Is WAH EDU a Scam? How To Work From Home Using CPA

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Name: Work At Home Education


Price: $97 - Downsell $47

Owner: Michelle Withrow/Michelle Robinson

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Program Overview

The first problem with this online learning program is the multiple name changes it has went through, throughout it's sordid history. That is reason alone to just stay away unless you have an extra $97 to throw around.

It has also been referred to as; Work at Home University and Stay At Home Revenue and also Work at Home Institute. It loves to use the tagline ' The Net's Top Work at Home Program'.

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In it's latest metamorphosis it is called Work at Home EDU or WAH EDU - 'The Net's Top Educational Program​'

Sound confusing? It sure is and a sure sign of a SCAM. You have to ask yourself if you want to buy into an online program that keeps changing it's name and hiding behind it. It's the same package of low quality training materials. For the record that's 4 name changes and I know there are many more too numerous to list. I really have my doubts that the people selling this program even care if you make money or get an online education.

What is WAH EDU?

A series of videos focusing on CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). How to get people to click on links that you provide. Every time someone clicks on your link you get paid. There is also some basic material here to show you how to start an online business. They don't explain much of anything in a clear and concise way, which is probably why the multiple name changes.

Can You Make Money?

You have to watch and they do provide hundreds of low quality, mediocre videos for you to watch. They love the CPA business model, which is really advertising and marketing tactics and not a real business. That's their education for you.

Wikipedia explains CPA like this:

"Also known as pay per acquisition (PPA) and cost per conversion, is an online advertising pricing model where the advertiser pays for each specified acquisition - for example, an impression, click, form submit (e.g., contact request, newsletter sign up, registration etc.), double opt-in".

Much of what happens in this world is SPAM and not legit. You are attracted to some fake ad like 'We have a surplus of RVs in our lot that we MUST get rid of, so I'm giving one away free. Please enter our free draw to win yours today". Sound familiar? You then click the link, they capture your Facebook information and email address (which is exactly what they want). This is CPA and nobody ever wins that contest. I'm sure you have seen these all over your Facebook feed.

Learn How To Build A Real Business Online Here!


  • 100 + HD videos to choose from
  • downsell price of $47 is reasonable
  • provides some good basic business building ideas


  • too many customer complaints
  • various name changes questions credibility of program
  • slow to get help/support or refunds
  • major focus is on CPA ad tactics
  • misuses 'as seen on tv' placement ad
  • uses false advertising


The internet is littered with complaints from disgruntled users. Here is just a small smattering:

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From the Rip Off Report


5 days a week phone and email support provided. You're on your own if you get stuck working on your business on the weekend. That sucks if you're doing this PT while you're trying to escape your 9-5 job.

My Final Take

​Affiliate marketing, selling and promoting products and building a real online business is not something that happens by listening to online gurus who have gone through 4 name changes and then sell the same 'secret to success system.'

My #1 recommendation is an online learning platform that is filled with marketing experts and thousands of like-minded individuals all working on building websites and helping each other become successful.​

I've been a member for almost 2 years now and I still recommend it today. ​It's where I got started and created this website and I can personally help you build yours.

If you have any further questions, comments or feedback just drop them in the box below. Thanks for stopping by and reading my review of WAH EDU formerly called Work at Home University.

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  1. michael

    Thanks for the heads up. It sounds like a very questionable program where all it teaches is probably spammy and unprofessional ways for people to click on items that they probably don’t even want in the end.

    I like the idea of WA.. as it teaches you how to “help” people which should be the first and foremost priority in any kind of business mode.

  2. Victor

    Wow, can’t believe this yet another scam we got here. These scam-artists never seem to give up stealing people’s money. I’m glad that you’ve exposed their true agenda and shed some light onto what they’re really up to.

    Definitely sounds sketchy when you find out they’ve been changing names multiple times. Sounds like they’re trying to cover tracks. Anyways thanks for pointing this out.

    Wish you all the best, and good luck on your journey.

    • Peter

      Same to you Victor. It is amazing how they can keep hiding on the internet using multiple name changes. You would never be the wiser for it.

  3. Philip

    Good review here on WAH EDU. Service like these are quite common online. They promise the world but deliver nothing.

    I often wonder why they bother because the refund rate must be 100%!

    Anyone who buys this must realize pretty quickly that it is not a valuable product? How long did it take you before you thought – “Nope!”

    • Peter

      Just seconds, once you research products for awhile like I have you understand some of the common themes that run through scams. This is a SCAM in every traditional sense of the word.

  4. Simon Crowe in Asia

    Oh dear I was hoping this might be a good fit but multiple name changes if never a good sign…!

    Also reading other people’s comments who have already signed up and paid is the only confirmation I need. Thank you for putting this together and I’m glad I read this first.

    You said you’ve been at Wealthy Affiliate for 2 years,What do they teach you there and does it work? Many thanks in advance.

    • Peter

      Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to build websites and make money from them. There is also a community of experts internet experts there who you can ask questions from 24/7/365. It is the best online training platform out there, especially for newbies. Thanks for your question Simon.

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