What Is Home Wealth Remedy? Is It A Link Posting Scam?

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Name: Home Wealth Remedy

Website: http://homewealthremedy.net or .org

Price: $97.95 Downsell Price $77.95

Owner: A.B Anderson/Bree Johnson

Overall Rank:

Program Overview

I know you landed here because you've been searching for a legitimate work from home opportunity. Sorry to have to tell you, this is not one of them. You see of the thousands of online business opportunities that are launched every year only 1/60 is a real legit business that can help you eventually quit the 9-5 rat race. If you buy Home Wealth Remedy you'll still be a rat.

This program is about link posting. Say what? Link posting is an online tactic where by you share videos and then post affiliate links to products for sale under those videos. Home Wealth Remedy provides links to over 50.000 products and video tutorials showing you how.

How Does It Work?

The main premise is you post links to products on all your social media sites and those of others. When people click on those links you make money. You will be using some duplicated text swipes provided by your training with HWR.

This is a scam just like another similar program I reviewed called​:

Work at Home Education.

The program DOES NOT work and pay you just because someone clicks on a link you posted. They have to actually buy the product you are linking too. This is the part of link building that is scammy. You think all you have to do is run around the internet pasting links to company products and you'll be rich. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Who Is This For?

People who are desperate and looking for ways to work from home to make some extra money. They get sucked into the sales pitches of con artists like AB Anderson. You just simply follow 3 steps:

Step #1 - sign-up, log in and watch step by step videos of how to get started making money.

screenshot of product ads

Step #3 - ​Use your back office to deposit money

pic of how much money you can earn

Another example of the outrageous claims this program makes and the false advertising it engages in.


The only pro here is if you happen to be looking for affiliate links all ready done for you. Training videos also provided. Not enough to consider them an advantage or a pro to use, I just thought I would mention something they do provide for your money.


They are numerous so I'll only name a few;

  • using major networks as a sign of credibility
  • outrageous claims of $500 a day
  • promoters are fictional characters
  • has also been called Financial Independance Academy in the past
  • FIA is now a defunct website and has moved on to be called HWR
  • screenshoy of TV network support


The initial advertised price s $97.95 but on exit you will see this downsell pop up;

screenshot of HWR downsell price

Check out this Youtube video made by Bree Johnson. It is just under 3 minutes of complete fluff that does not show you anything concrete about online business. It is just a fantasy filled video trying to feed off of our inner human greed. This could apply to any online program and also asks dumb questions throughout. Don't fall for it, nothing here is true in your case.

This is a prime example of the ficticious character Bree Johnson posting a video with affiliate links to get you to buy HWR.


The internet is littered with complaints about false advertising and individuals disappointed with the product offering. Before you reach into your pocket be sure to do your research before climbing into bed with what might be a misleading scam.

  • testimonials and pictures are all fake
  • skills list is unnecessary filler fluff
  • paypal screenshots is NOT proof of actual earnings
  • sales pitch videos are annoying
screenshot of written complaint

My Final Take

picture of the word scam in red

There is nothing here that is easy when it comes to making money online. These are scammers who use fake news stories, paid actors and false advertising to relieve you of your money. Numerous online complaints is also a turn off.

Verdict: STAY AWAY! 

If you would like to pursue down a path of starting your own online business that isn't going to cost you a massive loan payment but instead comes with a FREE trial, then choose to join Wealthy Affiliate.

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  1. Phil

    Hi there,
    Many thanks for posting this review about another so called legimitate work from home business. There are so many of these around at the moment and sadly there is no regulation or guidelines to oversee these.
    Unfortunately a lot of people fork out their hard earned money in the hope of joining something worth while, that they think will give them a chance to earn from home.
    Thanks for doing the honours once again and alerting people about this one
    Best wishes and keep up the good work
    Cheers.Phil Browne

    • Peter

      Thanks for the kind words Phil. It is buyer beware with HWR. They don’t provide much value that’s for sure.

  2. Karin

    It sounds like that program is another of one of those “click-bait” kind of things. Whoever creates these programs make it look so real and them you find out it’s just another pyramid scheme. When I come across things like that, I google search and read reviews before I get involved in any way.

  3. Craig

    I’m so glad I found this review before wasting my money on that nonsense. People who like to take advantage of the most vulnerable people on the internet for their own financial gain are the lowest of the low.

    If they actually helped you learn a skill or make some money it wouldn’t be so bad but to promise you the world and deliver nothing is terrible.

  4. fernglow

    Wow a really detailed and clear review of this. I especially like your style of writing because you have listed the pros and cons and summarise the whole HWR very neatly too. I have come across many scams online and I will definitely keep this one into consideration.

    Did you do a review of inbox blueprint because I have seen that before but not sure if it is worth to invest in almost a 1000 dollars. Thanks!

    Best Regards,

    • Peter

      No I haven’t Kai but I will put it on my list of online programs to investigate. Thanks for the heads up. There are hundreds if not thousands of these programs floating around out there.

  5. Magus

    It took me a while to read it through but very informative and it’s made clear that Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not a scam. Besides, it’s completely free forever unless one wants to access the premium goods – which by the way are well worth it.

    I would choose Wealthy Affiliate on any day. It’s clean, honest, highly supported by community and real people, and if one wants to go with online/affiliate marketing then that is where one should start.

    I did! Thank you!


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