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It is very exciting when you start the process of keyword research and realize the potential of a particular niche you are super ecxited and passionate about.

Jaaxy Enterprise

There are a lot of keyword tools on the market today, but in my opinion none can deliver the pure awesome power that Jaaxy can deliver.​ What are some of the problems of most of the other products out there? Let's have a look.

Current Problems with MOST Keyword Tools

Most just bombard you with useless data. It's really hard to make sense of all the numbers they spit out at you. They are mostly unusable in your research and do nothing for your Google ranking. Remember the goal is to get your content and website ranked as high as possible with internet search engines. Google being the giant out there.

So if your keyword research tool isn't providing you with competition results and​ data that you can understand, then it's useless to you. Before you buy a keyword research product keep these things in mind:

  • don't buy anything you have to install
  • anything that guesses pay per clicks
  • anything that uses Alexa for rankings
  • anything that needs to drive multiple searches to complete one task
  • any tool that is unable to access all search engines for data

If your tool falls into any one of those categories then don't buy it. You will eventually find out the hard way that the data you need to increase your search engine rankings just isn't there.

Introducing Jaaxy Enterprise

I don't have much use for useless data and I have a lot better things to do with my time than use it doing wasted research.

We only need to worry about and concentrate on 3 metrics

  1. how much competition does the keyword have.
  2. how much traffic does the keyword get.
  3. does the keyword make sense when you say it.

​As you can see by the list, that last metric is really common sense. When you say the keyword it has to make English sense and pronounced how we would talk. The other 2 are effectively captured by Jaaxy Enterprise better than any other keyword tool on the market that I've seen. Once you find keywords with low competition and that get traffic, you can literally take over search engines by writing content or creating videos relevant to that particular keyword.

This is ONLY easy if you have the right data. Jaaxy Enterprise DOES!

Find Money Making Keywords the Simple Way

​Everybody thinks that when they start out in an online business that the market is saturated and that there is no more room for me out there. This is a natural fear but we just lack keyword knowledge because we've never really focused on it before.

​The best problem you can have, is too many ideas for content rich keywords. Why spend time worrying about all the niches with no competition. You can create a full time income just from those. Now that's a great problem to have, don't you think?

Once you become efficient at creating successful marketing campaigns you will be able to find any keyword within any particular niche you choose. Why? because you'll have a tool like Jaaxy which will quickly and efficiently tell you what people are searching for and how much competition you have.

Here is a video and landing page that explains how this super powerful keyword tool works and all of the features it contains...

Choose a Jaaxy Plan That You Can Afford

​There is just so much more that this powerful Jaaxy tool can do. It even has a brainstorming function to help you with come up with ideas if you run out. It will tell you what page you're on in Google, help fin affiliate programs, analyze what sites your competition is using, create and save keyword lists and so much more.

There are options for every budget from the newbie to the pro power users out there who have a firm grip on what and how important Keyword Research is.​

I have just barely brushed the surface of what Jaaxy can do. There are brainstorming (niche finding) functions, the ability to find easily where your sites are ranked in Google (what page am I on), find affiliate programs, analyse your competitions websites, create keyword lists…and a heck of a lot more. Those are icing on the cake.

Jaaxy Starter = FREE!

Jaaxy Pro = $19 per month, $199 per year​

Jaaxy Enterprise = $49 per month, $499 per year​

Jaaxy Comparison Table

Choose the Option that Suits You

​I personally started with the FREE trial which includes 30 free searches. Then I immediately upgraded to Pro. I have found it to be great value for $19 a month. I'm sure you will to.

The free version is limited in what it can do but once you see the value of this tool you can upgrade as your budget permits.

What do you say? Are you ready to give this amazing and powerful keyword research tool a try. Ready to use Jaaxy? Just use the research box below​...

Try Jaaxy Today

Your online business will never be the same



  1. Hi Peter, Thanks for the amazing review on Jaaxy. I have been looking for a tool like this as I have been struggling to find good key words. This is awesome. Thanks again for sharing this!

  2. Moon

    Hi Peter,

    I have been trying to find a useful one for ages but there doesn’t seem to be too many ones around. It would be good if you could actually show us how it works. I clicked your link and found out the info I want but I was actually expecting a video. Anyway, thanks for the great post!

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