1. Hi Peter,

    Another great review! I didn’t know people were still trying to make money flipping domains, I thought that was a thing of a few decades ago. Very interesting. Good, honest review. I don’t see myself ever using that particular product, but I like how you broke down it’s value proposition.

  2. Well, when they say if something is too good to be true, then it is. Domainer Elite is sounds like one of those biz opps that convinces people to spend money without getting anything (useful) in return.
    People interested in learning ways to earn money online should check out Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thank for this review Peter.

  3. Hi Peter really great review and balanced opinion too. I had heard of people doing this but hadn’t heard too much about it. I still come across domains that I have wanted and come across someone sitting on the domain wanting to sell it. It did frustrate me at the time. Kind of like holding hostage lol. Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks Graham. Flipping domains has become a full time job for those nimble enough and can buy them cheap for $9 like the sales pitch. The average person who is searching online to make money will have a hard time being successful at it.

    • I agree Norm it would be very difficult. You are going to be competing with a lot of professionals who do nothing but flip domains on a daily basis.

  4. Great review! I have to say that domain flipping is pretty interesting to me but you would have to think that it would be pretty tough to do in this day and age trying to find good domain that arent already taken. But at the same time, if you were able to find them you would think that you could make some pretty decent money. As far as the program itself, I hate programs that try to upsell after you buy into it. I would think that using a simple tool like Jaaxy would accomplish the same thing.

    • Hi Nate, yes but Jaaxy would never tell you if the domain is available for sale. You then need a way to sell it. Jaaxy while awesome won’t give you those details. It’s a keyword research tool. Domainer Elite will just be difficult for newbies. I think experienced marketers have a lot to gain with it. Thanks for dropping by:)

  5. Hi! Peter, This is very interesting. I have never thought of buying my own name. There are some people who are good at flipping domains and they make good money. They also want to control the market.
    The program not only has upsells, but a high product refund rate. This means that there are dissatisfied people out there.
    Thanks for this review, I think I will buy my name, the last time I checked it was still available. You will agree with me that WA is the real deal. Hope your readers will check it out.

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