Profit Builder 2 Review – Can You Increase Conversion Rates With Landing Pages?

Name: ProfitBuilder 2.0


Price: $67 + other options both monthly and OTOs

Owner: Sean Donahoe

Overall Rank:

Program Overview

A little over a year ago Sean Donahoe released the original ProfitBuilder. With this new release there are some new additions and tweaks based on user feedback and their recommendations. This is still at it's core a WP plug in that helps you build eye catching landing pages and more.

What's New With 2.0?​

  • rapid funnel builder
  • dynamic split testing system
  • conversion tracking system
  • revamped freeflow UI
  • new revisions system
  • smart speed boosting
  • over 130+ optimized templates
  • mobile first philosophy
  • improved ecommerce support
screenshot of new features

Pricing Options

These are options you have just to download the plug in. ProfitBuilder also offers you some other add-ons for purchase to help support your product.

blue and gray display boxes of prices

...and for your money you get

list of what each package contains

Template Club - $29.99/mth

  • ​access to another 20 premium templates (upsell)
  • new templates added monthly
  • new resources and exclusive graphics and extras

The Template Club seems to be just a money grab and rather pricey for an ongoing fee of $29.99 per month. It just offers you a promise of updates and new templates whenever that happens. It's a sales pitch which is what you get with affiliate marketers. I don't blame them for doing it, but you don't need it.

Leads Flow Pro - $197 OTO​

  • lead generation on automatic for you​
  • lead tracking so you know what's working
  • control your leads and integrate them everywhere
  • less time=more profits

This is a product you just don't need and again is very pricey. Build a landing page and just let it run and do your SEO. All of these bells and whistles don't amount to more than a dull whimper as far as helping out your business. An added expense you won't need or care if you have no traffic as of yet.

PB Academy - $297 OTO

  • ​access to Sean's insight on affiliate marketing
  • further access to insider secrets provided by the likes of Neil Patel, Nicholas Kusmich, Joel Comm, Tom Beal and many others.

This a package of interviews where you can learn the business from industry leading experts in affiliate marketing and online business.

Are There Any Downsells?

There sure are. I love downsells because it just shows you how much further down in price a merchant will go.

Downsell #1 - Template Club $1 FREE Trial

Downsell #2 -  LeadsFlow Light $97

Downsel​l #3 - ProfitBuilder Masterclass 3 X $97 Payment Plan

Let's say I purchased the standard package and include all the downsell products as my choice. What would the total cost be?

$67 + $1 trial + $97 + 291

= TOTAL COST OF $455 + $29.99 (template club price after trial) per month ongoing.

One Year Total Cost = $814.88

What if I told you there were cheaper ways to build landing pages that also come with step by step training at half the cost of ProfitBuilder 2.0? Not only that it comes with a ton of features that will allow you to build a legitimate online business. How to build landing pages is just one part and just one tool of what you need to succeed online.

How Does It Work?

As you can see by the comparison table below that there is a big difference buying a business tool like Profit Builder and starting your own business like Wealthy Affiliate.

I think if you just stuck to the $67 price point and left the rest alone, this is a great deal.

You can get a 7 day free trial with Wealthy Affiliate, a $19 first month or choose to pay for the whole year up front for $359. Basically $1 a day for the Full Monty.

My Final Take

This is a nice little landing page builder and performs as advertised. At $67 for a one time fee it is very reasonable to purchase this plug in. Keep in mind if you want to build a business this is just one tool that can help you build a nice looking page.

Purchase Profit Builder 2.0 Here​

The best place I know of to help build that business is a place called Wealthy Affiliate. You can save money on plug ins as they will show you how to build great looking landing pages once you become a Premium Member. ​

If you have any further questions, comments or feedback just drop them in the box below. Thanks for stopping by and reading my unbiased and opinion only review of Profit Builder 2.0. I am not a paid affiliate for this program. I do give it a thumbs up for those needing help building pages.

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  1. Lorenzo

    Nice review Peter! I have personally never heard of profit builder 2 but it seems to be a decent product, although I really don’t think I need a tool to help me build my landing pages. Is it really a total price of over $800 yearly if you buy all the up sells? That’s pretty crazy if you ask me.

  2. Nate

    Your review of this product is well done Peter, though I still believe that landing pages can be done at a far less price. Especially for those people trying to start an Online business with a boot strap budget. Once their website becomes popular, this might be a valuable plugin to have.

    • Peter

      I agree Nate. One could add up all the website building tools recommended and you could go broke pretty quick. Not to mention buy traffic through pay per click ads. I think this plug in is reasonably priced.

  3. Liz

    I always like reading about digital tools I have not heard about, and this was another one. The thing is, there are plenty of free options for landing pages or pop ups for your website in order to capture email addresses. But I am wondering if you think Profit Builder just makes it easier than the average landing page builder such as if you were a paying member of ‘Get Response’ which is an autoresponder company that also offers you free landing pages. Or how it might compare to something like ‘Privy’. I am all for ease of use, so if it made my life a bit easier in terms of building landing pages and connecting it all up, and it was a one time cost as you mentioned, it is something I might consider getting. Is it something you use yourself?Glad you gave us the heads up on the upsells. Often easy to fall into getting stuff that you just don’t need-especially if you are first starting out.

    • Peter

      Hi Liz, with the templates it provides for $67 it is good value. I use another Content/Landing Page builder but this is very similar. I recommend just sticking with WP as it’s free once installed on your site. These add ons can get expensive if your business is not making any money.

  4. Abraham

    I really love the way you help others build their own online business. I also love the programs yo offer to make money, and is something I will definitely try. I thank you for the great information you have provided me and with you the best with your business, take care.

  5. Anthony

    Thanks for the review. I see similar things all the time and every once in a while when I am feeling like I must be doing something wrong I get tempted into buying some of these profitbuilder programs just to find out I have other issues to deal with now lol. All in all I was lucky enough to stumbleupon Wealthy Affiliate. I am glad to see you included WA in your review. It has changed my focus and my online business. Thanks again for the review.

  6. James Harvey

    Awesome review. A friend of mine recommended this product to me. I just had to do my own homework on it. Before I put my money towards it. I’m so glad I saw this. I will be sure to show it to him and see if I could persuade him into trying an alternative. Maybe the program you offered at the end of the article.

    • Peter

      Good choice James. This is not a bad landing page builder as far as they go. The thing is most people don’t know just how effective WP is for building landing pages

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