What is The Internet Funnel System About?

woman with arms raised asking $1000 a day?

Program Overview

Name: Internet Funnel System

Website: https://internetfunnelsystem.com

Owners: Matt Lloyd

Price: $49 + $19.95 per month + upsells

At it's very core this is a MOBE (My Online Business Education) sales funnel product.

That means it falls under the umbrella of Matt Lloyd. All of his products just funnel back to his main platform which is MOBE. If you have no inkling about what MOBE is or need a refresher, then I urge you to read my in depth review of MOBE here.

To keep the herd satisfied, it always calls out for new products and offerings to sell to newbies. They use it as a hook to get you back in to MOBE and in this case IFS.

This new product doesn't offer much as far as change goes, it's just a mini version of MOBE but with the huge cost in upsells. This is the main complaint, costs are mind blowing with his products and once you buy into MOBE or IFS you are going to soon realize that you've seen this movie before. You will see:

  1. The same upsells at the same prices as MOBE.
  2. ​The 21 Step System is the same
  3. ​The same price to join
  4. No changes, so you'll feel right at home, or not

Who is This For?

It's for people who love recruiting and selling people MLM products. You are really going to love this program if you love trying to talk people into buying into a business idea at astronomical prices. You want to have a certain level of comfort operating inside a MLM scheme or this type of business idea will eventually give you chest pain. The main purpose of IFS is selling the higher ticket items in the stable of MOBE products. The more you sell the more the commission you earn.

It is also for people who want to upgrade their package and earn anywhere from 50%-90% premiums ​selling business ideas that are packaged up with fancy terminology. If you have substantial financial means at your disposal and are able to afford the outrageous prices so you can extract more money via a commission, then this is the sales funnel program and products for you to sell.

Once I Join What Will I Be Doing?

In just one word 'recruiting'. That is what you'll mainly be doing and that's what all MLM schemes do and encourage you to do if you want to make money. This is the lifeblood of this whole bullshit pyramid scheme operation. The first people you'll be trying to recruit are your family members and then your friends. They are going to hate you and avoid you like the plague because you won't be able to stop selling to them because your too busy focused on trying to make your money back.

Does that sound like a fun enjoyable way to spend your life?​ Is this what you really dreamed your online business would become?

Whether you did or didn't this is what you have become. A MLM promoter and seller of high priced MOBE business products. It's just disguised under the name of Internet Sales Funnel. You don't have a business of your own and after a while you are going to get tired and worn out from trying to upsell people into this MLM scheme. It eventually happens to everyone. The internet is full of MLM orphans.

What Should My Earnings Expectations Be With the IFS?

Just like the MOBE system mother ship it all depends. It depends on what upsell program you bought. You can make a wide variety of commisssions based on what you bought in at. Are you all in? Then you can earn upwards of 50% and even as much as 90% for the high end monster priced programs.

The main deception with all these sales pitches is they never tell you what you need to buy to make the big bucks. They just concentrate on getting you in the door with claims of earning premiums of anywhere between $1,250 - $15,000 per sale. They really love to turn up the volume on the hype machine.

The main takeaway here is most newbies signing up want to make their money back soonest. This is why they push you towards the higher priced stuff in the stable. They tempt you right away so you'll upgrade to earn your entry fee back. It's a tactic they use over and over again but one you won't hear them pitch on those annoying non stop industrial sales videos.

Online Profit Making Tip!

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Lots of Upsells With The Internet Funnel System - Hang on to Your Wallet! 

It's absolutely mind boggling to me just how extensive their library of products for sale is. It is really far ranging and just chock full of fancy names and terminology to deceive into thinking that this is what you need to be successful. All MLMs display this shameful behaviour.

They have tried to make it real easy for you to shop and decide. You can choose to buy a monthly one time offer product or you can choose one that you pay for every month while you are a member.

Please put something on that will protect your chin right now. When you see these prices and your jaw drops and bounces off the keyboard, you'll know why I warned you.

They must also be in the mortgage business, because most people I hang with would have to take out a second mortgage on their house to afford this stuff. Once inside the member's area this is the wide array of product choices that will be splayed across the screen for you:

OTOs (One Time Offers)

  • Titanium Mastermind - $8997
  • ​Diamond Coaching - $4997
  • ​10,000 Leads - $1997
  • ​Online Income Revolution - $997
  • ​3 Month Challenge - $997
  • ​6 Figure Coaching - $997
  • ​Nitrous - $997
  • ​Affiliate Domination - $291
  • ​Funded Proposal - $194
  • ​Opt In Formula - $194
  • ​My Email Marketing Empire - $194

Monthly Programs

  • MTTB - $1997 membership + $49/mth  
  • ​Private Inner Circle - $97/mth
  • ​Elite Earners Club - $97/mth
  • Done For You Emails - $97/mth

Is this expensive? Well, if you add up everything and you went all in and sold one of your kidneys it would cost you north of $25,000.

Remember again, I can't stress this enough if you want to earn the big money you have to spend the big money. Earning those high percentage premiums is what the push is always about. There is NO affiliate program that I know of that charges people to sell their products. That is exactly who and what your climbing into bed with when you sign up to MOBE or it's satellite sister IFS. You have to pay to buy the product you're helping them to sell so they can then turn around and offer you a commission. You see how ridiculous that sounds.

This is a MLM company. Know what and who you're buying from before you make a commitment.

My Final Opinion and Recommendation

As it's name states this is a funnel system. Matt Lloyd has designed it to FUNNEL people into his mother ship program MOBE. There is no disguising or hiding this fact.

My main objection to these types of MLM programs is the high cost of entry to earn the high commission. It's just off the charts what you have to spend (and many do) to make any significant money. In my opinion that trade off is just not worth it.

You will be far too stressed out if you spent almost a thousand dollars and then immediately be forced to get someone else to spend the same amount so you can make your money back.

I know I've done this before. I spent $5,000 for a bunch of water filters and then had to try and go out and convince people they should do the same.

Most of my friends looked at me like I had 2 heads. You want me to spend how much? On what? Needles to say, I was stressed all the time and never made my money back. That is always the number one goal after purchase, make your money back.

That doesn't sound like a lasting or profiatble long term business, which is what I wanted after I bought those water filters. Little did I know that I wasn't in the water filter business, I was in the business of selling people a water filter business.

What happens to them all, without exception is people STOP buying. When there is nobody left to buy your product the business dies. That's why you see MLMs surviving but what they sell changes. It's because they don't care what the product is. The product is just a vehicle to sell the idea of selling a business that sells products. That is MLM and that's what this is.

Any product can be funneled into a MLM program and sold to people. That's why IFS exists in it's present form but won't be a business that lasts. They might just add 2.0 or 3.0 after the name and release a new version and then start up a new video sales page.

I would never recommend MOBE or IFS because I would feel responsible for you losing thousands of dollars and being sold down the river with nothing but a message of false hope.

Name: Internet Funnel System (IFS)
Owner: Matt Lloyd

picture of the word scam in red

If you took the time earlier to read through how I got started online, then you know I think that Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 place to go. You can start your very own website for ZERO DOLLARS and be up and running in minutes. It's that easy and no recruiting and spending enormous wads of cash on products and people you don't understand or know. Give Wealthy Affiliate a try I think you will enjoy the community and the experience. Now, that is something I can recommend to anyone!

Have you ever been a member of IFS? I would love to hear about your experience or any experience with a MLM company. If you have any questions, comments or feedback for me just drop them in the box below. Thanks for stopping by and reading my review of the Internet Funnel System.

Stay Awesome!​


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  1. Thanks for the info. You saved me a lot of time that I could have wasted. Also, thank’s for pointing out Matt Lloyd’s other system… So basically, same thing, just different name.. sad..

  2. Leo

    I have my reservations about Multi-level Marketing Products as a large number of them are being established as Scams. One just has to look at one thing, is the seller more interested in selling you something useful or empty promises? Most of the time for MLMs, it turn out to be empty promises and thanks for warning us about the Internet Funnel System (IFS).

    • Peter

      Thanks Leo, it will take you awhile to catch on to the pyramid scheme but when you do I hope you haven’t lost big. That’s why I urge people to just stay away. Thanks for dropping by:)

  3. David

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the precious information! I’ve been tempted to join MOBE in the past but I’ve soon realized that it wasn’t for me. Plus, I hate MLM. Now that I know that IFS is one of Lloyd’s tools to attract people to MOBE, I’ll stay away.

    Keep up the great job!


    • Peter

      Hi David, I’m glad you found it helpful. Good luck on your online money making journey. You will make lots just by staying away from MOBE products.

  4. carlosdelzo

    Wow! The cost of The Internet Funnel System is unbelievably high. I’ve heard of it before but I never thought it would require such a big amount to invest, the system also seems a little complex to me. This is not for newbies who want to start making money online.

    Thanks for the review!

    • Peter

      It is complicated Carlos. It is best to stay away especially if you haven’t done enough research or know nothing about how internet marketers work. Thanks for stopping by:)

  5. Joshua Thomas

    Man Peter that’s quite a scam! I had come across this the other day with a few other MLMs and was wondering if it was too good to be true. Selling you products which you then have to resell, and then turning round to give you a commission? Blatant disregard for business ethics as far as I’m concerned. Thanks so much for this review, it was a really (humorous) eye opener!.

  6. Luna

    Hi, Peter,
    It is a sad situation that so many people fall for MLM Pyramid schemes. They are always risky because you have to spend your time trying to make back your money before the whole thing goes under.
    I do agree that funnel is just another way to disguise what is really happening.
    Do people really buy those expensive products?
    Those are huge upsells. I cannot imagine signing up for a product, paying for membership, then I have to buy an expensive item to sell and make a commission.
    When I observe your comparison chart and look at the huge difference between WA and The Internet Funnel System, I see a big red flag.
    I am thankful for your review because when you are joining these companies they do not tell you about the upsells. After you sign up then “The walls come tumbling down”
    I will stay away from The Internet Funnel System
    Good Read

    • Peter

      Your welcome Luna, somebody must be buying them but there are no hard stats to let the public know. It’s a closely guarded MLM secret.

  7. Al

    Is it common to find these types of schemes leading back to a “hub” “owner”?

    The internet seems to be littered with such schemes, and I’m never able to really trace the ownership (which is part of due diligence I would do on that scheme) – any suggestions?

    And why oh why do they all end up using “6 figure” somewhere – surely that one is getting old?

    • Peter

      What is old is new again and just repackaged. Many of these program promoters just bring back the same products only under a different name. It is very common in the MLM world.

  8. I am so glad that you are not promoting the bullcrap that circulates the internet on a regular basis. I am also a premium member at WA and it has changed the way that I look at building an online based business. They are straight forward and do not give any fluff just help and how to’s. Keep it up man! This is great stuff. Connect with me on WA!

  9. Is this the new norm with these MLM marketing scams. Have a ridiculous price tag on their products? Does anyone actually fall for it and buy into these scams?

    Does the high price tag make up for the reasoning of making large sums of money really quickly?

  10. All I can do when I read about these types of things is nod my head. Not at you of course, but the fact that people are being and can be sold like that. It pains me. You, on the other hand are one of the good guys and I appreciate people like you every day for making as many of us aware as possible. Thank you for that.

  11. Hi Peter,

    Great honest article mate. Whilst I haven’t been involved in MLM directly, I had a mate that was and when he started trying to sell to our group of close knit friends, it just became really awkward. I don’t think the idea lasted long, and he too was among the MLM orphans.

    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself, I can’t recommend it enough to anyone looking to work on their passion and build a business around it.

    That way I get to keep my relationships. Thanks again.


    • That is so true Adam, your poor friend was just trying to make his money back. It is one of the most awkward things you are asked to do during your MLM brainwashing sessions.

  12. Derek Marshall

    Hi there Peter,

    This Matt Lloyd charcter is a name that keeps coming up and is by the day more and more being associated with scam products. They all just funnel into MOBE which keeps changing it’s name and meaning. Not so long ago it used to stand for My Online Business Empire!.

    I am not against MLM’s as such – each to their own I say but I do prefer direct affiliate sales. Simply because I don’t want to create the competition, which is essentially what happens when promoting a MLM product. It makes it eventually an unsustainable model or source of income, which is not the case for direct affiliate sales.

  13. Hello!! When I came upon your site, I must say your webpage is really cool about internet funnel.. I just love the content because you saved my life through funnel of internet, its outstanding ! I’m in a bit of a rush in this instance to completely read your blog but I have Favorited it. I will be back when I free up some time. Bravo for a great site.

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