Caution: If you are looking for a way to make money working from home! You're just getting sucked into the same failed ideology that has caused massive unemployment that workers everywhere continue to make.

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All jobs suck, it's true!

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Don't you think that headline is true? I never did until I started working for a living and trading my finite time for a little bit of cash. After working full time for my whole life, I can honestly say we have all been fed a line of bullshit that stinks the high heavens. Why do I say that? Because at the end of the day what do you really have? I think the answer is, no job satisfaction, the feeling of being stuck in a dead end job and working for people or a company you can't stand. You give them the best years of your life and when it's all over you feel empty. Worst of all you have all this debt still to deal with. You probably still have a mortgage and car payment. Never mind the day to day bills of keeping the house and your life going.

What's it all for? You're just living and working to pay bills. What a line of bullshit we have all been fed. Go to school, get a job, save 10% of your income, retire and then die. Living and working at a job just to pay bills. Not much of a life when you really drill down and ask yourself, Is this all there is? It's not your fault. We have all been fed this bogus line from our parents and then worst of all we pass it on to our kids.

Let's look at a different way to get a grip on your financial freedom and enjoy your life. Ready?​

The Post World War "Jobs Boom" Is Over...

When I quit school back in the '70s there were so many jobs around the city it bordered on ridiculous. You could literally quit your job on a Friday and then get hired somewhere else on the Monday. Just after your interview and right on the spot you got hired and given your start day and time to report to work. You never gave working a second thought. That is until one day our union decided to go on strike for more money. What else is there, right? After almost a year and with no end in sight the company decided to give up and close up shop. When I walk by that empty lot, that used to employ over 800 hundred people, it still brings a tear to my eye. All those great men and women who were thrown out onto the streets after thinking that the company would take care of them for the rest of heir life. I was still young and could recover but it was my first taste of how cruel the working world could be.

My next taste of just how cruel working for other people could be happened in the '90's when I was in the army. I had finally got stationed close to my kids so I could visit and take them for weekends and even see them from time to time during the week. No more long commutes, I was finally home. I was now in a great position to finish out the last 6 years of my service, take my 20 year pension and ride off into the sunset.

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​Within a year of my posting the government announced significant strategic budget cuts and they would be closing the base. I was devastated and knew that this meant another move, another move away from my daughters. To make matters even worse the job I was doing as a military member was to be contracted out and all service personnel in that trade would have to transfer out or take a retirement package. So, I'm living in place that is closing and working in a job that's being eliminated. This is what happens when corporations, companies or government agencies control your present and you rely too heavily on them for you future. Jobs suck, and these are my real life examples.

None of them give a rats ass about you, your family or any of the bills that need paying.​ They don't even care how long you've been around. The bottom line is the bottom line and that's all they really care about. You can and will be replaced by something or someone else. Now that you're out in the street you have a big choice to make.... 

    Stop Believing In The Job For Life Myth-There is No Job Security 

Keep it simple. Find ways to create multiple streams of passive income...

We all have horror stories to tell of getting into financial difficulty. In the late 80's I got heavily involved with MLM (multi-level marketing) and proceeded to lose thousands of dollars I couldn't afford to lose. I then got involved in personal fitness consulting and evaluations as a sub contractor. Another failed business venture as I almost starved to death waiting to get paid by suppliers. I was also going broke with 4 Visa cards and 3 Mastercards all maxed out just so I could stay ahead. It was getting to the point where I would borrow from Peter just to pay Paul. I always seemed to be in financial difficulty in those dark days. This was how I lived.

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I now live off of multiple streams of income​ that you can duplicate with some patience and hard work. You have to ask yourself if you want to be in control of your money or have your money control you? If you can't afford to quit your job and find a different way to earn then you can start to do it part-time until you can. This should be your goal so you can break free from the bullshit lies you have been fed your whole life. That lie, if you keep working hard you'll get ahead and if you're lucky, you'll enjoy ten years in retirement. Just so you can die of being overworked and stressed out by a job that sucks the soul out of you.

The only security is the one you create for yourself. You do that by collecting monthly streams of money that flow into your bank account​. Monthly streams in the form of interest, dividends, capital gains, business income form selling and promoting products and services you already use. I'm also at the point where I also collect pension income from 3 different sources from all the dead end jobs I've endured over my working life.

I have to admit that I get frustrated when people tell me that they're broke but don't want to change their situation. They hate their job but don't want to change their life. They would rather wallow in self pity and stay stuck in a job they hate. ​I always tell them to do these things to try and break free:


Sell Your Ride

Eliminate any monthly car payments you have. Sell your ride and buy an older cheaper option. Buy a bike for the warmer months if possible. How much gas money would you save in a month? Move closer to work so you can either walk or ride your bike to work. It's cheaper and healthier. Take all the money you just saved and invest it or pay off debt. Relieving and eliminating your debt load is one of the best investments you can make. It will free up your cash flow. If you can invest it that saved money then you have just created your first passive income stream, just by holding it in your bank account. Congratulations! Keep your eye on the prize of eventually quitting your job.


Sell Your Stuff

Have a look around your house and sell, purge, throw out and get rid of all the clutter in your house and life. It's an eyesore anyway. Look in the garage, basement, attic and crawlspaces. You have a ton of money just laying around getting a free ride. Get rid of anything you haven't used or worn in the past 4 seasons. Chances are you don't need it. Exploit Craigslist, Ebay or Amazon and sell as much as you can. Have a yard/garage sale. I don't even advertise anymore. I just haul stuff out into the driveway as we live on a busy enough street to attract lots of 'looky looks'. Take the money and invest it in solid blue chip companies you use on a daily basis. Instead of complaining about my monthly bills I just buy the company stock. I own all my utility, cable, financial and data/internet providers. Buy the company  stock with the proceeds from simply selling your stuff. This equals more money flowing into your bank account.


Sell Your House

Downsize into a fixer upper. Take the extra money and fix up a room to rent out or convert the downstairs into an apartment. This will create another passive income stream that will eventually free you up to leave your 9-5 as soon as you can. Not everyone is cut out to become a landlord but there is no denying the power it can bring to allowing you to control your financial future.


Build A Business Online

I like the affiliate marketing business model. There is no need to re-invent the wheel and come up with your own line of products to sell. It's more about doing some research on what products are trending by punching in keywords and then writing some content promoting that product. This is what makes it so simple a business to start. As long as you don't mind sitting at the computer and writing out reviews and have shared interests and hobbies, then you can find success very easily combined with your own hard work and committment.

All that you really lack is a starting point and training. I would add good training. The place I recommend you go for that training is an online learning school called Wealthy Affiliate. It will teach you all you need to know about affiliate marketing and they are excellent at it having been in business for well over 10 years.

They offer step by step training and an abundance of relevant up to date online business instructon. Every week they also offer live webinars to ensure they stay current with what's trending. They also have a huge community who you can turn to for support and ask questions immediately on a live chat platform.


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