The Six Figure Mentors Scam -This Can Cause Chest Pain

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Program Overview

Name: Six Figure Mentors


Costs: 30 Day Free Trial+

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Owners: Jay Kubasseck and Stuart Ross

Once you are online for awhile and start searching for work from home opportunities, what you'll find is a lot of products with a reasonable monthly fee. You can find some for under $10 and usually under a $100 for sure. A lot of them have a low entry point and then offer poor value even though the initial price is small.

You can throw that line of thinking out the window with Six Figure Mentors. For just one year with this program, if you want access to all the tools and training in the tool box it will cost you over 40K for the year. I have included the monthly fees.

If that doesn't blow your mind nothing will. I had to pick my jaw off the keyboard once I did the math.

I don't usually start a review with customer complaints but here's one that should grab your attention and scream out - Danger Will Robinson! (Lost in Space).

"Oh sure, as a newbie marketer they gave me a great education but the costs were astronomical. The further up their product chain that you move the more the volume on the hype machine gets turned up. The more you buy, the more you realize there is no substance just more hot air. All it provides you is the ability to sell the product to other newbies to earn higher commissions.

They like to manipulate you into thinking that you will be able to live a life of earning passive income which in turn is a good business lesson in how to market. This is another one of those high priced cookie cutter networking marketing programs. Only 1% ever make any money while the other 99% wind up with nothing after forking out thousands of dollars.

After failing for 12 months at SFM, I have learned humility and will never harshly judge another scam victim again​."

What is SFM?

Six Figure Mentors teaches you how to sell their products under their affiliate marketing system. You can apply this to any product and not just SFM. You will learn how to promote and sell and in turn earn a commission on those sales. They will provide you with training videos, webinars, tools and online consultations.

I did not sign up for Six Figure Mentors because they wanted me to supply my credit card info just for their 30 day free trial. There is no value in the basic membership and I didn't want to be further subjected to upsells and then paying $25 per month if I didn't ask that my membership be cancelled in time. I despise automatic renewal processes on free trials. It doesn't make sense and it sets a trap for you that you may find difficult to get out of later.

What Does It Cost?

They have 4 levels of Membership as listed above in my costs. They again are Affiliate, Student, Essential and Elite. You can just sign up for free as an affiliate and promote all SFM products if that's all you want to do.

Within each of these different modules you can purchase other products. The stable is quite large. Here is a breakdown:

  • Digital Business System - $297 to join + $97/mth
  • Simple Lead Capture - $29.95/mth
  • Digital Business Lounge - $37 0r $67/mth
  • Simple Traxx - $9.95/mth
  • Elite Mastermind - OTO $2,500
  • Silver Level Digital Experts Academy - OTO $2,500
  • Gold Level Digital Experts Academy - OTO $8,000
  • Platinum Level Digital Experts Academy - OTO $11,000
  • Black Level Digital Experts Academy - OTO $20,000

Let's just say you got tired of the basic program and you wanted to blow the whole roll on this program.

TOTAL COST = $44,334

That is a ton of money just for the right to sell their products using what they teach you as their version of affiliate marketing. I'm not saying you will be buying everything they have all at once, but as you move through the training and different membership levels, that is what you could end up paying out long term.

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Pros and Cons

I'm sure you've guessed by now that the major Con of this program is the high cost. It is out of reach for most people and nobody who has any experience with affiliate marketing would ever dare to pay those prices.

six figure mentors ad

On the plus side is, it's 30 day free trial and no cost affiliate membership. I wouldn't even know where to begin trying to pitch this program to family and friends. How much would they hate you if you tried to sell them on these products? I wouldn't buy them myself so I wouldn't try selling them to others.

Can You Make Money With SFM?

As with a lot of these online schemes the answer is it depends. They provide you with solid information but it's just basic affiliate marketing, no earth shattering discovery. If you bought and then promoted those high priced products, then you stand to earn substantial premiums on your money.

They also use that cookie cutter approach that my testimonial alluded to earlier so I would be very cautious of using duplicate content which Google will punish you for.

You would not want to risk having your site taken down for using that type of canned spun content. This is what happens when there is no updated training provided with the high costs of these memberships and products.

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My Final Take

As I said earlier, I did not buy the product due to many factors so I was not able to give it the full test drive. Have you bought Six Figure Mentors? How much did you spend? If you have, I would love to hear about your experience in the comments below. 

Verdict: Expensive, Be Cautious

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  1. It is good that you write this article to expose these so-called Internet Gurus. I too have been a victim not once, but twice. I was too eager to make fast money.

  2. Arta

    At least it is clear why it is named six figure…. – it is not about earning six figure, but about paying six figure to them 🙂
    But overall, it is not funny and I feel really sorry for people fallen for these scams. That’s why I usually do thorough research before joining any program. Even if it is for free… Thank you for unmasking the scammers – I hope your review will help many people avoid chest pain.

  3. Keith

    40K for the year? Who is signing up for this stuff?
    Although I have never heard of this affiliate program yet I was interested in reading about it becasue, well knowledge is power.
    But I think this certainly falls into the scam category doesn’t it? Will only appeal to the greedy and foolish I think.
    Good review.

  4. Dave

    $44,000 to join a single program?

    I almost spilled coffee on my pants.

    I mean, the reason you are looking for such opportunities is to make money, how do they expect someone with not much to live on to raise such an amount?

    The other thing that turned me off about it is having to give up your credit card when signing up for a free trial. These are companies that clearly make it impossible for people to use their strategies.

    Everything about them is just disappointing. I won’t join it!

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