Make Money With Email by Bill Guthrie-Is It A Scam?

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Program Overview

This is an email marketing course from Andrea Fulton and Bill Guthrie. If you already know how to market with email list building and how to build a squeeze page then this will be a total waste of $7. I just stumbled upon it by searching for email marketing articles on Google so I decided to spend the seven bucks and check it out. I've already done it so you don't have to or need to.

Name: Make Money With Email


Price: $7 + $27 upsell + $37 upsell + $47 upsell 

Owner: Andrea Fulton and Bill Guthrie

Before You Commit

Last year Andrea came out with a very low quality offering that was packaged up as Affiliate Commission Empire. She has taken most of that package and partnered up with serial internet marketer Bill Guthrie and repackaged and released under the new name of Make Money With Email. Along with another program called Hot Smokin Solo Ads these are Andrea's primary sales pitches.

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They both take turns on the video presentations once you get inside the website.

After you pay your $7 which for me was not an easy access, I had to send numerous emails just to access the content. It was very frustrating because they have outsourced this feature to a third party and you wait for the fix.

That was the other surprising thing after signing up. I was just given access to a website menu. You access the training through a drop down menu, you watch one, click finish lesson and then move on through to the next lesson. The only lesson that was an actual video class was the one on squeeze pages. All the others were just screencasts of power point presentations and low quality at that. So, for $7 all you are getting is two people talking you through a power point presentation. Is that worth it? It depends on you and what you already know about email marketing. Newbies would be lost inside of here because there is a lot of lingo you would need to understand and there is no step by step in some presentations for you to follow.

What Am I Paying Up For?

You will receive via the drop down menu under 'Core Training' a series of 8 presentation videos called:

  • ​The MMWE Formula
  • ​Autoresponder Set-Up
  • ​Squeeze Page Set-Up
  • ​Affiliate Marketing
  • ​Tracking
  • ​Traffic
  • ​Turn Key Campaign
  • Bonuses

There isn't a lot of juice here because it's mostly all sales and promotion. Even though $7 is a really cheap entry point it's what's not here that really counts and this is where they set the hook deep. You need TRAFFIC! How else is your email campaign going to work without it. They never teach you that here. They will sell you on their 'Wholesalers Club' so you can get discounted traffic because well Andrea's been doing this for 8 years.

Here is their upsell on traffic packages:

screenshot of pricing plan

This to me is the meat of the program and all the rest is just a disguise to get you inside, teach you a little bit through power point and then skim over the fact that none of this works if you don't have traffic for your website.

What's To Like

I don't really have a lot of good things to say about MMWE but there are a few good pointers they provide and it just may be worth the $7 to some newbie internet marketers.

There are some videos worth watching. Some are even over 20 minutes long and the campaign video is close to 30 minutes. If you've never seen the inside of the Aweber dashboard, Andrea will give you a good look and may be worth your while. For just $7 there is no reason to complain about the apparent lack of detail and the slow pace of some of the videos.

If you have never done email marketing, then you might find how integrating your autoresponder inside your email list worthwhile learning. You will be taught how it all works together.

The only problem you're going to have is filling in the blanks if you're using different products and how to do this live for yourself through your own campaign. The one they provide is way too confusing for newbies, plus you still have to figure out where you are going to get traffic and how best to pay for it.

What's NOT To Like?

They make an outrageous money making claim that is so confusing to follow once you get to the video. Here is a screenshot:

video screenshot

You will never make the money he is talking about here in one month. The first thing you need is a list to sell to. Where is the freakin list? You have to buy it and the math he uses to break this down on the video is just ridiculous. It's just a sales pitch that I would never buy into. The platinum package after registration will cost you $571 for the year. That's just to learn about submitting emails to sell a product, nothing else.

So you can't really make money from email without spending a small fortune in ads. This is going to take time and lots more money to make this work for you. Bill deceives you into thinking this is going to be easy. It's not and it's one of my main bitches with this cheap program.​

I also didn't like the low quality of some of the videos being mixed in with power point. It just made it all seem so lazy and nonchalant. Andrea tries to come across as some bored housewife talking to you from the comfort of her living room. It's just not very professionally done. She even makes a comment at one point " I can't type today, oh my god look at me I'm a wreck".

There is no training tutorial on traffic. It's a real shame because this would be a solid sell with that here but that's only available by upsell and I sincerely doubt spending that extra $47 is going to translate into more than 5K in 30 days.

My Advice

screenshot in yellow

There are lots of things missing here, I kissed my $7 goodbye so you don't have to hold that same goodbye party. It will end up costing you more than $7 as the above ad urges you to invest and reinvest more. After all you need traffic, right? I mean who is going to buy your product or any affiliate product picked off of Clickbank for you. That is why Bill and Andrea sell traffic packages, just in case you were wondering why they are in that business. It's a pretty common tactic and internet marketers sell, that's what they do. No problem with the selling, just be careful before you fall for the pitch.

My Final Take

Make Money With Email can't be called a scam becuase it does povide you with something for your money, just not a whole lot. As usual, I like to look at what's not provided over and above all the jaw boning about making wads of cash. You will not find any meaningful lesson on how to create emails, landing pages or ads to drive traffic. Lots of fluff not much meat. Hardly worth it to just pay for a claim of five figure riches, my opinion.

Get started by building your own website. Learn what SEO (search engine optimization) is and how it can help you with traffic. Getting your pages and posts ranked. Promote products and services you use and have experience with. A starter account is free so you can take it for a test drive and look inside for something that excites you.

Affilate marketing is a huge business. I've been doing it for two years now. I learned everything I know at Wealthy Affiliate and now you can check out How I Did It!

If you have any further questions, comments or feedback just drop them in the box below. Thanks for stopping by and reading my review of Make Money With Email.

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  1. Eartha

    Great review, Peter! I have never heard of this product myself but to me, the low price point is obviously a way to attract newbie marketers.

    They end up buying the product only to realize (as you’ve mentioned) none of it will work without traffic. That is where they get you with selling their traffic packages.

    I think you are absolutely right about starting your own website, learning SEO, and learning how to rank your web pages. Email marketing can always be incorporated.

  2. Rosa

    Hi Peter,

    Thank you for the review on the make money with email. You provided a lot of information about this program. The start up price doesn’t sound bad but for someone new in email marketing would definitely need training in traffic. Although I would feel a little leery about the traffic packages, would it be worth it or not.

    I now know that make money with email is not a scam but I would not bother with it, my own opinion.

    Thank you for sharing the details of this site.

  3. Kean

    Your review is interesting. Although I’ve never heard of Make Money with Email, but it seems like it isn’t worth the money. I just joined Wealthy Affiliate and I think this program offers a lot of value. I’m impressed by it.

    • Hi Kean, yes you get much better value for your money with Wealthy Affiliate. Bill’s program only focuses on email marketing where as WA focuses on building a complete online business.

  4. Great review!
    I’m new to the online business industry so this is really helpful for me. Normally I consider myself as a very cautious person but who knows what could happen on the Internet. Thanks a lot. Will definitely keep that in mind.

    • Your welcome Tony. Just be careful with anything you buy online. Do your due diligence and research as much as you can about the people your working with. You are on your own after buying most of these programs.

  5. I am so glad I stopped over to read this! I had never heard of this product/ program before and I found your review extremely helpful! Thank you so much for taking the time to create organized and informative information!

  6. This is an amazing insight. These scams are heartless and time consuming. The worst thing is its like they are all at it. Well, that was until I found Wealthy Affiliate. It is an amazing community to be a part of.
    Please expose more of these scammers. Love your website and all the information it provides.

    • Thanks for he kind words Deb. Just to be clear, this is not a scam. I’m just saying you can find better more all inclusive training packages on the internet. Including ways to get traffic that are far more superior to MMWE.

  7. Thanks for this write up, it’s amazing the way some products are packaged in a way that makes you feel like you are going to get real value. I can tell you from experience that Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal. Thanks for spreading the word.

  8. Katya

    Hey, Peter! What a great warning! I really enjoyed reading your review, so detailed and honest. I am also amazed that you weren’t afraid to spend your hard earned $ (after all, what money aren’t hard earned unless stolen, right?) in order to do many a favor and write this article. Affiliate marketing is a great kind of business that may suit a lot of people but unfortunately, there are so many “Andreas” and it is hard to find proper training. Again, thank you for the warning!

    • Peter

      It’s hard to know what you’re going to get unless you spend some money. Glad you got something out of it Katya.

  9. Riaz Shah

    Hey Peter,

    They outsource to a 3rd party and we need to wait for a fix even though we paid already? For me that’s unacceptable and when working online, quality is of utmost importance.

    $7 is a lot to me, especially since 1 USD is five times our money, so when I noticed those upsells, I totally lost my interest in checking out Make Money with Email. Thanks for taking the time to review this man, Andrea is definitely one of those “gurus” that we need to avoid.

  10. Rob S.

    Making money by email? I always believed in the old saying that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I found that out the hard way trying to make money online through the years. And of course what you mention about forking over your money and then going through hell to even get what you paid for is ridiculous. Now $7 isn’t a lot of money, but it is to the scammers who collect enough of it to be very well off it then becomes a lot of money. Especially if they sign someone up for monthly “service.” Has anyone else been scammed by this program or others like it? I’d love to know.

  11. Thanks for this great review! Although the starting cost of $7 does not sound like much, the need to keep buying traffic packages would be quite draining. I would rather join a program like Wealthy Affiliate where you pay a monthly fee and get everything there is with no upsells!

    • I agree Daniel you can find better all inclusive packages online. The low fee entry point is a hook to get you inside so you hopefully buy more.

    • The low fee entry point is just a hook to get you inside, where you hopefully buy more. You can definitely buy better more inclusive training packages online.

  12. Alquante

    Hello Peter, Very nice review.

    The products that your offering are very interesting, especially for the marketing community.

    As you said, there are a lot of scams online, and It can be somewhat hard to find reliable sources, that will be straightforward with you when it comes to such a business.

    So I think that the information you are providing, are so educational, and important. Thank you for the information, and I’m looking forward to reading more.


  13. jettaranda

    Enjoyed reading this review. Even though you never got your seven dollars worth at least you learned about aweber.

    Thanks for holding the goodbye party and saving me $7. Because I was truly interested in what Andrea had to offer. These repackaged programs really annoy me because they try to shine something up which wasn’t working before. Unfortunately many people get caught up in it again.

  14. Thanks for the review and details about this email marketing business and spending the $7 to try it out! What can you expect for $7? It’s all about the upsell.

    • Hi Sandra, yes low entry prices are a very common tactic to lure you inside and sell you more. It’s just what they do and I have no problem with that. Buyer beware!

  15. Anything with a bunch of upsells like this site really turns me off immediately. It tells me that these kinds of sites didn’t really keep the user in mind and they are just trying to rack up on sales.

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