Zen Titan Review – Is It a Get Rich Quick With Youtube and Amazon Scheme?

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This is software that claims to find the most profitable YouTube and Amazon niches for you so that you make thousands of dollars in profit a day. Yes find them for you, but that doesn't mean your going to be making those kinds of dollars just because they have identified these niches ahead of time.

What is Zen Titan?​

Zen Titan is actually a suite of products containing 4 tools for you. They are able to searches niches for you through their database, it can help build you an affiliate network, create videos and sales pages to help boost your call to action. They also provide a Word Press plug in that claims to optimize sales. Instead of buying all these features individually Zen Titan has conveniently packaged them up for you here.

What are it's Hallmarks 

  • ​Zen Niches Database - this what I got for my $7. All it does is give you the monthly Google searches from it's niche database. It  provides you with a SWOT metric - strength ,weakness, opportunity and threat.

  • ​Zen Affiliate Builder - automatically spins affiliate reviews for you with lightning speed and ease of use. Contains numerous reviews you can use to customize your product reviews.

  • ​Zen Video Creator - contains a built in video creator to help you boost sales and user engagement by making and using your own custom made videos.

  • Zen WordPress Theme - this is a custom built Amazon e-commerce theme made to make building your store easy with one click application.

How Does It All Work Together

You have your 4 tools, now it's just a matter of putting all the tools together. I have never done it and have not purchased all the products in the Zen Titan Suite so I'm just an expert in Step 1. I already spent that $7 so you don't have to. Here's how it is supposed to go down:

  • ​ Step #1: use your Zen Niches database and choose one that's profitable for the best results.
  • ​Step #2: choose the affiliate program you want to promote, Amazon or Clickbank, create your review from the templates provided. Allow the spinner software to spin your review. You then click export your campaign and save that zip file.
  • ​Step #3: Create a new video with the software maker. There are dozens of animated videos to choose from. Import the video you want to use for your affiliate campaign. 
  • ​Step #4: Import your video and reviews into your ecommerce theme using your plug in that you installed on site.

They claim this software will do everything on auto-pilot once you set it up. It's totally complete and effective.

What I Don't Like

They never made it clear to me that after I bought the initial package that I was only getting the niche database. That was a huge letdown. After my purchase and before I could access it I had to sit through another long ass video sales page with the upsell. Only it wasn't really an upsell it was the rest of the product suite I would need to make this work. Whether it does or doesn't I don't know. I didn't want to spend anymore money finding out.

Here are some other important questions I had after buying in that I can't find answers to:

  • no training video on how to set it up
  • no support if I get stuck (which I will, I always do)
  • ​no live chat or community of users to share with
  • what about duplicate content working with templates
  • how often is the spinner updated with new hot products
  • how often is the niche database updated?

Immediately after purchasing the $7 starter 'Zip Affiliate' package I was then forced to sit through their bonus upsell for their other premium package that you need  to effectively run this program. That costs another $27/mth. This suite of products originally sold for $147 a month. I have no idea who would buy in at that ridiculous price but that's what it was.

This is a screenshot of what I got for my one time payment of $7. All it is, is a fancy search bar that has incorporated all the top niches in Amazon and YouTube.

It will let you know how many google searches the niche has had and what the potential earnings have been for those products.​ That's it.

screenshot of my dashboard

You need to upgrade to the other products in their food chain, so you have the ability to spin through different products after you pick a niche and then make a youtube video from their video maker software.

The problem then becomes duplicate content. You are spinning through promotional articles from templates that every other Zen Titan customer owns also.

There is no training video here to take you through the process on exactly how you:

  • choose the niche
  • pick the product
  • pick a campaign to promote
  • choose the article
  • choose a video
  • publish your sales page​

Who is This For?

I guess it would be ideal for people who want to streamline how and what niche to be in. If you don't want to create a sales page or video this software also claims to do that for you too.

It has some merits if it can manage to put all that together for you in a meaningful way.

My whole complaint with this suite of products is; will it become out dated as I build my ecommerce store? Also, the content and templates will eventually contain duplicate content which could really hurt your business long term. There is no mention of the software receiving updates. Eventually the database will become redundant, the sales articles old and the videos outdated. This suite of products will have a short lifespan without it. What about the WordPress plug in? How often will that get a face lift? I would feel a lot more comfortable if they could answer all those unknowns.

It has been my experience that it really helps, when you spend money on a product that somebody is there standing behind it. I don't see it here with Zen Titan​.

My Final Take and Recommendation

I wouldn't buy it. I just wanted to step inside and the entry fee of $7 was pretty cheap. All I really found out on the platform were products people were searching on google for. What the sales had been on amazon and youtube for those products. All that really tells you is how much competiton you're going to have should you decide to sell those same products.

The scariest part for me is the duplicate content and having Google penalize your site and take it down.​

I think you would be much better served in finding out what you are interested in and building a lasting business around that interest. We all have a passion for something, all we lack is the ability to learn how to make money from that. This is why I like affiliate marketing. It gives me the ability to talk about and promote products and services I use or have used based on my experience.

If you took the time earlier to read through how I got started online, then you know I think that Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 place to go. You can start your very own website for ZERO DOLLARS and be up and running in minutes. It's that easy and no recruiting and spending enormous wads of cash on products and people you don't understand or know. Give Wealthy Affiliate a try I think you will enjoy the community and the experience. Now, that is something I can recommend to anyone!

Have you ever bought the Zen Titan suite of products? I would love to hear about your experience or any experience with this company. If you have any questions, comments or feedback for me just drop them in the box below. Thanks for stopping by and reading my review of Zen Titan.

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I think it's a legitimate product, I've seen it and bought Step #1. You can do better and find a lot of training and what they offer, for free on the internet. Nothing special here but fancy packaging. My opinion only.

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I will try and keep you informed on what I recommend and what is an outright SCAM. Hopefully you will find some of the tips and suggestions helpful on your own online journey.


  1. I think we’re getting clued up as to the effectiveness of ‘get rich quick’ schemes. When I see that, it tells me all I need to know.
    Did they clearly mention the upsell? Seems unfair if you only found that out after handing over the cash.
    Thanks for the review.

    • Hi Derek, I just wanted to check out the product for review. I didn’t think this would be all I was getting, nevertheless that was it. Just the product search bar. I doubt the whole suite works as well as advertised in all the affiliate promos flooding the internet. Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. I have never heard of ZenTitan and I certainly will stay away from it now. Just the shady salesmanship would turn me off. thank you for the great review.

  3. The bigger the promise, it seems, the bigger the letdown. $7 is not a lot to spend, but plenty out there will spend $7 a hundred times without any benefit. Or pay for upsells that don’t do much either. Learning before earning is the way to go. If there’s no support or step-by-step guide to using a product, it’s useless. Ever tried to put something together from IKEA without looking at the instructions?

    • Hi Mike, I try to save myself the frustration and don’t buy from Ikea, lol. I didn’t spend a lot but received nothing but a search bar. You can pretty much get all that and search for hot products following what’s trending on Amazon. Thanks for stopping by.

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