1. I wish I had known you back in July! Have you heard of Neo2 and Amexfa? Certainly steer well clear of Amexfa. Neo2 didn’t ask for extra deposits thankfully.
    Overall I’ve lost several thousand pounds just last year.
    Oh well, now I’m more aware, so thanks Peter.

    • Aw Francis that’s crazy. Sorry to hear about that mate. These programs are intoxicating that’s for sure. I will look into those programs, there are so many out there it’s hard to keep track. Thanks for sharing that unfortunate news.

        • I appreciate the help Francis. It is unbelievable how many work from home opportunities are just scams. Before you spend money on any program you have to know who is behind it and promoting it. It will save you a ton of money in the long run.

  2. sudheendra

    Hi Peter,
    Thanks for your blog post because it just saved me from falling into another scam site. I was just reading some reviews about Orion Code System and I found your site. You described the system very well and now I know how this binary system works.
    Thanks again

  3. Hey Peter,

    Thanks for giving your honest opinion on this program. It’s something that I have come across but was definitely skeptical, now I’ll definitely make sure to stay well clear! Thanks for the heads up.

  4. I didn’t lose any money with binary options because I never started with them. I lost some with HYIP. I have made a small amount with revenue sharing programs. What’s your thought on rev share? It seems there are some mixed opinion among marketers.

    • Hi Kenny thanks for the question. I don’t like any of those programs long term. They all depend heavily on luck and are not sustainable business models. That’s why they keep moving around the internet and then pop up after a name change. They’re just pirates looking to steal from you.

  5. Boom! Great article on yet another scam. I’m glad your site exists. When I saw “binary” I thought, “Yay! Computer speak” but realised quite quickly what the story was. Luckily I haven’t lost money on any scams yet. Oh no I did once but it was only €60. Keep up the good work sir – yours is a site that provides huge value to the online community!

    • Thanks for the kind words Dan. Unfortunately there are a lot of people falling victim to this stuff every day. Usually those who can least afford to lose it. Thanks for dropping by:)

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