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This is a great research tool to help you find high quality keywords. Take it for a test drive and start searching below.

Here are the top 4 Metrics you should consider when choosing a "quality" keyword

1. Monthly Searches

Most important traffic numbers that you need to know. While all traffic is good traffic, you want to focus on keywords that rank high (lots of searches). This way your traffic will accumulate and grow as you market your business.

2. KQI - (Keyword Quality Index)

If you choose keywords of high quality it will enhance your marketing campaigns. You can perform searches with much more efficiency and they will be much more effective.

3. QSR - (Quoted Search Results)

This is your competition and probably the most important metric to pay attention to. You need the right tool to give you this information. You want to aim for a competition metric below 300. That will still be 300 pages of competition for you on Google. Your goal is to out rank your competition. So you want to target a QSR below 300 ideally.

4. SEO Power

This metric will determine whether your keywords are a likely candidate for high SEO rankings. If you get ranked you will get traffic/visitors to your site. It's that easy. You earn money when you get traffic. It's important then to have high quality keywords coupled with low competition (QSR). In turn, this will make your research as efficient as possible.

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