1. Gordon

    Thank you so much for highlighting the real story of this product. I am sure there a re many people who fall for the apparently easy money on offer in the sales promotions. Reading your excellent review it would seem that once you are enticed into the web it is very tricky to untangle yourself again.
    We all get so many emails these days that I would not consider reading even more as a revenue opportunity.
    I hope any prospective takers up of this “opportunity” get to read this review before committing any money towards it.

  2. Lindsey

    I tried Inbox Dollars. I guess I’m one of those “gullible ones”. Haha. But what you said is absolutely right, Inbox Dollars takes up a lot of your time with little reward. My problem with it though was that it did not provide many surveys for me because of the country in which I lived. So I really had limited options. However, I was able to fill out 3 surveys and the money I got from those surveys did not even add up to a dollar. I fell for the get rich quick and again, it bit me in the butt. So I’m right on your side that Inbox Dollars should be avoided.

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