What is The Empower Network and David Wood About?

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Program Overview

This is a blogging platform that they have created for you on their network. You don't own that blog, they do. The real money is made referring others to sign up for Empower Network. Sound like a familiar business model? It is.

Read my in depth review of MOBE (My Online Business Education). It's the same thing only a lighter version with not as many products. This is first and foremost another MLM.

Name: Empower Network

Website: https://empowernetwork.com

Price: $25 entry + $19.95/mth + $100 + $500 +$1000 +$3500 monthly upsells

Owners: David Wood & David Sharpe

Is Empower Network a Scam?

It's not a scam but they do deceive you with all kinds of nonsensical blather on their videos. Non stop uttering garbage from the owners about how you can get rich with this system.

The only people making money here are the lucky few who got in like 4 years ago and sit at the top of the pyramid. All MLMs have very limited lifespans as the word gets out and the product sales dry up.​

How Do I Make Money with Empower Network?

The money is made based on commissions but you don't make 100% of those said commissions. In order to also make the big premiums you need to purchase all the high priced packages, which you then in turn try and sell to the other sheep caught in the forest of confusion. Here's what they have to buy and sell:

  • Blogging Platform - $25 a month was called Blog Beast now called KALATU
  • Inner Circle - $100 per month - allows full access to the owners by audio only
  • Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive - OTO $500. This is a 3 day retreat that you have to pay all expenses to get to.
  • The 15K Formula -  OTO $995. How to Market Online
  • Master's Retreat - OTO $3,500. 40 individual training videos with workbook

Keep in mind you don't make money selling a product unless you own that product. If you bought the blogging platform for $25 a month then you will only earn money by selling that product. If someone buys a higher priced product that you have sponsored into the network, you DO NOT make any money from that sale.

It is beyond farcical to think that you have to pay anybody the privilege to sell their products for them. To me this is what makes MLMs such a ludicrous business to get involved in. They also give any honest person out there trying to make money online a bad rap. Internet marketers like me should not be coloured with the same bad brush​. Here is a snapshot of what some people made here last month:

screenshot of a January earnings report


I can't say anything positive here other than the low price of entry and even that is not that low when you add it up for one year @ $25 entry + $25/mth = $325 for one year. That's for the benefit of being allowed to sell EN and it's products to others. Crushing for some.


They are numerous:

  • pay to play right away, NO free trial
  • too many upsells
  • numerous customer complaints
  • annoying sponsor calls for you to buy more
  • you just get a blog for your money when you can get those for FREE
  • EN owns your blog not you, they provide a template
  • hidden costs, like autoresponders, domain purchase, advertising and hosting
  • banned from promoting on social network sites like Facebook

Online Profit Making Tip!

You don't need to bug your family and friends and worry about who is going to buy your products and services. Forget about words like MLM, Pyramids and 'Get Rich Quick' schemes. Let's just stop all the confusion and admit that none of that works and nearly all of what you hear and read online is bullshit. Learn how to build a real business online....

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It doesn't exist in most cases and you want to be very careful when cancelling your account or they will continue to charge your credit card or withdraw money from your bank account. You will only get a refund 14 days after the date of purchase. You will never have contact with the owners unless you pay for the privilege mentioned in the Master's Retreat upsell for $3,500. 

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What You Need to Remember Before Signing up With Empower Network

This is not going to work for you if you are a shy person. You need to talk to people in order to sell to them. If you don't like to sell to people this is going to be an awful experience.

You yourself will be subjected to constant bothersome phone calls from obnoxious people wanting to sell you more EN products. It's almost like joining some secret pyramid power society because nobody will tell you how it really works. Even when you listen to the tapes from the owners, it's all just jargon they spew forth that makes no sense to your online business.

Your success if you have any will be slow. Right now where do you think you would be on the pyramid? With most of the other 99% still in the program wallowing at the bottom.​

The big promotion push on over at Empower Network now is Kalatu. They claim it's revolutionary. There is nothing revolutionary about a blogging platform. Don't fall for it, it's just another MLM sales pitch.​

My Final Opinion of Empower Network

There are numerous complaints filed on the Rip Off Report of bad representation, no refunds and money pinched from bank accounts after cancelling an account. Customer support is also rude and slow. Not a company you want to be involved with long term.

I always like to suggest to budding entrepreneurs that they find something that doesn't require a huge investment of money. Most don't have a lot of money to get started so that's why finding a Free Trial is the ultimate treasure.


Name: Empower Network

Website: https://empowernetwork.com

Price: $25 per month + upsells + mlm product buy ins

Owners: David Wood & David Sharpe

Overall Rank:

If you have every been a member of Empower Network? I would love to hear about your experience. If you have any further comments, questions or feedback just drop them in the box below. Thanks for reading my review of Empower Network.

I currently use a NO bullshit platform called Wealthy Affiliate that will give you the ability to build your own website like the one you are on now. It is completely transparent and free of all harassing upsells. You will receive one offer to upgrade to a premium package as a way to save and gain more access to the platform. You can start any business you want but you should choose something that excites you. Something that will make you leap out of bed in the morning. You pay nothing to get started and then slowly watch your business and income explode upward. This is the most inexpensive way to get started building a legitimate business online that I've found. More on opening your account can be found below.


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I hope you find some of the tips and suggestions that I've experienced helpful on your own online journey.

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  1. Ryan

    Lol, the audacity of charging people to promote and sell your own products. It’s a lot of work and a lot of your own money with very little incentive attached.
    The problem is how vast and open the online world is, wouldn’t you agree? MLM companies will run a scam until the profit runs dry or too many people become aware and then just pop up somewhere new.

    • Peter

      I definitely agree with that Ryan. MLMs are a terrible waste of time and money unless your the first one in. Thanks for dropping by:)

  2. Wendy Fitzgibbon

    Thank you for the education. I came across another review of other sites and was steered in the direction of WA. I love it and enjoyed the community. There is a lot of help and everyone is very friendly. I would definitely recommend WA to anyone wanting to get started.

  3. Wendy

    I think you have great information here. I am just sad that I did not get it sooner. I am working with another company as well and they are very slow going. I believe I will make money once I get through the program and training but it is slow going. I have only been with WA about 6 weeks and already have more to show for the time I put in. Thanks.

    • Peter

      That really is too bad Wendy. The main thing is not to lament the past for too long and just embrace the future. I truly believe you are in a better place now. Thanks for dropping by:)

  4. Nick

    Wow, the Empower Network sounds really, really bad! I can’t believe that you can only make money selling a product that you’ve bought yourself. Especially when it costs so much!

    To me that just seems like a total scam. I mean, the people who are signing up probably don’t have a lot of money to spend since they are there trying to make money. And no free trial is totally lame. Are they afraid people won’t buy in once they see what it’s all about?

    Anyway, I’m glad that you looked into it and told us the truth about it. I’ll be staying clear for sure. Thanks!

    • Peter

      Hi Nick, yes that’s why the low cost of entry is so attractive for people. They pay to get in the door and find out much later just how it is to make money. It’s usually in the upsell and high membership fees. It really is sickening to think you have to buy just to promote. This is the true scam. My opinion. Thanks for stopping by:)

  5. Bob

    I’m glad that I came across this. I tried to convince my friend a while ago that Wealthy Affiliate is where he should go to start an online business. He insisted that the Empower Network would be better because it came at a low price. I think he already may have signed up but this is perfect evidence to support my argument lol

    • Peter

      Well you tried to save him Bob. He didn’t listen to you and that’s too bad. Keep checking on his progress it would be interesting to get his opinion in a few months time. Thanks for stopping by:)

  6. Eartha

    Like many people, I have come across the Empower Network before. Over the years I have become much better at spotting scams and I got that impression with EN. I had no idea just how bad it really is until reading your review. The price of the OTO’s are ridiculous. I’m not a big fan of MLMs. This company seems to be one to stay far away from. Thank you for this review! I think a lot of people will benefit from it.

  7. Jagi

    As soon as I read the word MLM it just makes me wary. Empower Network sounds like they have somewhat of a philosophy but when it comes down to it and selling anything under an umbrella type of organization, where all the upper people are making the money. I just can’t justify myself joining such a place.

    • Peter

      Hi Jagi,
      You have to be in early but how would you know. It’s impossible. These pyramids are a total waste of time for people looking to build a sustainable long term legitimate income online. Thanks for dropping by:)

  8. Sigrit

    It reminds me of a bussiness I was a part of a few years ago that basically worked the same way but it wasn’t on internet. It made me feel depressed, when I thought about how I should sell the products by making annoying calls and sending emails that I myself wouldn’t want to open.
    I certainly don’t like that kind of bussiness and the payment to start seems just absurd. I hope the people who are holding up the 1% realise that soon and find a better and happier way to earn money online.

    • Peter

      It is really hard to sell if you’re a shy person. That’s why MLM gets sold to a lot of newbies looking for quick dollars. They have no idea what to do once they buy in. Once you find out you have to bug family and friends it’s awkward.

  9. I was a part of Empower Network years ago, actually when they first came out and your blog or some things were 100% commissions. But like you say, you have to listen to a bunch of rubbish and the upsells are just ridiculous. Fancy having to pay $100 to listen to the leaders…. so wrong. So glad I got out of it. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go and at the end of the day, your efforts will be rewarded, it is really as simple as that! Great article!

  10. Sharon Whyte

    I was a part of Empower Network years ago, actually when they first came out and your blog or some things were 100% commissions. But like you say, you have to listen to a bunch of rubbish and the upsells are just ridiculous. Fancy having to pay $100 to listen to the leaders…. so wrong. So glad I got out of it. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go and at the end of the day, your efforts will be rewarded, it is really as simple as that! Great article!

    • Peter

      Hi Sharon, it seems we all need to do it wrong before we get it right. I’m happy you found a real legitimate business to work on.

  11. Hi Peter,

    Seems like this is another program that doesn’t do much except for ripping off your dollars from your wallet. I don’t think it’s wise to spend so much without any guarantee of getting results. Businesses are built step by step. When we are certain that a particular method works, then we spend more time and money to it. Empower Network is definitely a no-no for me.


  12. It looks like this is another way for people to waste time and money for something it is not worthy at all, i never been enrolled to this program or any other similar but i have seen it in ads through the internet , perhaps i have been tempted to do it but i usually make some research if the program is legit or if at least you end up having something in return, thanks for the review and for giving us a clearer view about this fake programs. Greetings.

  13. roamy

    Hello Peter

    Thanks for your review on Empower Network and the complete detail you went to.

    Some people might find 1 star out of five might be harsh, but reading your review, I feel they deserve just half a star.

    The $25 to get started might look cheap and tempt some people to give it a try, but i feel that of 1000 people who join empower network, if they are new to online marketing, they will not make any money at all.

    Another thing that turn people off from Empower Network is their upsells.Another no-no to anyone getting started in online marketing is MLM, unless you can teach your downlines how to promote, you end up not making any money.Only guys high up in MLMs make money.

    Really enjoyed your review on Empower Network,very informative and all points covered,thanks for sharing.

  14. greg smyth

    Hi Peter,
    This is just another MLM company, as you say. Any affiliate program that requires you to buy a product(an expensive product)to earn the right to a commission is a joke. Other affiliate programs from Walmart, Amazon, Wealthy Affiliate, Bluehost, Shopify, Aweber you can join for free. So why pay money, and a blog can be set up for free.
    Thanks for enlightening me on another MLM scam.

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