Is Ultimate Cycler A Scam?

Name: Ultimate Cycler


Price: Free + $5 matrix and $10 matrix

Owner: Peter Wolfing

Overall Rank:

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Program Overview

This is advertised as a home based business program designed by Peter Wolfing. It is supposed to be easy to get started and make money. He calls it a 2X2 cycler with a direct member to member compensation plan. Huh? I have no idea what that is or what they're talking about. It then allows for instant payout on commissions.

Plain and simple all cyclers are scams. There is no need to complicate your online life with programs that are using these names or payouts. You will just be frustrated and end up quitting because you're not making any money and not working on your own legitimate business. Ask yourself this, have you heard of a cycler before your read this? do you know anybody involved with a cycler? Are any of your friends or family involved in a cycler program?

How Does It Work?

I simply can't figure out my member's dashboard. If I active the $5 option it's a product called thumbnail creator and the $10 option is how to create a FB page banner. They don't fit what I'm into at the moment so I'll  pass.

They do carry an extensive library of cheesy sounding products.

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Online Money Making Tip!

You don't need to try and figure out what cyclers are. You will never earn a steady monthly income from any of them so why bother? The whole idea of working online is so that you can quit your job and enjoy freedom.

There will be no need to bug your family and friends and worry about who is going to buy your products and services. Forget about words like MLM, Pyramids, Cyclers and 'Get Rich Quick' schemes. Let's just stop all the confusion and admit that none of that works and nearly all of what you hear and read online is bullshit. Learn how to build a real business online....

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How Do You Make Money?

You have to buy into the matrix, the more money you spend the more positions you have in the cycle. It's confusing on purpose. Once somebody else buys in to your cycle then it's your turn to make money.

So you buy in, (join and purchase products) find recruits (friends and family), wait for the people above you (the upline) to cycle out of the program and then you get that spot. How many people are in your upline? They don't divulge that information so you will never know. I just received an email from my sponsor to get in contact with them. Under no circumstances should you give these people your correct phone number. This is their preferred method of contact.

That right there is a turn off for me. I don't want to talk to people via landline. I want an online business not one in which I have to make harassing phone calls.​

What are The Products?

They sell all kinds of digital, audio and video products that will help your online business. You have to buy products to sell them as an affiliate. You can pay through bitcoin or paypal.

I found the experience very confusing with no tutorial to go by. The dashboard is not very clear on how to do anything back here. You are left with more questions than when you started, at least I was. I would never recommend this to anyone I know, because they would end up hating me in the morning.​

My Final Take

I have no idea how these companies stay in business as long as they do. The thing is, it's not a business that will last and earn you a monthly income so you can feed your family. You might be able to sell something and make a few pennies but that's not an income. This is a scam, just run away when you here any business name with the word cycler in it.

If you took the time earlier to read through how I got started online, then you know I think that Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 place to go. You can start your very own website for ZERO DOLLARS and be up and running in minutes. It's that easy and no recruiting and spending enormous wads of cash on products and people you don't understand or know. Give Wealthy Affiliate a try I think you will enjoy the community and the experience. Now, that is something I can recommend to anyone!

Have you ever been a member of Ultimate Cycler? I would love to hear about your experience or any experience with a cycler company. If you have any questions, comments or feedback for me just drop them in the box below. Thanks for stopping by and reading my review of the Ultimate Cycler.

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Verdict : SCAM

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Hi there, my name is Peter and I've been exploring ways to work from home to supplement my income since 2015. I read, review and try out all the latest online money making opportunities that hit the internet. I will try and keep you informed on what I recommend and what is an outright SCAM. Hopefully you will find some of the tips and suggestions helpful on your own online journey.

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  1. Trevor

    Your article Is Ultimate Cycler A Scam? has just made me aware of one more online scam waiting to dupe people trying to earn extra income online.

    What is five and ten dollar matrix? I could not figure this out. I’m still new to affiliate marketing. And then there is this: “a 2X2 cycler with a direct member to member compensation plan.” I guess this is the bait to call in to find out what the heck is this!

    • Peter

      it is bait Trevor. This is also a MLM type cycling company. You’re in you’re out. If no new blood comes in you make nothing. Complete waste of time and nobody uses what they sell on mass to build a legit business.

  2. WMP

    Thanks for writing this review on Ultimate Cycler. In this day and age, there are many people who would like to earn a living while staying in the comfort of their home. Thus the reason that there are so many of these programs today. This program isn’t expensive but you will not be able to make enough money to support yourself while using it so that makes it a waste of time in my opinion. Wealthy Affiliate seems like a better option but is there anything that you dislike about it?

    • Peter

      No, nothing. It’s as good as it gets in the online world of learning how to build a business. Most other schemes just sell one time tools for your business. WA teaches you everything from the ground up. All the basics are here to get you started.

  3. Liz

    This was really confusing. I wanted to know what it was all about, but there was nothing here that could really tell me. What IS a Cycler? I have no idea. I also note that your name is similar to the founders name of this so called business scam. That is unfortunate haha!

    I do feel the need to let you know though that Amazon S3 is a good service that I use to deliver digital goods to my subscribers, and that DreamWeaver is a program to help you code and design websites with specific functionality. So they are not selling bogus products-they do actually exist. But do you need those products to make money online? Definitely not!

    • Peter

      I know the product exists or they wouldn’t be selling it, I get it. What’s not clear on the dashboard is what the product does for you and why you need it. It’s not very upfront. Nowhere did I say the products were bogus. I said confusing, and it is.

  4. William

    Very good information:). I’m glad you are here to warn us of all the scams out there. Please if you could also post sites that aren’t scams that would help us a lot here! Again I love the fact that you really write like your talking to a friend or family member. This really helps build trust and ultimately a community!

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