1. Salehoo really sounds interesting, it may be another option to start making an income online but seems a bit pricey though. I’ve done some research on drop – shipping, wholesalers and amazon. I’m quite the Entrepreneurial business reader so I find this site quite intriguing.

    • Yes Desron it is expensive. When you think of what it costs and the return on investment to an offline store. This is a real bargain when you compare it that way and I think we should. I mean, how much would you spend on start-up costs? A lot more than $800 is my guess. You have to be serious about business to get involved here, Good luck to you my friend:)

  2. Funny, I just sent out an email to my subscribers about dropshipping, and I included a link to SaleHoo. It’s definitely a legit company. The biggest challenge with drop shipping is finding vendors who are trustworthy. SaleHoo solves this problem for you. It has an A+ rating with the BBB.

    It definitely beats traveling around the world and attending trade shows!

  3. I have not heard of Salehoo before until I came across your page. Salehoo is very interesting, and the first one that I am aware of to offer such a program. This is definitely another way to make money online. I think for me to be successful in the business it would require a good knowledge of the items I sell. As a newbie both on reselling and items being sold, this should be a good fit for me. Do you think so?

  4. Hi peter,
    This is an interesting piece on salehoo, I have dabbled a bit in the past buying and selling on eBay and amazon. I have used dropshippers also, the problem was always finding products that others weren’t already selling at prices cheaper than I could buy them for. I must admit I never came across salehoo.It does look far more professional and helpful than the companies I dealt with.

    • This is probably the best in the business for that Paul. They do have a rather large and extensive list of companies to choose from. Thanks for stopping by:)

  5. Great article about salehoo, but a little pricey for someone just starting out in the business. I can see where a seasoned eBay seller could benefit from this supply house. I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and feel it is by far the very Best platform for the newbie and the seasoned marketer.

  6. Hi Peter
    What a great review. I’ve never heard about Salehoo, so I m quiet interested about it.
    Do you recommend it for a newbie, Is it safe ? Due to the initial $800 investment.


    • Yes David I recommend it for people looking to find products to resell on Ebay and Amazon. It’s not that big of an investment when you consider the costs of starting your own brick and mortar store.

  7. For that much of a fee, how do we know their vendors are vetted? Do they let us know how they are vetted? There are many directories that are free to find manufactures and such, so I’m curious why they have such a high fee to join their directory.

    Interesting though indeed, thanks for the write up!

    • Hi Grace, yes they are vetted and updated on a regular basis. The marketplace is right at your fingertips, as I said in my review their support is excellent and will even help you find the top selling products in your own niche = big plus!

  8. I have heard a lot of people recommending drop shipping looks like a new way to make some real cash, can you give me more info about it please?

    Looks like Mark Ling products are super expensive.

    Thanks for sharing this review!

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