What is The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership? Is It Worth It?

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Alright you’ve been a starter member for a week right now and enjoyed your time. You want to upgrade to premium but you are just not sure if it’s worth it. No worries I am going to list just the benefits you will have here as a Premium Member.

It’s great starting as a free member and I always urge anyone to try this out for FREE before going premium. You have just enjoyed access to the whole Wealthy Affiliate Community. That also included live chat, 2 free websites, networking, commenting, access to the keyword research tool, 10 website building lessons and on and on.

You have been able to get a really good sense if building an online business is going to be something you want to do going forward. You haven't spent a cent and it’s an awesome benefit just being able to do this with ZERO investment.

To be completely genuine with you, I don’t know of any other training platform out there that allows this kind of FREE access. It really is one of a kind in the online industry in my opinion.

Going Premium

You are now going to have access to a true all inclusive platform or as I like to call it, your 'One Stop Shop'.

Once you become a premium member you no longer have to worry about all of the other extraneous costs you would need to run your business. Those other costs like:

  • hosting fees
  • keyword research tool fees
  • website builder fees
  • website tools
  • domains
  • ​live training fees
  • online mentorship and coaching
  • design fees
  • access to good training

Everything listed above, that you would need to go out and buy, now just disappears once you get inside the Wealthy Premium Platform. It is all included for you for one very low price. You will never have to buy another book by some guru you can't ask questions of, or speak to live.

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The best part is, all of those online scams that you seem so attracted to in the past will just go away. If you have a problem or get stuck on any aspect of the training you can actually talk to a live breathing human being who has experienced exactly what you are going through.​ Experts in building an online business will be with you every step of the way. Even the owner. How friggin cool is that?

How Low is The Price?

You will be offered the first month for $19. That's 5 weeks of unlimited access you have enjoyed so far, I am including the first 7 days you enjoyed for free. You have a choice of paying by the month @ $49 or one lump sum yearly fee of $359. That's it. If you decide on the yearly fee like I did when I joined, then you will be further enjoying a $229 discount to your premium membership price. You will never again be bugged to buy anything else or to recruit anyone for extra bonuses or commissions. Wealthy Affiliate doesn't work that way.

Once I did the math after receiving my upgrade offer, I soon realized I wanted to get in at the best price possible. You don't have to. You can stay on the monthly plan and if you decide to change your mind at a later date you can always go switch to the yearly billing plan.

How To Make Real Money Online!

You don't need to bug your family and friends and worry about who is going to buy your products and services. Forget about words like MLM, Pyramids, Binary Options, FX Trading and 'Get Rich Quick' schemes. Let's just stop all the confusion and admit that none of that works and nearly all of what you hear and read online is bullshit. Learn how to build a real business online....

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You have full control over your billing details under your Account Settings tab at Wealthy Affiliate.

What Kind of Training am I Buying Here?

I've mentioned training packages and within the platform you will have 2 choices. I started with Certification Training and once completed I moved on to Bootcamp Training.

Getting Started Training

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If you are anything like me and had no clue about where to start and how to start a business you will enjoy all this step by step training provided here. After you finish this training you will know and feel very comfortable navigating and building an income producing website of your own, on a topic you feel passionate about.

All you have to do is apply the training and do the work. It takes time so be patient as you learn what it takes and get your business up and running.​

Affiliate Bootcamp

This is another training course for people who can't really decide on a topic they want to build a business on. You will learn how to effectively promote Wealthy Affiliate and earn commissions when people join the program under your profile. This is only available to premium members.​

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Weekly Live Training

Another awesome benefit of becoming a premium member is the ability to attend weekly live webinars. Usually within 24 hours of completion, the training is posted to the platform for you to access when you have time should you not be able to attend.

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You do need to understand that this is work and not about waving a magic wand. You will not become an internet millionaire sensation overnight. There is real legitimate money to be made if you put in the time and apply all the training lessons into your business.

I've been a member of this amazing online community since 2015. You can read here on how I got started with Wealthy Affiliate. I have no plans on leaving anytime soon. Just like me I'm sure you will flourish with the step by step, always updated training and the top shelf site support. Is the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership worth it? At a $1 a day I doubt you would find it cheaper. YES it's worth it! If you have any further questions, comments or feedback just drop them in the box below. Thanks for stopping by and reading my article on the benefits of becoming a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate.

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I hope you find some of the tips and suggestions that I've experienced helpful on your own online journey.

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  1. Garth Wright

    I fully recommend the Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Its already a great experience being a starter member but the premium membership feels like a completely different program! A completely different but mindbogglingly advanced program. I’m a personal fan of having unlimited keywords, as I like to do my homework before writing articles. You won’t ever regret going Premium!

  2. Garth Wright

    Wealthy Affiliate was already a great experience as a starter member, but the Premium Membership made it so much better! Unlimited Keyword searches were a grab for me, because It’s so stressful looking for keyword tools online that have that kind of function. Combine that with the awesome advance lessons and you have yourself all the tools you need in one program. Just Amazing!

    • Peter

      That keyword tool alone is worth the monthly premium. You won’t find better value in a one stop shop on the internet. Thanks for stopping by Gary.

  3. Joining Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member was the best decision I made in a long time. Before joining I had no idea how to build a website.I learned so much with the lessons and the support from other members. I have even got more confident writing blogs online. I now have my own indexed website on Google and the making of an online business.

  4. I went premium as soon as my 7 day free trial was ending. I feel that I will be getting great value for the price, also for the first month it’s only $19. Definitely worth it to sign up and continue enjoying the live chat and full support. It is really a one-stop solution for internet marketing!

    • It really is Moon. Enjoy your premium membership and keep working hard. It’s the only way to be successful. It’s what you do with the training that really counts.

  5. Owain

    You certainly get a lot of things for your money if you go premium. I understand that in this day and age you need to spend money in order to make money. I would still go with the free package until it runs out and see what all the fuss is about.

    I also understand that you get out what you put in. And that it will be hard work. Can I ask you though how successful you have been with this program? Can you make a living off it within a year?

    • Peter

      Hi Owain, thanks for the question. I have only had my WA promo site up since December and I can tell you in a year it will be a winner. I am making a little bit of income from Amazon and a little from adsense but not anything yet that I would call a living. You have to remember when you start with zero knowledge of websites and wordpress all of this takes time. That really is the beauty of Wealthy Affiliate. You go through the training at your own pace. All the best to you and your success.

  6. Mitch

    Hi Peter,

    This is a great article on WA. I was completely blown away at the quality of education and the tools available to the premium members. I personally struggled for 3 years trying to figure everything out. I wish I would have found WA sooner. I absolutely love the key word tool Jaaxy that comes with the membership. The yearly membership makes this an unbeatable education, business expense, and tool box for online entrepreneurs.

    Thanks for the Information,


  7. MikeKiss87

    Hi, Peter, I enjoyed reading your post on What is the wealthy affiliate premium membership and is it worth it. I like the bullet list of services you receive once you become a member. you explain everything in a way that is very easy to understand. You cover what I think any newbie would ask. I especially like the internal link for how you got started with wealthy affiliate. How did you come up with such a great domain name?

    • Peter

      Hi Mike, it was pure luck I had no idea what I was doing. I started with Cash For Life working From Home. I trashed it and started over. It’s a trail and error basis and learned a lot as soon as I upgraded to Premium.

  8. Brandon

    I like your explanation of the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership. Many newbies simply do not know what they will receive when they start paying. Even though they can see in the trial, they like to be assured EXACTLY what they will receive when they hand their hard-earned cash over. And you’ve done a great job explaining what they will get. I enjoyed this article so much, it’s made me want to bookmark your site so I can check out all your future content. Thank you, Peter!


  9. Simlulan

    Yeah, I do agree with you that affiliate marketing is indeed a lucrative business. I am a user of Wealthy Affiliate for a month now and I find it worthwhile. I am picking up the skills and working towards the goal of being a successful internet entrepreneur.

    • That’s great Simlulan. I wish you nothing but success. Remember this is not get rich quick so working hard every day to grow your business will be the key to your success. Thanks for dropping by.

  10. A Habil

    Hi there, thank you very much for this sharing.

    I am still a normal member on WA. It is hard to keep my motivation and continue producing content on regular basis. May you share your motivation?

    Plus, what will I lose if I do not continue my premium membership if I choose to upgrade later?


    • Peter

      You will no longer have access to live chat or sending private messages. It’s what you gain with a premium membership that is the real benefit. You can stay free for as long as you like.

    • You get it all for a $1 a day. I don’t think you could find that anywhere else other than Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for dropping by Whitney:)

  11. Great job, Peter!
    Yes, a Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely worth it! I became a premium member in June of 2016 and am very, very happy with the decision. I’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s available to me, which is a good thing. And I’ve made some great friendships along the way.
    Keep up the great work!

  12. Steve

    I’ve been a premium member with Wealthy Affiliate for over 3 years and I highly recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate. They have added many new features since I first joined. Many of which are well worth the fee by themselves. The weekly live training by Jay alone is worh the membership. The 2 training programs are worth it. The community within WA is the best in the industry. The included website hosting is a huge cost savings again worth the membership by itself.

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