1. Hi Peter, I made up my mind to join Internet Income Academy before because the price is fair compare to other program out there. But I am not sure about their up sells. If it is too many up sells in my opinion it is close to scam because most scammers use the up sale to make money from their victims. Btw, your article is a great one.

    I will come back for more information.

    • Thanks Maun, I agree with all of that and besides upsells it’s the lack of community participation that is quite bothersome. Thanks for dropping by:)

  2. Hi there I thought Internet income Academy is a scam, looks like it’s not.

    Is there any alternative? Please help I’m stuck and I want to start a website the right way.

    Any suggestions or tips are much appreciated

  3. Hi – came across your page after searching for reviews on the Internet Income Academy. Looks like it might be a good kicking off point for newbies but I’m not sure if it’s got what I need. Especially as you say the community is a bit quiet – from previous experience this peer support is so important. Thanks for the information – you might have saved me some wasted time and energy.

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