Is Millionaire Blueprint Legit or A Scam?

Is Millionaire Blueprint Legit or a Scam

The System Exposed

To come right out and answer the question 'Is Millionaire Blueprint legit or a scam, yes it's a SCAM. You see this is all about binary options. All and I mean all binary option programs are scams. It's really pretty simple. Just stay away as there are too many horror stories out there from people who have been taken in by this system.

The Millionaire Blueprint System

The three main pillars of this investing system include the Plan, the Rules and the Right Stocks. I stumbled on to this site when I clicked on an article posted by one of my Twitter followers. Under the article accompanied by a picture you'll see the words:

The people who created this system assure you success and great properity if you follow their rules consistently. It also uses the name 'Power Profit Portfolio and it has a set of rules called the 'Decision Triggers', that were created to protect you from unexpected losses. You will gain maximum profit with limited risk by way of what they call 'hyper-compounding' (cute term eh?)

The other bonus nugget of wisdom you will learn is how to pick the right stocks and avoid the wrong ones.

Is Millionaire Blueprint a Scam or NOT?

This is a Binary Options Trading Platform or is it? Walter Green calls it Currency Manipulation Software. In the past it's also been called the Free Money System, the confusion is it's always changing and it's anything but free. It's also known as the Power Profit Portfolio. The system is created to ensure that investment gains are protected from losses. That's the pitch. It is totally automated or in other words it's run by a robot. The robot promises you that it can distinguish between the good stocks vs. the bad ones.

The founder of this program is John Hutchison. He tells you he's different than all other gurus out there. (oh really). He touts that this system is all about gaining financial freedom. If you have any questions for him the site has special webinars they set up regularly. The biggest question of all is, why are you only letting in 250 people?

The answer believe it or not is because our current members are doing so well that they are reluctant to share their secret to new members into their club. WOW!

So to back up this outrageous statement he shows testimonials. 25% profit in 60 days starting from $10-12,000 in 2 months. In a period of just 15 months 75% of the stocks recommended by pur team returned at least 20% back to investors. Needless to say this is a very high success rate so you need to be cautious believing these claims and investing any money with them.

Walter also talks about changing a dollar into a British Pound and then into a Japanese Yen. He doesn't want to charge you anything for his “Free” software but would like you to donate some to charity once you start making money. He makes so many outrageous claims by coming across as the bitter broker who wants to screw those big banks who screwed us in 2008.

Walter Green

You can make an average of 20% invested in 75% of the stocks they pick. As an investor I know that's extremely rare to achieve. In contrast, 80% of active fund managers never beat their benchmark indexes, which depending on which index, only achieve a 7% gain in one year with a balanced approach. They also guarantee maximum profits with minimum risk.

The Millionaire BluePrint Log-In 

They never make becoming a member easy for you. The only way for you to learn anything in depth on how their program works is to sign up for a webinar. Once you attend an online session they will explain details and where you can go to sign-up.

Once you arrive, you get the chance to go for a 60 day test drive of this money making program. But it's not free, no siree Bob! It costs $79 for the 'Free Money System'.

For this $79 you will receive monthly stock reports, access to the Millionaire Blueprint member's area, a copy of the 'Millionaire Blueprint Plan', 2 training videos called 'Millionaire Bootcamp' and 'PE Gap: The One Number', email and text trade alerts, monthly live strategy session webinars, 3 bonus reports; Advanced Profit Strategies, $2,500 Plan and Capital Management Spreadsheets and lastly 'Instant Answer Millionaire' email support.

It's Meant to be Confusing

So now we're led to believe this is a non-binary options trading platform. Amazing slight of hand here from a real pro

Free Millionaire Blueprint Makes $1,843,207.48 in 90 Days

Immediately after signing up with your email address you are taken to a page where a new video launches with some other guy.

Money Making Tip!

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Apparently the guy is Walter Green himself. One day his cousin Ray Green told him about a secret loophole he'd discovered in binary options trading. First discovered by Israeli traders back in 2010 (that's the spin) it was this loophole that made him a multi-millionaire

As time went by using the system, the “Free Money System” he became filthy rich.

You will also see and hear several customer testimonials by paid actors who praise the “Free” part of the system. They do it because the get rich quick crowd eats this shit up. So why not hire people to tell them what they want to hear?

Is it Legit or a scam?

So now we're watching a completely different video talking about another system. Where did the Millionaire Blueprint System go?It's another video, this time lasting 32 minutes full of annoying video and musice with Walter pumping his tires and millions of dollars. It ends trying to convince you by entering your email address into the box provided.

It's Free! Or is it?

Hang on, you're going to need to open binary options trading account and deposit $200 minimum. Once it clears you will have access to your personal trading app. So much for all that FREE talk.

I can't remember what this is, Millionaire Blueprint or Free Money System.

Once you input all the appropriate information you are taken to a binary broker website. I never went this far but I'd had enough with all the deception and lies to that point.

The website is also full of affiliate links that they never disclose. Having links is not the problem but somewhere on the site you should have a disclosure stating that fact. They are collecting commissions via Clickbank in their own stealth manner. The other amazing thing about this program is that anyone with a Clickbank affiliate account can sign up and promote this crap system.

You will also see these online ads proclaiming:

Billionaires Want This Removed From the Internet

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or this

Billionaires Want This Video Destroyed: Watch Now!

My Final Take

You do need to understand that this is work and not about waving a magic wand. You will not become an internet millionaire sensation overnight. There is real legitimate money to be made if you put in the time and apply all the training lessons into your business.

I've been a member of this amazing online community since 2015 and I have no plans on leaving anytime soon. Just like me I'm sure you will flourish with the step by step training, always updated training and top shelf site support. If you have any further questions, comments or feedback just drop them in the box below. Thanks for stopping by and reading my article on Millionaire Blueprint.

This program fits all of the traditional definitions of a:

Verdict: Avoid, Binary Options = SCAM!

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