Ultimate Profit Solution Review – How To Make Money Trading Forex with Toshko Raychev

Program Overview

screenshot of boxed set of CDs

This is an automated FX (foreign exchange) trading system designed to give you signals on when to buy and when to sell your foreign currency trading position. You are introduced to this system as the Ultimate Profit Solution. Last year Toshko Raychev had a forex trading system known as TR Profits System. It has been closed down as it is said to have reached it's subscriber limit.

This new product has just been relaunched by world champion forex trader Toshko Raychev. I'm skeptical if it's just another money grab because why the need to rename a system and relaunch it?

​Well, unfortunately this is a very common occurrence in the internet marketing world. If Toshko is such a champion trader why does he keep coming up with a different way to sell a trading system to the public? Why the need to launch the Ultimate Profit System? Where are all the successful stats from people who used and bought the TR Trading System?

Name: The Ultimate Profit Solution

Website: https://www.ultimateprofitsolution.com

Price: $997 or 2 X $650 payments

Owners: Toshko Raychev

What You Get

You are confronted with a lot of outrageous claims of making money and getting rich with this trading system. This is a boxed set of 4 DVDs and a Trading Manual that will be delivered to your door.

screenshot of text how to get mega rich

DVD #1 

  • contains 7 custom indicators
  • easy installation walkthrough
  • explains each indicator and how it applies to trade set ups

DVD #2

  • step by step on profitable trades
  • rules to follow for every set up
  • explanation of what non-tradeable conditions mean
  • know when to trade
  • how to use trailing stop losses

DVD #3

  • example trades for buy and sell are shown
  • over the shoulder explanations
  • after watching #3 you will be able to execute trades in your sleep
  • if you can paint by numbers, you can trade this system (yes they say that)

DVD #4

  • watch how live trades are made
  • as he trades Toshko takes you into his head
  • entry to exit on 14 trades
  • everything you need to be a successful trader

The Trading Manual

  • fully illustrated
  • meant to be an accompanying manual to your live trading
  • quick easy reference guide

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I don't know if you can make money with The Ultimate Profit Solution but I do know that nobody or no program can accurately predict the direction of a currency in the short term.

You are placing bets on the direction of the trade. Up or down so lay your money down. The fact that Toshko Raychev claims to be a world class trader, you then have to believe that you will become one too just by following a DVD and manual. I can tell you for certain you will never make the money he claims to make because this is not your world. Newbies will get fleeced just like sheep going to slaughter.

You should have an elementary knowledge of how stock markets work and then study the world of options and futures trading. Even the experts lose a ton of client's money in the process. They are professionals and do this for a living. My suggestion to you is, if you're that good at timing short term market directions of foreign currency, then you should be in the business as a full time employee of a brokerage. You shouldn't be reading a manual and watching DVDs of someone else doing it.​

​The entry price of $997 is really steep for anyone to enter who does not know what they're doing. You have a 60 day money back guarantee should you wish to take the chance.

screenshot ad of insiders club

If he is such a rich and successful trader, then why is he now selling products instead of trading his way to becoming a billionaire? Has he nothing better to do than show 14 videos, showing him live trading?

My guess is, just like all binary automated programs, there is more money to be made selling products to the unsuspecting than there is in actual trading.

Do not be lured into thinking that he is sharing you a secret out of the goodness of his heart because he's so tired of making money that he needs to share it with you.


They mention that there is a live chat available but they really mean setting up a Skype call if you get stuck. Hmmm, wonder how long that would take?

screenshot of 24/7 service and support

My Final Take

I didn't buy this product because I had no desire to spend $997 or in my case after the exchange rate was factored in would be $1,026.95 CDN. Even though it is said to come with a 60 day money back guarantee, I didn't want to have to pay and enter into a prolonged battle to get my money back.

I also hate the fact that Toshko Raychev was selling the same product last year only under a different name. That is the main reason I would stay away from this pure marketing and sales pitch.

Have you ever used The Ultimate Profit Solution? Have you any experience trading forex for money? If you have any questions, comments or feedback for me just drop them in the box below. Thanks for stopping by and reading my reviewed opinion of the Ultimate Profit Solution.

Verdict: Expensive, Be Cautious​

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  1. I see red flags all over this program. I’m not a fan of shady trading programs and I could have done something better for the price this program is charging. Is there anyone who actually made good money from this program?

  2. Garth Wright

    Great job exposing this product for what it is: a flat out scam. You are absolutely correct when you say that if it was legitimate, he could trade his way to becoming a billionaire instead of making money through shallow lessons on how to do it. It’s amazing that he managed to survive and thrive for so long by constantly renaming and relaunching the same product. Great article.

    • Peter

      Thanks Garth. I don’t know who keeps buying this fluffed up repackaged stuff but somebody must be. Thanks for stopping by:)

  3. David

    Thank you so much for your review on Ultimate Profit Solution, Also thanks for outlining the content about the DVD’s, sounds way too expensive for me. I will need to try something else instead – any specific suggestions?

  4. It is hard for me to admit it but I did get caught up in a program similar to this. It was an automated trading tool. Lost $300.00 USD in a matter of a few hours. So beware of automated trading bots.

  5. Ronnie Jordan

    I have been seeing these trading offers all over the place. In fact, I got curious and tried to check one out. My thought was why would I fork out all this money with them promising me they will show me how. I just think it is a quick way to get large sign ups and it won’t matter to them if you succeed or not. It is like one of those get rich fast type of things don’t you agree?

    • It doesn’t matter to them if your trades are successful or not. It will be because of you and not the system. Newbies will never acquire the expertise to pull this off.

  6. Hey Peter,
    I actually traded money for a little while probably lost just as much as I made. I followed the main rules and only traded 1% of my trading bank. Wait until a trend stabilizes before taking a position on it, I only traded on the 24 hr chart, don’t trade on the news. Where I lost my money was on the subscription fees, to the charting software I was using. There are alot of people in Forex at the moment trying to make money and sell dreams, what I found was that they are mainly making money thru trading courses and subscription packages. Nice article and thanks for digging out another parasitic forex company.

  7. I’ve never heard of this but I don’t think it is a very good program. Like you said, why does he have to change the name and relaunch it. If it is so successful, he should have kept the same name. If it’s not successful, he should have made a new program in my opinion.
    Thanks for the review.

    • Hi Kien, it’s a common tactic for affiliate marketers to do this. They repackage and relaunch old programs, turn up the hype machine, hoping to attract newbies who they didn’t get the first time around. There are thousands of new people a month searching for ways to make money online. They are just trying to fill that void

  8. Thanks for this review.

    At the start, it seems like a scam to me from your description. And it is quite expensive for many people.

    But I have to disagree with you for one thing you mentioned. You said, “If he is such a rich and successful trader, then why is he now selling products instead of trading his way to becoming a billionaire? Has he nothing better to do than show 14 videos, showing him live trading?”

    I think that selling these knowledge in the form of videos has nothing to do with whether he is successful or not.

    Just like Kyle and Carson, they are successful affiliate marketers but they still chose to build Wealthy Affiliate to teach others and help others. This maybe the same concept. Toshko can be very successful trader and he decided to create these videos to help people.

    Although you have some valid points and predictions, you do not really have a strong review on the content of his products itself because you didn’t try it out. The high price may not be a sign that it is a scam. It may be the case that it’s contents are great. There are expensive products out there that are very valuable as well.

    No offence, but to me, I feel this is a weak review.

    • Hi Jerry, thanks for your very insightful comment. WA is no comparison to UPS because UPS is a single use trading tool. WA is a complete building platform with live support. There is no live support with UPS. It’s a bot. Humans can’t even predict the short term swings in currency, commodities or stocks. Nobody can do this accurately for any length of time. Binary Option and FX trading bots are losing investments for most people. They will never make money. You need to go read some consumer complaints that are filed all over the internet on these programs. Why would I need to spend 1K on a product to see if I can make money trading with a bot? Do you believe in the tooth fairy?

      What reason do you give as to why these serial affiliate marketers release a product and then the very next year relaunch under a new name or just insert a 2.0 or 3.0 after the name?
      It’s called rinse and repeat to make commissions. Kyle and Carson provide value at a much cheaper entry point and subscription fee. They also do not raise fees when they update the training or post live webinars. UPS is a OTO for a one time product. It gets old real fast. Thanks for stopping by and giving your opinion.

  9. Thanks for making this review. It is better to know more about one thing before trying it. Having little knowledge is really dangerous. That is why we need to be very careful and observant always.

  10. Thanks for this article and review on the Ultimate Profit Solution. You’ve asked a few key questions that really had me thinking. I think your blog will help a lot of people. These people like Toshko Raychev are deceiving people for far too long with their outrageous claims and gimmicks. I mean to fork out nearly 1000 or 1300 (if you make two payments) is a lot of money. And most of the people who invest in these programs are usually in a desperate place in their lives. So this is a form of taking advantage of people.

    Thanks for helping many avoid being scammed.

  11. Bruno

    I don’t really understand why people are coming up with schemes pretending to be helping others. These guys are reaping from our ignorance and innocence. Show me which online program is exactly what it claims to be. I guess other than a few such as Wealthy Affiliate of which also, there is some sense of exaggeration.

    • I think it’s rather the expectation of people when they come online. They want everything to happen so fast with no work. The real life business world doesn’t work that way. It’s hard work and takes a lot of time. It’s only exaggerated in people’s minds. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  12. Interesting review. I am always sceptical about these products. It is a lot of money to hand over based upon someone’s claims.
    Thankfully people such as yourself write reviews that are non-biased and are useful.

  13. Simon Crowe in Asia

    Wow that’s a huge price tag, must be the most expensive DVDs I’ve ever seen!

    Why change the name? This is a big red herring for me, too many bad reviews perhaps? Nothing like the exact same product under a new name to give you a fresh start.

    I agree with you, trading forex stocks is a skill that requires a real education, to go into this and put your own money at risk without this is nothing short of gambling. I hope more people read this and have their eyes opened to these kind of scams.

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