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Whether you are looking to create your own niche website or you are looking to create a website for a local business or client, you can accomplish that with relative ease these days. Websites have been simplified and there are services and platforms out there that offer websites that are very newbie friendly. 

It All Starts With A Website!

How cool was that? That is how easy it is once you step through the doors of Wealthy Affiliate.

The Top 5 Components of a Website

  1. Speed & Load Time
  2. Professional Look & Design
  3. Easy to Navigate
  4. Uses CMS (Content Management System
  5. Quality Content

If you can incorporate these 5 things when you build out your website, you will be operating a vey successful (and profitable) website. In order to do this though, you need to be leveraging a framework that “simplifies” this process. To do this, I recommend WordPress (you can build a FREE WordPress website RIGHT NOW by entering a domain in the box below)...

WordPress - A Content Management System (CMS)

Many of you have likely heard of WordPress, the world's most widely used website framework. In fact, this website of mine was built using WordPress.

Anyone, I mean ANYONE can build a website these days and succeed online as a result. The technological barriers have been completely removed because of Content Management Systems like WordPress.

WordPress Benefits

  • very easy to install and set-up (click of a button at Wealthy Affilate)
  • no HTML, no code, no need for advanced computer knowledge
  • over 1,400 theme templates to choose from
  • one click install, over 10,000 "add" on features and website functionality
  • loads of help and support within the Wealthy Affiliate community

As you can see, WordPress is my choice and it is the exclusive framework I use to build ALL of my websites and has been for years. Now I want to show YOU how you can get your very own WordPress website and how to build a website in the next 5 or so minutes

Would You Like to Build A Website for FREE...Now?

This is a video from Kyle over at Wealthy Affiliate showing you how you can get a website up and running, quickly and efficiently. In fact, in this video he will show you how to build a fully functional WordPress website in 30 seconds for free. The video itself is just over 3 minutes and it also gives you a nice overview of the platform. Check it out...

​As I said, I can help...but only if you're willing to take action on the help offered to you here. If you want a website less than 5 minutes from now, you need only take 3 steps: 

Step 1: Start Building Your Website for $0 at

Step 2: Create a Totally Free Account

Step 3: YOU Get Access to 2 Free Websites & an Entire Training Platform

And just like that, you are going to have your very own, fully functional WordPress website up and running.

Need Help?

Simply ask! If you need a hand with anything that I have discussed here, please leave a comment below or you can get in touch with me inside of Wealthy Affiliate via my profile here.

Please Do Me A Favour

Leave me a comment below if you've enjoyed building your own website through this blog post. I would love to hear of your success stories. See you on the other side!


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I hope you find some of the tips and suggestions that I've experienced helpful on your own online journey.

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