What is 100K Factory Ultra Edition About?

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This is an all in one tool suite on how to build a yearly income of 100K using 4 websites that uses Facebook Ads and Amazon. Is it possible to do this? All you have to do is shell out $2,497 to find out.

I give it right out of the box 2/5 stars because of the high price of entry for most people who scour the internet trying to make a few extra bucks online.

What Is It?

This is a heavily promoted Clickbank product called the 'New Ultra' Edition of the 100K Factory. I must say right off the bat I would only recommend using anything off of Clickbank, if I used it myself. I don't use 100K factory so I don't recommend using it because in your situation I don't know if you will have success with it.

I do know this much, this is another one of these old programs that they just repackaged added 'Ultra Edition' after the name and are reselling it. The original 100K Factory was released in 2015. They boast of sales of over 5 million dollars.

The other reason I don't promote most Clickbank products is because every review you read comes from promoters only. They start their own website, become a 100K Factory affiliate and start doing nothing but flogging it to visitors to their site.

They have never used the product themselves, only interest they have is in the selling. Once you buy it they are gone.

The other reason I don't promote Clickbank stuff is the high price. This suite costs you $2,497 to purchase and comes with the promise of returning $247 a day back to you. Maybe it will, maybe it won't. I just find that the price is most unaffordable to most people looking for ways to make money from home and the only ones making money are the affiliates who share a mountain of positive reviews.

You have to ask yourself, if I'm looking for a way to make money online would I need to spend $2,497 to get my business started? I can tell you the answer is no and you can do it for a lot cheaper.

What's Inside?

All the training packages are preceeded with the moniker 100K, just  to constantly remind you that's what you stand to make in 90 days with this system. I'll spare all the 100K nonsense from the name. Here's what you'll get:

  • 14 weeks of live training
  • a command centre to track and monitor your website for best results
  • a converter kit to help get cutomers
  • step by step case studies for you to follow
  • technical support and coaches to assist you

All the training is broken down into 3 bite sized phases for you. Let's go through them and review what they are offering here:

Phase #1 - Quick Cash Flow Injection

You need to know how to easily and efficiently sell product inventory. The last thing you want to have is a warehouse ful of stockpiled items, so in this phase you are shown how to drop ship products from China.

It's all taken care of. Your products will be delivered right to your customer's door, drop shipped immediately. You will always run into glitches and delays with this sort of set up, have no fear you will be instructed on how to deal with that.

I never try and sell any product that I have no knowledge of and I would suggest you try and do the same. Before you promote a product from China order one for yourself and check it out. This is how you will gain credibility and trust from your customers. You will also be able to praise it's quality if you have experience using it.

Always order some for yourself to try if you want to be successful.​

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Phase #2 - Traffic and Income Automation

In this phase you will be shown pay per click methods. This is classic clickbank training and how they sell products to drive traffic to your website. You will not learn another SEO tactic other than PPC.

You will be paying for your traffic, it will not be generated organically or from within. You will pay for it through Google and Facebook Ads.

You will also be shown how to send your ads out so they go viral. Set aside some extra money for this type of paid advertising because they don't. They just provide the software and example copy sales letters.

How much will you need to spend? That is going to be different from person to person and how much time you want to spend working on this. Most of these types of programs that I've reviewed previously say at least $5 a day per ad should be set aside.

It can all sound so easy but a couple things jump out at me. You still need a strategy of your own when you have problems. Everyone is different and will be selling different products from different categories. This is not one size fits all like they make it sound. Just because the system is automated for you doesn't mean it works seamlessly from sell to seller. You will still have to be on your toes and get ready to get involved when the software doesn't perform as advertised.

Phase #3 - Strategic Expansion

In this last phase you are taught how to expand your business and create not just something small buy your very own internet empire. Really already? Probably why this costs $2,497 to get in the door.

100K Factory Logo in Black

If you follow their training you will be making 100K a year on your website with just 4 products. You will be taught how to take that profit to average at $274 a day. Some claim to be making this and others are expressing abject failure and extreme unhappiness with their results​

​You can do this in any niche you choose, you just have to make sure you choose popular products.


  • promise of 90 days of mentoring and support
  • 24/7 Q&A support via email/skype
  • private FB mastermind group
  • will review your website for optimization
  • 6 months free hosting
  • $200 in ad credits to start you off
  • squeeze page, landing page and ad templates provided
  • SEO traffic guide


  • extremely high priced product
  • extra ad costs
  • only PPC traffic tactic taught
  • outrageous money making claims ($247 per day)
  • sales pitches makes it sound so easy

If you want an online business it sometimes takes years to make it work and to get it to make money. The guys over at 100K Factory make it all sound so rosy and you can make 100K in 60 days. It's an expensive lesson if it doesn't work out as claimed.

There is a promise here of an iron clad guarantee. What does iron clad mean? They say they will refund up to $500 of your purchase price if you haven't made any sales. Not the whole thing but $500. You are disqualified if you've made 1 sale.

The shady part of the guarantee is, no refund if you don't make what we promised, which is $247 a day for 60 days. If you make less with our automatic and guaranteed system we are still good with that. Something is better than nothing and your guarantee is no longer effective because well, you made a little.​

To me this is a promotion and not a viable long term online business for you. If it was, it wouldn't have to be re-launched every year with a new name. This edition being known now as 'ULTRA'.

What's It Cost?

You have choices, 3 X payments of $997 or one time payment of $2,497.

That is just the cost for all your training. You will still be required to pay for all your Facebook Ads and Traffic. If you have never had any experience doing any of this then the learning curve is steep.

I tried to do paid advertising with FB ads on another site I owned and found the expenses just catastrophic. The ads didn't last long and promised to reach X amount of readers in that niche. I gained zero more followers after spending hundreds of dollars on this.

I would have been better off staying with just publishing written and video content.. If you are real good at this or have experience, then no worries you'll be able to master this part of the 100K program.

They recommend you set aside $25 a week for an ads budget. That works out to an additional $750 a month.

On top of that additional $750 in advertising you are going to need a host for your website, it's never free. Hosting costs money so does buying your domain name but we won't include that in the equation.

I have a site I host on Siteground. It's small, simple and a basic plan. I pay $8 a month. Added all up over the course of a year you're going to pay :

Hosting @ $8 a month X 12 = $96
FB ADS @ $25 per day X 30 days = $750
100K @ $2,497


Below you can look at another program that does all the same things as the 100K Factory Ultra Edition at a fraction of the cost.

My Final Opinion 

You do get some awesome training with this suite package, as you should when you have to squeeze out $2,497. That's life altering for you if it doesn't work out. You better apply yourself over the next 14 weeks after you buy it or you will be swimming in regret.

Sure there are a lot of tools they provide you with but I'm a lot more interested in what's not there because I've already lost my fair share of money to failed business attempts. I'm sure for newbies this is a real stop sign to enter, too costly. My opinion.

Name: 100K Factory Ultra Edition

Website: https://100kfactory.com

Price: $2,497 + hosting + FB ads + paid traffic

Owners: Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton

Verdict: Stay Away!

I currently use a scam free platform called Wealthy Affiliate that will give you the ability to build your own website like the one you are on now. It is completely transparent and free of all harassing upsells. You will receive one offer to upgrade to a premium package as a way to save and gain more access to the platform. You can start any business you want but you should choose something that excites you.

You do need to understand that this is work and not about waving a magic wand. You will not become an internet millionaire sensation overnight. There is real legitimate money to be made if you put in the time and apply all the training lessons into your business.

I've been a member of this amazing online community called Wealthy Affiliate since 2015 and I have no plans on leaving anytime soon. Just like me I'm sure you will flourish with the step by step training that is constantly being updated and the top shelf site support. If you have any further questions, comments or feedback just drop them in the box below. Thanks for stopping by and reading my review of the 100K Factory Ultra Edition.


 Hi there, my name is Peter, it's so great to meet you. I started this website back in 2015 to help educate and inform people on the many ways to make money online. There are so many scams out there that need to be revealed. I also explore ways on how we can turn our time into dollars working from home.

I hope you find some of the tips and suggestions that I've experienced helpful on your own online journey.

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  1. Phil

    Hi there,
    i have just looked at your article and I am so glad that I did. I have heard about this business in the past, so I was wondering about the ins and outs of same.
    You have done a great job here outlining the pitfalls of this so called ‘online business’, so well done for that.
    Some of these websites are so professionally built, that people are duped into believing that they will make them rich overnight.Not only that, but it will cost them a lot of money along the way, as well.The price of this product is very expensive and not a lot of training offered for that price.
    I am glad people like you do a lot of good investigations into these kind of promising business, that fail to deliver.
    Great job once again and best wishes,
    Cheers…..Phil Browne

  2. Neil

    Ouch, nearly $2.5K is a steep price to pay for the 100k Factory Ultra Edition! Internet marketing newbies just don’t have that kinda cash to burn, and in any case, most people are looking to get started for free any way.

    Hmm… a Clickbank product… Now why doesn’t that surprise me?! Every “make money online” info product I’ve purchased on Clickbank so far, I’ve returned for being total trash. So I guess there’s no hope for the $100K program lol.

    From reading about the ridiculous quick income claims and the fact that more money is required for Pay Per Click campaigns, it’s definitely one expensive scam, in my opinion.

    Although, there is some level of training provided, it will still take a fair few months (and possibly a few hundred dollars) to generate decent levels of profit from your PPC campaigns.

    I’ve done PPC myself, and it will either make or break a business. It’s a risky strategy because there are no income guarantees.

    Thanks for the review, but Wealthy Affiliate seems like the best option here.


  3. Michel

    This is definitely one of the most expensive products that I have seen a review online on. I can’t believe people buy into this sort of thing unless they have more money than they need, in which case they wouldn’t need this.

    I prefer to play it safe and start small, build up gradually and eventually profit from my own efforts. This 100K Factory just seems far too risky to me.

  4. Joshua Thomas

    Hey Peter, fantastic review. The value to be had from 100K Factory “Ultra” just doesn’t seem to match up with their promises. The initial cost sends the message that the product is elitist…which based on your feedback it really isn’t. Maybe they’re just pitched at a specific audience…one which can fork over US$2K in one sitting (wish I could do that). Certainly will be knocking this one off my list.

  5. Cathy

    I find programs like this 100k Factory, that only teach PPC stuff can be quite hype. I know targeted traffic is better, but do you know that 70% of people will click on organic results rather than ads when they land on the first page of Google?

    Given the percentage, it’s also good to learn how to rank organically. Once you have a good grasp of that, then moving on to PPC technique would be more worthwhile of your money.

  6. Marlaine

    Wow! I must say, so many red flags are popping up about 100K factory as I read your review that I’m amazed there are people who actually throw that kind of money at it! Seriously, $2500? AND THEN more for PPC? Right away, based on my own history with falling for scams, I think I’ll be absolutely and without problem passing on this one. Like you said, most people are just looking to make a few bucks at first to see if they CAN make money online! Drop shipping is more difficult than it sounds, and so is effective PPC. Whoever says otherwise is “trying to sell you something”. No surprise here, I guess!
    Great job on the review! Hope you save someone some serious buyers-regret and frustration here!

  7. Horatius

    100K Factory sounds like a very dubious product to me. The only people who could afford it without bearing particular financial risk are people who are already earning a lot of money and who would then also have less incentive to join anyway. As you said many clickbank products don’t have genuine reviews and this makes the information you find on internet about them very unreliable. Anyway thanks for sharing your opinions about it!

  8. Well, I get to say you had me in the first paragraph with the rating and costs involved! This is why so many people cannot make an honest living with a home business because of costs like these. If it isn’t the initial cost being so unaffordable it is the monthly fees. Sheesh! thank you so much for posting this. I had not heard of this before but have seen my fair share of the high-end stuff!! Excellent article.

  9. OK, so the choice appears to be between learning tips and tricks and methods and styles for FREE, or shelling out $2500 of your hard-earned. Hmmm. It seems a no-brainer. How many have $2500 hanging about that they can burn it like that? Better off on the roulette table!

    • This is not for the newbie on a budget that’s for sure. I’d rather buy shares in a big bank that pays a dividend than throw it away here. Thanks for stopping by Mike:)

  10. carlosdelzo

    Hi there Peter

    I’m glad you’re being honest sharing your review of the 100k Factory Ultra Edition. I’ve heard of this program before, but I never decided to give it a try because of that big investment. Fortunately, I found out about the Wealthy Affiliate program just at the right time!

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