1. This is an outstanding review of an MLM company. Although not all MLM is an outright ‘scam’ I do feel that there are a thousand reasons not to do MLM at all. Those reasons include online business. It is so easy to create a website and start. It beats trying to start out a hard facility business and being so limited by your immediate community. I checked out Wealthy Affiliate and this program checks out to be true in that there is really only one price, professional upgrade or whatever they call it. The price is pretty cheap compared to site hosting platforms like GoDaddy and Wix, especially with the SEO and WordPress themes offered in the same price. One price, it is low, no up-sales or spam. Oh and I just found out you can bring over a domain you already own. I will be switching from GoDaddy today. Again thanks for this enlightening review. It really opened my eyes to MOBE and it is definitely NOT for me.

    Best wishes,

    • I call them scams because they are never up front about the upsells and inform you that they want you to sell the business ideas first and products second. Thanks for dropping by Mike.

  2. Wow Wow Wow! I cannot believe that such a program exists. This program has greed and scam written all over it. I feel bad for those people who may waste their money on this scamming money pit program. Reading through the upsells, misleading claims, etc gave me a headache. It makes me wonder how a company could operate this way and how could someone be willing to dupe people into losing money. I am very thankful to have read your review on MOBE. I will definitely steer from it.

    Thank you

  3. Thanks for writing a clear article about a bad company to learn from. Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a great company! I’ll give it a shot I want to grow my online business.

  4. Wow! Zero out of 5 stars! Lol, a scathing review, I love it. $30k?? That audacity, that’s nuts. Thanks for your brutally honest reviews Peter, you’ll definitely help a lot of people from making a costly poor decision. Thanks again Peter!

    • Thanks Helder, well that’s what you get with these MLMs. The selling never stops and as a buyer you are buying the hype. You have to because that’s the only way you make your money back, if you can at all. Thanks for dropping by.

  5. Hey Peter, great article, I tried Empower Network in 2014 and I must say that I totally failed. I didnt know what to do and was lost paying a lot of money every month. Mobe is the same kind of program, where you just need to have a lot of knowledge and to be a Guru of selling.
    With WA it is totally different, it’s the perfect place to start and learn. Have an awesome day.


    • Thanks for sharing that David. If you like selling and recruiting then these are the types of programs you’ll like. The problem is most people only find out after they pay to get in the door. WA is the place to get started if you want a business that excites you and is totally yours forever. You have an awesome day too.

  6. Andrei

    Hi Peter!

    MOBE really sounds like the type of program where you’ll have to struggle to earn your money back. I bet that only about 25% of the people who paid for their membership gained their money back. Thank you for recommending Wealthy Affiliate. I will take a look into them!

  7. Wow! The cons are a deal breaker. This reminds be of the “Get paid to stuff envelopes” scam. The offer was you got paid a certain amount (maybe $3) for each envelope stuffed and you had to pay to join the program. The scam was the program WAS sending letters to other people to get them to join the program and you got a commission (the $3) when a person joined.

  8. Well I for one will be giving this a miss. I know that in this day and age you have to spend money to make money, but the upsells with this is just ridiculous. Who in their right mind would spend up to $30k. Unless you’re well into money then this is just a con.

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