How To Get A Website to The Top of Google

There are a lot of questions I get from new people looking to or have already launched a new website and are starting to put up information for the world to read. The problem is no one is reading it because they can't find it. Your website and all the stuff you write is buried on the hundreds of pages that Google already has on the topic. So, you need to rise up those pages and start to stand out. 

Think of when you type a phrase into Google. Do you start clicking on the first couple of headings you see? This is what I do. I never keep scrolling from page to page hoping I'm going to find an answer to my problem on the back pages. If you like to stay and surf on the front page then I can assuredly tell you so does the rest of the world. That is the ultimate goal, get on that first page.

Do Your Keyword Research

The first thing you need is a tool to help you identify what people are searching for. Something that will tell you how much competition there is on that topic. Also, how many times a month people are searching for the term that you are writing about. The less competition the better and the chances of getting your website to the top are a lot greater. This goes for every article you write. You have to do your research or nobody will find you.

Here is how I researched this particular post to help get to the top of Google.

This keyword phrase gets 64 searches a month and has only 5 pages of competition. This is a very rich phrase and with time will climb at the rankings. I'm not going to suggest anywhere in this article that after you publish a post it's going to automatically rank position #1 on page #1. It's not that easy and it takes many factors, not just one to get to the top.

picture of this post in jaaxy


This is how great a tool Jaaxy has. You can test drive Jaaxy for free and it comes with a 30 search trial. Check it out!

Ping Your Content

You've done your research, written you article and hit the publish button. Now it's time to let the search engines know that something new has hit the internet. Your WordPress plug in All In One SEO will automatically ping out (send a signal) to search engines that you have published new content. We're just going to help that process along a little more. At least I try to and what's the harm.

screenshot of services

I submit my published link to a site called DIGG and another called Total Ping. 

Just follow the instructions, the sites are free for you to submit your links and you're done. Most of the important search engine sites that pick up traffic will now know you are there. 

Social Media

The only social media site I concern myself with posting to is Google+. The reason is quite simply that, there is absolutely no hard data collected yet that can guarantee that you can convert Facebook and Twitter followers to buyers. I have thousands of followers who don't buy anything. So, for that reason I don't concern myself with posting my content to those sites.

There is nothing wrong with it, but there is no immediate need to do it after you publish content. If you want to do it later, absolutely but right now we're focused on getting content ranked to the top of Google. Posting to Facebook doesn't do a lot for that. If you don't have a Google + account create one. Every post or page you publish, you should also post it through Google+.

screenshot of my account

Google is 70% of the search market and this is one of their own social media products, so posting your content there let's the Google spiders know that you are there.   

If you are not familiar with the Google+ platform spend some on it and watch some of the tutorials. They will really help you navigate through all the terminology so you can use this valuable tool to help with your rankings.

Make Google Fetch Your Friend

Once you open a Google account there is no need to do it again to access any of the Google resources. Installing Google Webmaster tools to your website will help you to look and see what is going on with your website and how it's performing.

screenshot of homepage

Once you install Webmaster Tools and verify your website (step by step provided) you can now speed up the process of letting Google index your content. This normally could take weeks if you just left Google to index your site and content on it's own.

All we are doing here is letting Google know we just posted something new to our website. Here is what my webmaster tools fetch looks like.

screenshot of my google tools

Keep This in Mind

While it is your goal to have top ranked content and a top ranked website, it takes a lot of time to get there. Patience is the key and let it be your friend. Google awards websites with engaging thorough and original content. It checks to see how many visitors you have and how long they are staying when they visit your site.

How old your site is, becomes a big factor. If you compare a website (business) that just started a month ago to one that started 5 years ago, who do you think Google will rank higher on the pages? Yes, age has a lot to do with it so just keeping writing articles and then post them to your website following these steps and let Google take care of the rest. If you wanted to start a successful business of any kind, it doesn't happen overnight, this takes years so make a five year plan and stick to it. You owe that much to yourself. 

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If all of this sounds overwhelming to you then I would suggest that all you really lack is some good training.

The place I recommend you go for that training is an online learning school called Wealthy Affiliate. It will teach you all you need to know about getting started in online business. They provide excellent instruction and have been doing it for well over 10 years. 

They offer step by step training and an abundance of relevant up to date online business instructon. Every week they also offer live webinars to ensure you are able to stay current with what's trending.

They also have a huge community who you can turn to for support and ask questions immediately. There is a live chat platform available 24/7/365. You are never stuck or left alone with unanswered questions or concerns that you have.

What are you waiting for?

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  1. Michel

    Some excellent information here. I also use Jaaxy for my keyword research and it makes the process really painless.

    I never knew that posting to Twitter and Facebook had no bearings on your rankings while Google Plus was better. I always thought that posting on as many social media sites as possible helps you get to the top.

    You don’t mention Pinterest. I find quite a few of my posts there show up on page one of Google.

    • Peter

      I find most of the time social media sites are a waste of time building a business. I received no traffic for them except Google +. Keep trying though, nothing wrong with that. It just doesn’t work for me.

  2. JT

    Hey Peter,
    appreciate the tips! Nowadays It seems there is more and more factors in play when you try to shoot for top rankings in search engines. I wasn’t aware of DIGG and TP before and I’m definitely going to check them out. Did you notice any boost in rankings by pinging with these sites?
    Also I hear that Keyword Research is not as important as it used to be and the big G can even punish you for over-stuffing your posts with keywords – is there any truth to that?

    • Peter

      I have never heard of those concerns JT. The top trainer I talked to does it exactly this way after every post he writes. Also remember that search engines don’t buy anything, they just listen. Posting daily and the more mature your site is, affects Google rankings the most.

  3. Ralph Jones

    Good afternoon Peter
    Wow you nailed it!! I am 90% complete of a certification on ranking high on Google and you touched on all the main ideas. Jaaxy sounds like a sweet platform and until recently I had never heard of it. I think is a bit pricey but if you have the extra funds and your posting 12 or 13 articles a week you may get a good ROI for the keyword membership. Google+ makes way more sense than Facebook. Facebook has billions of users and it is like swimming in a see of pictured-people. Thanks for the tips.

    • Peter

      Hi Ralph, what keyword research tool do you use that’s cheaper? I think Jaaxy is great value for the money but I’m glad you like the article.

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