What is The Chris Farrell Membership? Is It A Scam or Not?

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Name: Chris Farrell Membership

Website: http://chrisfarrellmembership.com/

Price: $4.95 first 7 days. $37/mth.  Option to pay yearly $297

Owner: Chris Farrell

Overall Rank:

Program Overview

If you are looking for a legitimate work from home opportunity this is one of the more reliable and instructive courses out there. Chris Farrell is originally from London but now lives in LA with his wife. He is a rather enjoyable guy to listen to, even though his auto start video sales pages can be tedious to endure.

This is a 21 day online business learning program that will take you through all the basic steps you need to succeed in online business. You can trust Chris, he is passionate about what he has to offer and he doesn't make outrageous claims. He vows that you can cancel at anytime if you're not satisfied and he fully stands behind his product.

Who is This For?

Especially suited to newbies. Also anyone who is already in business and needs help getting traffic and making money from their current website.

How Does It Work?

What Does It Cost?

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  • low entry price
  • pre built templates make building websites super easy
  • daily lessons, blueprints and manuals provided
  • support is good but not great
  • owner can be trusted and stands behind his program


  • how long the learning takes is not laid out directly to you
  • extra costs not divulged up front
  • NO free trial
  • community help and owner support is spotty at best

Who Benefits The Most?

This program is sold as a way for complete beginners to build a money producing website following a proven step by step method. It all sounds so good and enticing buy it's not as simple as it sounds. No program is.

​Chris really focuses on building your website and trying to meet your hosting needs. He charges you extra for that, your domain name will cost another $15. He also realizes that your business needs a website and you absolutely do, so that is primarily the tools that are targeted for you to get going. Tools also include setting up an autoresponder.

What Do You Get For The Money?

There are videos, lots of videos on various topics. You will learn about things like;

  • how to create your own ebook
  • how to gain wealth using wordpress
  • how to write blog posts
  • how to create products
  • how to monetize your website

There is a discussion forum you can access to ask questions if you get stuck. Included with the videos, Chris provides blueprints you can follow that will guide to through the whole process. Basically they are a 'what to do when kind of guides'.


Most of the user complaints I could find usually centred around, it's hard to cancel and expensive upsell of his 'Mentor Me' program. I was really surprided to read and hear about all the complaints of cancelling especially when he makes a really big deal of this during his sales video.

I do despise the fact that he has a very expensive one on one coaching upsell built into his program. It is very typical of affiliate marketing gurus to get you inside and then try and sell you a high priced product. Almost all use this tactic. We're going from $4.95 to $997 = WOW!

from user of chris farrell membership


Support is provided via an online discussion forum. It might take days for your question to get answered by someone who knows what they are doing. The forum is mostly populated by newbies who are stuck. Chris also provides a phone number you can call at anytime. There are still numerous complaints about lack of support and lack of community involvement.

​Although Chris comes across as a very nice person he very rarely stops by to answer questions or to hold live webinars for his paying customers. He does like to boast that his program is the #1 Online Income Service for 2017. That remains to be seen as we're only 3 months in.

Are There Upsells?

This is not unusual, in fact it is rather typical to include a high priced upsell embedded in your program. This is the disappointing part for me. You get in at a nice cheap price only to be hit with an expensive upsell. Chris' upsell is called 'Mentor Me' at $997.

It really is too bad that this information is not provided to you as a membership option. Chris has chosen to allow this only through the back door.. This is really getting quite tiring in the online business​ building industry. All he has to do is list it right along side his other membership options and we're good to go. Nothing hidden and everything up front would have been much nicer to see. There are also numerous online complaints about this upsell.

My Final Take

If you are a newbie to the online world of affiliate marketing then you will really like this program. If you are more experienced, I doubt that Chris can teach you anything new. There is never any online webinars with up to dat information on what is trending in the industry.

What is there are very simple and easy to follow instructions on how to start an online business. When you compare it to all the other crap and 'get rich quick schemes' out in the marketplace this is one of the better ones out there. Chris doesn't make any outrageous claims and in fact is very upfront that you have to work hard at this to build a successful online business.

If you would like to check out another program, I wrote this review on what I consider the best bang for your buck in the industry.

Best Online Deal for 2017!

Have you ever been a member of The Chris Farrell Membership? I would love to hear about your experience or any experience with an online business company. If you have any questions, comments or feedback for me just drop them in the box below. Thanks for stopping by and reading my review of the Chris Farrell Membership.

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  1. Hi, Pete
    Thank you for writing this great review! Like you, I don’t care for gimmicky upsells and this is definitely one of those programs it seems like. The Chris Farrell membership doesn’t compare to Wealthy Affiliate at all in my opinion.

    With Chris Farrell, you are just learning his materials. With WA you are learning and you get a website and free web hosting! That alone screams no-brainer.

    Like your article reads from $4.95 to $997 WOW!

    Thanks for keeping up in the loop and away from bad deals like the Chris Farrell Membership.


    • There just aren’t that many credible programs out there to learn about online business. Chris has one of the good ones but definitely not the best in my opinion. It is very newbie friendly but just like Mark Ling’s products the support is not there.

  2. Jeremy

    Thanks for the review on becoming a member with Chris Farrell. From what it sounds like to me, the money and time is not worth the investment. I’m sure there a few good informational aspects he provides, but that big upsell is kind of a turn off for me. While it’s important to keep educating yourself in regards to online business, you definitely need to make sure it’s a good deal in order to get the most information and learning from the product.

    • Peter

      You have to research how old the training is and who is providing it. I know that’s not always possible but that’s when you cut your losses and run.

  3. roamy

    Hello Peter
    thanks for your review of Chris Farrel membership, this was the first program I joined when I first got started online some years back.
    Back then it was just $1 for the trial, although a great program, it`s more suited to online beginners than people who have been around.
    As you mentioned, support at Chris Farrell membership program is lacking and in online world when you get stuck, you need help here and now.
    Having said that, any program with upsell is always a turn off for most people and Chris Farrell has enough of them, $ 840 is some serious money to most people getting started.
    Very informative and to the point,thanks so much for sharing, as great a program as CF membership is, there are sure better programs out there offering members better learning tools.

  4. stefan

    Hi Peter

    I like your page, very detailed and informative. I wouldn’t give that program fife stars though, very generous of you. I work with WA now too and my website was up and running, before I spent one dollar, in fact after two weeks and I was a beginner.

    I look forward to check more of your reviews.

    I wish you all the best Stefan

  5. Minhaj

    Hi Peter

    Interesting review, I actually enjoy Chris Farrells products, he along with WA and a few others seem like the only ones who provide proper educational material that helps you succeed. Plus he doesn’t sell you a dream of easy money like many on the internet do. Although I do agree with you on the upsells, unfortunately, that has become part of the industry as a whole. Personally, i don’t mind upsells but if they are ridiculously priced I won’t go anywhere near them.

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