1. Hi Peter,
    This is a very interesting review. I’d never heard of Mechanical Turk until reading this!
    Is it available in the U.K.?
    I’ve seen various individual paid surveys and write reviews type websites before but this seems to bring it all under one roof.
    Sounds like a promising little part time earner maybe for students or stay at home parents etc.
    Nice info thanks.

    • It is but not many HITs for UK workers at present. Also I believe payment for UK residents is only via gift card. There are alternatives and I should research, explore and write a review on that. Thanks for dropping in Paul:)

  2. Hey Peter,
    Yea, I heard of this one before but as you say, the rewards are small. It’s a lot of work. I tried a different one and made €5 (which took me about a week of clicking and answering questions.) Not really worth it but good to try them out. As you say there are pros and cons to all of these sites. Good job!

    • Thanks Dan. Yes I agree totally. You might make an extra $100 a month but man it’s slow slogging. They pay off eventually, just not very fast. Thanks for dropping by:)

  3. I have heard of freelancing, but this concept I guess you could say is,” we have everything under one umbrella.” The concept is new to me. This article gives a detailed review that makes it clear how this website operates. I now have the information I need if I were to consider this type of work. Thanks for sharing.

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