1. Hi Peter

    Thanks for a fantastic review!

    There are so many programs like this as you say, probably thousands. Some of them work but you have to become orientated which can take a couple of weeks or months.
    In comparison to Wealthy Affiliate it seems lacking.

    I do not like the idea of hidden or unrevealed up-sells, as soon as I see this I RUN because I like supporting honest people not manipulative swindlers. Unfortunately a lot of individuals will get caught up emotionally before properly assessing the program they buy into, most end up quitting when they don’t get the expected results in a few days or weeks.

    Thanks again and all the best! 😉


    • Hi Kamil. Unfortunately a lot of people do get caught up in these programs and then they fizzle out. The problem is always is the selling and never in the helping. This is not sustainable long term. Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. I haven’t tried this product Peter, but from your review I’d say that I agree with your rating. For starters, I don’t take too kindly to constant upselling. To me anyone that keeps selling more and more to access more training probably doesn’t have much more training to provide. The fact that they support themselves with other affiliate programs again tells me they are just salesmen, and have not in fact created any unique program.
    I think I shall give this one a pass!

    • In fairness, all internet marketers sell. That is they’re primary job. It just depends on how much and how often they are selling to you, that is the problem. It is tiresome and in most cases unnecessary. Thanks for dropping by Giulia:)

  3. Great review Peter. While this looks like something interesting on its face, you have shown that it is probably not the best use of time and resources. And you’re right, I’ve looked into Wealthy Affiliate and it’s a much better program. Good work researching this.

  4. I have done a lot of research into work from home and online businesses. Almost all of them are scams. You make pennies and the site owners make millions!
    This type of page is a help for us out there that want to work from home.
    I agree Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to get started building a business online!

  5. Peter,

    I really like how you broke down this program. You certainly gave enough information to decide to move forward or not. It is not for me. I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go. I will always keep my eyes open to new programs and your site is helping me do that.


  6. Ronnie Jordan

    You dissected this product very nicely. I hate programs that have a lot of upsells involved. Especially if you have to bite the hook to continue on. No, this product wouldn’t work for me and I appreciate you putting it like it is for the next person.

  7. Garen

    Castaway does look legit, but I am glad you told it like it really is. I personally, hate upsells. Empower Network does this too, but to a larger degree. You start for $25 and then have constant upsells which really doesn’t pay for its self.

    But, I do hate programs that promise you the world. Once, you sign up with them you find that it really isn’t a good business decision. You have made this clear in your Castaway review.

    I too use Wealthy Affiliate because the training and hosting are great there. The community is great. Everyone helps each other.

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