Is High Traffic Academy Worth $997 or Is This a Scam?

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Name: High Traffic Academy


Price: Various and numerous program fees. $997 total package

Owner: Vic Strizheus

Overall Rank:

Program Overview

This is a membership only site that touts itself as being able to teach you how to capture high quality targeted traffic and convert them to buyers.

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The owner Vic Strizheus teaches you how to accomplish this through the use of video tutorials, affiliate products, webinars and ebooks. The selling and upsells never stop on this site, it's constant.

What is HTA?

This is basically an online version of Vic's one on one coaching that he used to offer through another of his big internet scams of days gone by called 'Big Idea Mastermind'. In some circles he is also referred to as the ' King of Traffic'. Actually it's his self-proclaimed title.

It is only natural to get pulled into his tractor beam when you are looking for ways to get traffic to your website. This is the life blood of your business so this is how I got attracted over to his site.

High Traffic Academy pitches it's three pillars of success his way;

#1 Website Development​ 

You will have access to a  landing page builder that will allow you to access an autoresponder that you can use to link to one another. How to purchase a domain and what hosting entails is also covered in this pillar of training. 

#2 How Traffic is Generated

When you call yourself the 'King of Traffic' of course getting that traffic is going to be at the core of the training. Vic will help you accomplish that if you purchase some of his other products like, Offline Goldmine, Penny Traffic and Underground PPC traffic. 

He also provides some rudimentary training on ad swapping and how to post image ads on your site. He also covers banner ads and how to buy email lists. He also gives a brief introduction to CPA (cost per action) and PPC (pay per click) and just how those types of networks work.

#3 How to Build and Control Your List

Generating paid traffic is one thing and turning them into customers and repeat customers is quite another. If you want to know what to do with your paid traffic once they visit your landing pages, Vic will provide the following with your membership;

  • ​an email autoresponder
  • a tool to track your clicks
  • a url scraper
  • pre-built sales page templates
  • how to youtube tutorials
  • how to generate traffic through social media channels
  • how to capture leads
  • various other marketing techniques

Is It Worth The Price?

I have to just say NO because of the lofty premium of $997 all in. You can choose to pay monthly, but again it's $197 a month. That's a big nut to keep filling for what basically boils down to just promoting sales pages.

I also despise all the upsells for paid traffic you will come across even after he promises to deliver the rest of the program at no charge. These are cleverly disguised as ways to help build your list and better advertise and promote your website. So, his promises of free aren't really that at all.

At no point in time or in any of the training does Vic ever concentrate or show you how to develop quality organic content. He just hammers away on traffic. Traffic that you have to pay extra for. Traffic that just directs you to sales pages. Google will ignore you if you don't have a quality built website with content that engages readers. You will never get indexed and that is the holy grail for an online business that's legitimate.

Sales pages alone won't doing anything to promote your business.


  • will teach you some tricks to generate traffic
  • lessons on affiliate marketing
  • pre-built sales pages
  • how to build an email list tutorial
  • how to set up a sales funnel tutorial


  • expensive $997 entry price
  • too many upsells
  • outdate training
  • existing training is just a clever disguise to other paid resources
  • most of what is provided you can find on the net for free


There are many online complaints that usually focus on the problem of getting refunds. It is nice to know you can get a money back guarantee with any program you buy online. That doesn't seem to be the case with Vic Strizheus and HTA. Here is just a sample I took from the Rip Off Report:

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customer complaint from ripoff report

If you decide to buy High Traffic Academy and I strongly suggest you don't, you will also be getting into business with one of the internet's most notorious and convicted scam artists. Check out this youtube video:

My Final Take

picture of the word scam in red

People who are looking for ways to quit their jobs and make money online just don't have extra money laying around to spend on Google Adwords, Bing Ads or any other form of paid traffic. I was lured in by Vic's siren song of 'high traffic' but he is the only one here reaping affiliate commissions by selling you other 'how to get high traffic' products. 

If you want to learn how to generate traffic from your own income producing website that won't have you breaking the bank there are a lot of other decent affiliate marketing programs out there. The one I use is Wealthy Affiliate.

There is only one program I recommend to start your own business online. It has helped me to supplement my income in retirement. Click here for the exact steps I followed. 

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  1. Karin

    I’ve always been cautious of those sites that charge a high amount (or any amount) to get traffic to your site. There are so many free methods on the internet. Besides I don’t think the traffic methods in the article will drive any more traffic to anyone’s website than the free methods. As you article states, that program is a suspected scam, which I think it is.

    • Peter

      Yes Karin, a cursory internet search will turn up lots of free training showing you how to drive traffic to your website.

  2. Leroy

    I think your clip of the owner in court was enough for me. This guy is clearly a lifetime scam artist looking to make money at the expense of other peoples hard earned money. It is really a shame there are people like him trying to take advantage of good people. Excellent review.


  3. Stan

    I am so glad that I was able to read this article before investing in HTA. It is guys like him that give internet marketers a bad name. I am always leary of sites like HTA. Thankfully there are people such as yourself that help keep us informed of scams like that. Thank you for the great information.

  4. Marin

    Wow, I am impressed with your honesty when it comes to your review. It is always good to come across articles that don’t beat around the bush and are straight to the point.

    How many other products did you come across before you found Wealthy Affiliate and what made you confident that WA was the right thing for you?

    • Peter

      I was confident right after the first week. You can’t beat a free trial and all the great support provided by Wealthy Affiliate.

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