • there is nobody available to complain to
  • you end up working long hours for less than minimum wage
  • costs money to sign up for promotions
  • credit card info is required for sign ups
  • the money is mostly made from referrals
  • screenshot of small toolbar

How Do You Make Money?

There's a lot here on offer for you to try as you can see. Fusion Cash offers more than just filling out monotonous time consuming surveys.

  1. listen to the radio
  2. refer friends and family
  3. watch videos
  4. read stuff and give your opinion


  • free to sign up
  • simple and easy to navigate the site
  • community forum support
  • extensive FAQ page
  • referral program

The major plus of this program is for signing up referrals. If they confirm an email address you make $1, if they complete a paid offer it's $2 and if they cash out at the threshold you're credited with $5.


  • low cash rewards and slow to accumulate
  • radio ad listening is only 3 cents per 30 minutes (brutal)
  • watching videos at less than minimum wage

The biggest Con here is their 'Get paid to sign-up' section. You are sold on the idea of signing up for paid offers and somehow this will translate into you getting paid. The problem is having to provide all your credit card info to buy the paid offer and then presumably you make money from the offer.

ad banner

If you end up signing on with a lot of these companies make sure you keep track or they will end up charging you on a continuing basis if you forget to cancel out on your offer.

You will not make anything and instead end up costing you money. Pretty hard to tell your wife and family that you still can't pay the bills and on top of that end up owing money. When you do the math, it's a total waste of time and will end up giving you a migraine.​

example picture of pay outs

My Final Take

Sure you can make a few bucks but you will never make a living. As with all survey sites, my recommendation is to just stay away and spend your time learning how to or just build your own online business that you can call your own.

Online Money Making Tip!

You don't need to try and make money clicking on ads, filling out surveys and playing games. You will make a few bucks and earn some gift cards that's it. You will never earn a steady monthly income so that you can quit your job and enjoy freedom.

There will be no need to bug your family and friends and worry about referrals to make a few pennies. Forget about words like MLM, Pyramids and 'Get Rich Quick' schemes. Let's just stop all the confusion and admit that none of that works and nearly all of what you hear and read online is bullshit. Learn how to build a real business online....

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....and this

Here is another common complaint from FC and another brutal example of how hard it is just to eke out pennies from penny pinching sites like this.

example of reader frustration screenshot

This is not a scam because they do offer and give you something for your money if you pay to sign up. It is just a very poor return on your investment. You have to decide whether you like sitting at home on your computer working for what amounts to less than minimum wage OR spending your time and money doing something else with the potential to generate a consistent monthly income.

black and white pic of thumb pointing down

​A Better Alternative

I like the affiliate marketing business model. There is no need to re-invent the wheel and come up with your own line of products to sell. It's more about doing some research on what products are trending hot by punching in keywords and then writing some content promoting that product. This is what makes it so simple a business to start. As long as you don't mind sitting at the computer and writing out reviews and have shared interests and hobbies, then you can find success very easily combined with hard work.

All that you really lack is a starting point and training. I would add good training. The place I recommend you go for that training is an online learning school called Wealthy Affiliate. It will teach you all you need to know about affiliate marketing and they are excellent at it having been in business for well over 10 years.

They offer step by step training and an abundance of relevant up to date online business instructon. Every week they also offer live webinars to ensure they stay current with what's trending.They also have a huge community who you can turn to for support and ask questions. There is a live chat platform that also provides you with help 24/7/365 should you get stuck. You are never left alone with unanswered questions or concerns that you have.

What are you waiting for?

Want to Make Legitimate Money Online?

Put Away Your Credit Card It's FREE to Get Started!

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Hi there, my name is Peter and I've been exploring ways to work from home to supplement my income since 2015. I read, review and try out all the latest online money making opportunities that hit the internet. I will try and keep you informed on what I recommend and what is an outright SCAM. Hopefully you will find some of the tips and suggestions helpful on your own online journey.

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  1. afqmhub

    I learned the hard way from these stuff related and ‘Get paid to sign-up’ sections. These are ‘their selling points’ that somehow will translate into us getting paid.

    A few times I have been sucked into this credit card info to buy the paid offer.

    The truth is I never ever received a single cent from the offer. I made nothing.

  2. Jackie

    I have looked at these survey sites over the years and even tried one or two out but I agree with you, they aren’t worth the time for the payout.
    I would prefer to spend my time earning money from my own business and know that the income will justify the time spent.
    I’ve not come across Fusion Cash before so thanks for this review.

  3. Dawn

    Hello Peter! Love your site and really enjoyed this article! I now know I will certainly NOT be trying Fusion Cash! Thank you for doing all the leg work LOL and figuring out that it’s just not worth your time, especially for the money you are getting in return.

    I cannot believe that they only offer 3 cents in exchange for listening to a radio ad for 30 mins.

    How does a website like that even make money? Are they paid to advertise or do they make money from companies on the surveys they receive?

    Thank you!

  4. Alisha

    Thank you so much for your honest review of this! I am only interested in opportunities that could lead to a full time income. Fusion Cash certainly sounds like a waste of time from my perspective too. I am really interested in looking through your site to see what opportunities you do recommend!

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