1. Hi Peter. Thanks for the link. Great article. I’m sure that some MLMs work. I personally don’t agree that they do, but there again, being an active WA member, I would promote WA quite easily.
    A well written article. Like your layout and how you communicate with your audience. Well done. I will wish you great success on your website!

    • Thanks Francis but like I stated, to me all MLMs are bad. The cold calling and upselling are something I just can not do to people. Thanks for the kind words:)

  2. Nice thorough review. The only thing i’d mention is that not all MLMs are scams and there are a handful that can create a real residual income without having to lose all your friends to recruiting. I know some friends who do great with them, and they’re not scam artists, and they actually believe in the product or service their business revolves around, not just mindless recruiting. BUT for most people there is defnitely a shelf life to MLMs, at which point they plateau. Nothing beats learning how to build a business the right way from the ground up.

    • It’s always the same spin Eric. Your friends are legitimate I get that and they believe in the product, check. Problem is the program is always disguised in selling the product but eventually they try and sell you a franchise like Melaleuca. My Dad is 80 and he bought Melaleuca and then proceeds to tell me how great their stuff is. Really? It’s about selling the business, that’s the scam I’m talking about.

  3. Peter,
    I’ve looked at the MLSP model several times and this it is a great concept. There are two issues why I don’t attempt it. 1. I’m very nervous to be in front of the camera, and 2. I can’t afford $150 a month.


  4. Hi there this is a great review. I have never been in MLM but heard many bad things about it. I was always told to try Affiliate Marketing. It’s easier and probably more profitable right?

    Thanks for this thorough review!

  5. Hi Peter!

    I rarely ever go with MLM style programs, this training course seems ok if your more advanced but as a WA member for me it holds more cost than value.

  6. I don’t support MLM anymore. I am still with Amway, though. They have products that I love but to build a business using it, I will think again.

    Of course, MLM people will brand me as a “failure”. The one that doesn’t have enough drive or passion or whatever they want to say. It is just not for me.

    For My Lead System Pro to put a price that high, I expect a full support system. But like you said, even a website we have to handle ourselves. I think this is just a scam.

    • Hi Arief, People still do Amway? I haven’t had anyone try and sell me an Amway product for decades. I didn’t think they were still around. Like I said MLSP is just too expensive for what they have to offer. It is a legit program, too rich for my blood. Thanks for dropping by:)

  7. Haven’t heard of this company before and didn’t really even know there were companies out there that help with mlm. Sounds interesting but sounds like it’s not for me. I like how you describe it’s not an outright scam but that it can be expensive, etc. Great, thorough information, and I learned something too! As for Wealthy Affiliate, I am already a member, and it’s just the right thing for me: tons of training, a great community, and more!

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