1. Great review Peter! I’ve never heard of this company before but now I already feel like I know a whole lot about them. It seems like with this company, you need to put in a lot more before you can get some rewards in return. Wealthy Affiliate seems like a much better option though! Thanks for your honest review!

  2. Rosa

    Hi Peter,

    Thank you for this review. I’ve never heard of Digital Altitude. You gave a lot of information about this company. I feel that this company would not be a good choice for just anyone as you recommended. I have lost money in the past with an MLM I was in. I’ve been with WA for several months now and appreciate that you don’t get scary upsells like Digital Altitude.

    Great review…thanks again for sharing.

  3. I’m not a fan of MLM in any form. In the past, I’ve tried 4 different MLM companies including two of the biggies. I tried one twice. I also rubbed shoulders with two companies that were later proven to pyramid schemes.

    From everything I’ve read, MLM are pyramids. What makes them legal is an army of lawyers who do nothing but keep MLM companies inside the law by a hair.

    At their best, MLM companies are a laughably inefficient business model that pushes all of the expenses and labor cost down on the lowest levels while funnelling all of the profits to the highest levels.

    Unless, you are a psychopath and enjoy talking people into maxing out their credit cards to buy expensive, meaningless levels or you have a captured crowd that you can influence, you will never make more than chump change with MLM.

    The MLMs that sell digital products, like Aspire Digital Altitude, are the worse. Eventually, the legal definition of a pyramid scheme will have to be rewritten to address them.

    They are the worse because it appears that they offer a product, but usually, they don’t, it’s merely a digital file of dubious value to avoid being an obvious pyramid scheme. This is the case with Aspire Digital Altitude.

    Digital Altitude is nobody’s friend. All the expensive levels are artificial and offer no additional value.

    Here’s what I’ve discovered over the many years of writing add copy and writing about scams, if the offer/company/organization makes big promises about making money fast, they are a scam and you will suffer if you get involved.

    When a company makes big promises of making big money fast, they are trying to excite your emotion of greed. That is a weakness we all share. Anytime, we become emotional, our rational mind shuts down.

    Greed makes us stupid. Scammers know this. That is why they push lies about making a lot of money fast.

    My advice is to stay away from MLM in general and specifically Digital Altitude.

    • Thanks for that Gary. You hit on all the major points of why to just stay away from the pyramids, they only have the power to rob you of money if you let them. All the best and thanks for dropping by and commenting:)

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