1. I agree that MLM’s are not the best business model for sure. I have been burned several times myself. This networks nothing to sell so how are they profiting? Are the mlm’s paying to be listed? I am not even going to the site for fear of phishing lol
    But I do believe there are some MLM’s that have some virtue. Most of the time new products appear in these business first and if successful they are then marketed in the usual matter. A quality MLM is a good way to create passive income but you have to be into the product not just the recruiting!!!

    • Yes Dennis, but you will never be able to get away from the propaganda to recruit new members. They ALL work on that premise. This is however a good directory to go to find those companies. That’s about it. All I hear is how everyone loves the products when in fact they never went looking for a product. They went looking for a business and then were sold an idea. Think about that for a minute.

  2. Wow!
    Not a bad review at all. It’s funny that there is no product to sell. The way you explained it makes perfect sense. I will need to look into this as opportunity is always knocking. Great post.

  3. My goodness…MLM’s are the “plinko games” of the business world. I too hate the MLM model. The guys that start it make a mint, but the poor saps that “get engaged” in their overtly audacious “awesomeness” after the fact get the shaft!

    Of course there are always those that do make it, but from what I’ve seen it’s those people that “drink the koolaid” and sell the lies that they may or may not believe themselves.

    Hard work, dedication, tenacious resolve, clever ideas…these are the things that take you from nobody to somebody, from scraping by to success!

    Thanks for reviewing this, I’m definitely NOT interested in this “opportunity”!

  4. Ronnie Jordan

    Hey thank you for the heads up. It is a shame how they make this stuff sound so attractive but actually is ugly as all get out. It is obvious you are going to fail because they offer no help and just throw you into the lions den. I hope a lot of people who are considering joining such a program will see this. Thanks.

  5. Great topic and you are spot on with this assessment.

    In my opinion once you have ruined all your family and friend relationships with MLM, it’s time to move on to a real job… 🙂

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